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  • Series-wide.
    • Every time Dazzle has sex, instead of the more traditional "Oh yeah" or something of the sort, he goes "Okay! Okay! okay!"
  • Episode 1 "Mall Hath No Fury"
    • El Diablo Malo somehow managed to use 42 dollars to become the biggest drug and crime lord in Moonbeam City overnight. And he stole said money from an old woman he then set on fire.
    • Rad gloating about all the things he's done with Dazzle's "#1 Cop" mug, including giving his mice baths in it and storing his farts.
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    • Dazzle briefly assumes Chrysalis is El Diablo Malo, and threatens her with a chunk of glass he randomly rips off the wall.
    • Aiaiaia's bizarre song lyrics to "Flight of the Windstress," with the look on Chrysalis's face making it clear just how stupid they are.
    • Dazzle has no idea how to pronounce Aiaiaia's name, and neither does she. In her homeland women are forbidden from speaking their own names under penalty of having their elbows chopped off.
    • Pizzaz's face is always shrouded in shadows as if she's standing in front of some blinds every time she threatens Dazzle to do his job.
    • When Pizzaz finds out Dazzle is holding interviews in the Moonbeam City Police Department she threatens to make an appointment for her feet to meet his balls. He then directs her to his secretary Jung Li to schedule it.
      Jung Li: What time will your foot be available?
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    • The singer Rad found to upstage Dazzle. Her name's so unpronounceable that whenever someone asks her what it is, she just shrieks like a hawk. That actually seems to be all she can say.
      • Her name is shown written down as a series of random letters, numbers, and symbols. The announcer eventually decides to just introduce her as "a singer"
    • When a pair of strippers suddenly appear and grind on Dazzle. Pizzaz asks how long it's going to last, Dazzle casually responds that he, "paid for 48 hours".
      Dazzle: Hey! They have names!...probably.
    • Dazzle at the strip club.
      Dazzle: (being ground on by two strippers) Legally, I can make any three people here do each other!
    • When Dazzle and Aiaiaia are handcuffed to the radiator, Dazzle's first thought is, "Maybe we can still bone", rather than trying to escape. Smash cut to them trying (and failing) to bone.
    Dazzle: My penis is long enough to reach you, I just don't want to tear a dick-shaped hole in these pants.

  • Episode 2 "Lights! Camera! Reenaction!"
    • Rad's Villainous Breakdown:
      Rad (as he's blubbering like a child): I tried to stop the punks....but I got scared and I ran away...and tripped on the rack of sunglasses and all the sunglasses fell on me. I got up and ran into the street, but I couldn't see, so I fell down an open manhole. HOW IS THERE FOOTAGE OF THIS PART?!
      Vex: Sewer-cam.
      Rad: I tried to climb out of the sewer, but there was much poop in there, and I was so scared, I pooped in the poop! And I couldn't tell which poop was mine and which poop was already in there. And I thought, "well, there's not really a difference." And some of it got in my mouth....and I kind of LIKED IT! I LIKED POOP IN MY MOUTH! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!
      • Pizzaz's, Chrysalis' and Dazzle's reactions to this are also chuckle worthy
    • Everything to do with the Mandatory Children's Raves.
    • Dazzle and Hudson escaping the desert on the Novak Cam.
    • After the disastrous premiere of his film, Dazzle spends his free time driving around in his his apartment.
      • He's also seen with a lot of beer cans. He doesn't drink them, he just likes opening them.
    • The best description of "Spokes" any of us will ever get:
      Vex Mullery: What the hell was that?

  • Episode 3 "The Strike Visualizer Strikes Again"
    • The cheesy bowling alley animations are considered high art in Moonbeam City.
    • Trapezio's, a circus-themed restaurant where the staff serves everything via trapeze. What follows is numerous Funny Background Event moments of waiters and waitresses slamming into one another by accident.
    • Pizzaz gets everyone in her office to stop arguing by taking her shoe off and breaking her window... the window which made up an entire wall of her office.
    • The montage of Rad recruiting every decent bowler in the city by gunpoint.
    • Rad isn't the biggest douche in the room, for once. This doesn't stop Dazzle from slapping him and tossing him over the railing after pretending to connect with him.

  • Episode 4 "Quest for Aquatica"
    Every 11 seconds in Moonbeam City, 10,000 people get shot. 8,000 people get stabbed. 2,000 people get stabbed, then fall into a bucket of knives and guns which stab and shoot them. 300 people get shot... with Novocaine... so it's less painful when their teeth get stabbed. 80 people get stabbed by a knife shot from a gun. Some call this "getting shabbed". Of course, these facts are incomplete, because every second, 90 statisticians get shot.
    • The blinds effect on Pizzaz's face can extend to her entire body. She can even do it at will depending on how mad she is.
    • Dazzle reopening Rad's closed suicide drowning case by throwing the corpse back into the water.
    • Dazzle coming up with elaborate, hammy backstories for "Splasha's" family.
    • The Toto "Africa" parody, "Aquatica" performed during the middle of the episode.
    • Everything to do with Commander Blade H. Tate; who has "'spent more time inside explosions than out of them'", and who's body "'is 90% torpedo shrapnel'".
    • Dazzle killing a man with CPR.

