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The moral of the story here, is wear deodorant, because if we happen to kiss in the future and I tell a story about it, I won’t choose a completely offensive and juvenile name to represent your being!
—From Roses' website

Q: When life gives you lemons, what do you make?
A: I throw them at someone's car.

Make friends.
—Repeatedly tried and failed command from her Quest for Glory I Let's Play

Can we teleport? I'd like to be here, please.
—When trying to navigate the Amazon Trail map in the LP

Q: If you were on a buddy cop show, who would your partner be and what would the show be called?"
A: My partner would be John Oates. The show would be called COPS. ....Wait...

Roses: I made you a cookie!
Paw: Oh, nice.
Roses: ...But it's made of tar.
Paw: ....What? Why do you have tar sitting around your home?!
Roses: For cookie batter, hello!!

—Overheard during one of her streams. (a few hours later...)

—Same as above

These ghosts seriously don't have lives.
—While streaming Super Mario World, in one of the ghost houses

Stream follower: What's the biggest difference between male gamers and female gamers?
Roses: What are Chromosomes, Alex.
—Overheard on a stream