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  • The twins explain how the Excuse Plot happened, with Caroline quoting Elizabeth of saying the following:
    "MY guest would be such a swag and dope baller, he'd present to us a radical explosion of dance!"
  • Morgana and Futaba are the hosts of the second trailer. Highlights include Morgana correcting Futaba using "Inari" as Yusuke's codename when it's "Fox" and half way through the video the two devolve into an argument of Futaba calling Morgana a cat and Morgana denying it over and over.
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  • When the Phantom Thieves wake up in Club Velvet, Ann and Haru are quick to gush over how adorable Caroline and Justine are, prompting both to flush in embarrassment.
  • Igor's gonkish mask that Teddie wore in Dancing All Night is back, now being worn by Morgana.
  • Ann, the sweet Nice Girl of the team has Goro Majima as a costume option.
  • If Ren is Yusuke's partner in a particular song, they recreate the Passion poses.
  • If Makoto is Futaba's partner, Futaba does a Double Take when she looks at Makoto's backside. She will then chase her around with groping hands as Makoto scurries around with her hands covering her butt. Makoto reprimands her and they continue dancing as normal, but the moment she leaves when Fever is over, Futaba is caught trying to grab her butt again.
  • If Morgana is Ryuji's partner, Ryuji tries to tackle him to get him off the stage. After Fever is done, he just picks him up and throws him out. The same motions are used for his other partners, Futaba and Haru, where it looks like he's shooing them out after they start stealing the spotlight.
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  • Yusuke's dorm room has lots of portraits of Ann, some of which are Narmy. Also, one of the sketches posted on his wall is a lobster.
  • If Ryuji is Makoto's partner, she'll teach him some of her dance moves and he copies them well. However, he gets arrogant and she shakes her head in frustration when Fever is over.
  • Morgana has to stand on a stool in order to be on the same level to interact with the others during conversations.
  • If Futaba is Ann's partner, Futaba will try to grab Ann's breasts during Fever. Ann apparently dares her to by strutting up to her and shaking her chest in Futaba's face, at which point Futaba freaks out and runs away.
  • If Caroline and Justine are Theodore's partners, they leave him out of their choreography on purpose and dance very quickly so he can't catch up.
  • When partnered with either Margaret or Elizabeth, Lavenza will be annoyed when her sister steals her spotlight before stomping her feet in anger.
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  • The fact that Ryuji's crossdressing outfit actually has him crossdressing as Ann, complete with wearing her sweater and matching her pigtails. Their respective English VAs had a lot of fun with it:
    @ErikaHarlacher: RYUJI WTF
    @MaxMittelman: Who wore it better
    Poll Results: 82% Ryuji; 18% Ryuji.
    @ErikaHarlacher: -_- Um. No.
    Poll Results: 23% Ryuji is dumb; 77% Stay out of my closet.
  • One of Makoto's commu events involve her, Ann and Joker talking about how Sae being The Perfectionist must make it hard for her to find a boyfriend, but Ann believes Joker could be up the task and asks if he would date Sae, however the player can choose to say they'd prefer to date Makoto instead.
    Ann: How about it!? You game for someone like Sae-san?
    "Her sis is better."
    "No comment."
    Makoto: (Shocked) Wha—!?
    Makoto: D-Did you really just say that? ... Please ... Don't toy with me! It is not good for my heart!
    {Ann looks on happily as Makoto tries to hide her smile)
    • Similarly, in a later commu for Makoto with Futaba, Makoto will start telling Futaba she needs to improve her diet and even offers to start cooking for her. Futaba then goes to say that Makoto is just like a mom and that she'll make a "top-tier wife" someday. This causes Makoto to get embarrassed. Joker is given two options as a response.
      "You'd be perfect."
      "Be my sugar mama."
    • If you choose the first option, Makoto becomes a blushing mess again. If you choose the latter, Makoto smiles with an anger vein popping, and suggests you try using that line on Sae instead, all while Futaba as an expression that basically reads "I can't believe you just said that"
  • In a conversation between Makoto and the twins, they end up on the topic of their older sisters and how their relationships with them borders being Not So Different (wanting to be recognized). However, when Makoto asks about what their older sister is like, Justine proceeds to describe Elizabeth as absurd and having no sense of moderation. Caroline mentions in particular about the time she brought in so much kinako powder it covered the entire Velvet Room, and Theodore had to clean it all up in tears.
    • Then when describing Margaret, they bring up her love of lame puns and the time she made Theodore write puns late in the night, then reject them for being boring.
    Makoto: Their sisters sound a little quirky...Or more like EXTREMELY quirky.
  • Haru mentions in one Social Link conversation that, until somewhat recently, she thought that "booting your PC" meant literally kicking it".
  • In one of Ryuji's early conversations, Ryuji mentions trying to call a pizza place and a bento place and both times the twins pick up, causing him to hang up in a panic. Then he mentions that, For the Lulz, he tried calling the maid service from the original game, and this time, the twins tell him to wait in the main room and send Makoto, who demands an explanation from both Ryuji and Joker why she was summoned to them.
  • Ren walks into Morgana and Ryuji having a Morgana-sided rage. Turns out, Ryuji had mentioned using "catwalks" for their dance routines, but Mona had jumped to conclusions. Once it's cleared up, Mona backs off, clearly embarassed.


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