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Awesome / Pushing Up Roses

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  • In her Quest for Glory Let's Play, Part 18. She's playing blind, but Paw is helping her out. When she gets to the Graveyard, she manages to grab the Mandrake Root and get out of the Graveyard... without a scratch on their Thief named Rico! Without the Undead Unguent, mind you, she was just extremely LUCKY!

    • This is especially awesome because, two years later, when Paw did HIS Let's Play of Quest for Glory... he died. Several times, in fact! He tried Roses' method of just sneaking on by, but he kept dying over and over so until he resorted to the Unguent.

  • She reveals a lot of personal, yet hilarious things about herself in her Behind the Music video, obviously veiling the more serious things with humor.