  • Episode 5 "Glitzotrene: One Town's Seduction"
    • The Moonbeam City Fire Department, in all its insane, Testosterone Poisoning glory.
    • The bloodthirsty anarchists of Moonbeam City are revealed to have a very flimsy understanding of what an anarchist is supposed to do.
    • Rad's clothing montage.
    • Rad's assumed Hispanic drug lord name of "Raduardo Glitzcobar". Even funnier when it is later learned in Episode 10 "The Wedding of Rad (Lie)", that Rad's full first name is "Radward", since the Hispanic version of the real name "Edward" is "Eduardo".
    • The execution and fallout of Jericho's "prank" on Dazzle.

  • Episode 6 "Lasers and Liars"
    • Pizzaz comes from a rich family and her father made his fortune by digging for lasers.
    • The wasteful things Pizzaz's sisters did with the lasers are revealed to be the mundane ways they're used for in the real world: "electronic tag games, progressive rock concerts, and corrective eye surgery".
    • The hammy, soap opera esque melodrama revolving around the Miller family (although Pizzaz's abuse isn't considered funny), including the fact that their mansion has a "Mantle Room" for arguing over who gets the family fortune "Per tradition."
    • Sophistica's husband, Zinc Miller, who is given bee grooming as a hobby. He carries around with him a bee that rests on top of his hand like a little trained dog and he walks around shirtless.
    • The Cat Fight between Pizzaz's sisters, featuring ridiculous things such as steroids and Artificial Limbs. And everybody takes it completely in stride.
    • Commodore Miller announcing no one's getting anything:
      Sophistica: What did he say?
    • Panache stealing the rare blues records that are the bulk of her father's money and hijacking a yacht, all while singing to herself like a dorky Saturday morning cartoon bad guy. It's especially funny considering she spent most of the episode being a vicious bitch.
      Panache: Look at that captain, Captain Panache! "Riding on the seas she's a Captain Panache!"
      • The little "No" she says just as the laser amulet Pizzaz throws on the yacht blows up.

  • Episode 7 "Cop-Con"
    • The gang leader's repeated self-correction when speaking to Pizzaz. "You have our word, bitch! I mean, ma'am..."
    • The rental car scene, and Rad's disgusting hyperhidrosis of his taint.
    • Rad, jumping on the hotel bed in front of Dazzle, Pizzaz and Chrysalis.
    • Rad's excitement at the prospect of watching soft-core pornography in the hotel room.
    • Dazzle and Pizzaz's multiple sessions of passionate intimacy.
      • The trashing of their shared hotel room as a result of the vigorous intensity of their love-making.
    • Rad Con!
    • The Arrestaurant and it's waitress/server. "It's a pretty funny menu, you've got to admit."
      • She's the same server as the one we saw at "Trapeezios" in Episode 3.
      • When ordering from the menu ("May I take your statement?"), Dazzle chooses the "Ham-cuffs and Eggs" (Ham and Eggs) and Pizzaz selects the "A.P.B. and Jail-y" (PB&J). However, Chrysalis is denied a joke item when she orders the B.L.T.F.C: "Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato for Cops"; the only item on the menu *not* worked into a pun.
    • Interrobot, the ED-209 spoof, which is not above taking a bribe.
    • Cop Con Prom, and the crowning of "Cop Con King and Queen" which Dazzle and Pizzaz rig every year so they can win but which suddenly goes to Chrysalis and Interrobot this year, much to the horror of Dazzle and Pizzaz.
    • Chrysalis' stalker-fan, Skit Riback, and the foot fetish fanfiction he writes about her.
    • Flex Nicholson and his Diarrhealizer riot control gun.
    • "Leaving the H Once Again" song.

  • Episode 8 "Stuntztravaganza"
    • Shimmerman's comforting of Dazzle over the failed driving maneuver.
    • Pizzaz's disgusted statement regarding four officers, a suspect, and a broom.
    • Rad's parking garage nightmare, including the Assistroid, Valid-8, and the denizens
    • Pizzaz rifling through Rad's belongings, and her threats of tossing him in a "Rad-sized meat grinder"
      • Her horrorified reaction at Rad's explanation for taking "Spine Flex"
    • The stuntman's credo: "The dumber the reason, the more it must be done."
    • Razzle's funeral.
    • Dazzle's completely accurate recounting of how he and his father became estranged.
    • Dazzle accusing Chrysalis of being into "snuff porn".
    • Razzle's return as a ghost including giving Kitch Armstrong the finger.
    • Chrysalis, attempting to go undercover as a bulky stuntman. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I lied..."
    • Dazzle, Pizzaz and Chrysalis booing Rad at his new kid's show job to pay for the damage he did in the parking garage.
      • Chrysalis: "Wow, he is so effortlessly hate-able." (Dazzle and Pizzaz boo Rad) "We hate you, Rad!"
    • Rad's post-credit air guitar 'solo'.

  • Episode 9 The Legend of Circuit Lake
    • Jolly Closet, including the idiot children and the disturbing badger costume with the googly eyes.
    • Rad being maced by the Records clerk for mistaking sexual harassment for 'sweet talking'.
    • The baseball chair.
    • Dazzle's broken logic for why he chooses..."THE VERDICT VORTEX!"
    • The 'Verdict Vortex', including the return of the two police 'booth babes' from the episode "Cop Con".
    • The ridiculously Tron-like and 80's level VR world.
    • Rad's disgusting physical decay during his time trapped in the VR system.
    • Pink Turkey whiskey.
    • SILCA's stuttering explaining for repeated rectal probings of Dazzle.
    • Dazzle fucks a prison.
    • Dazzle's bee stings and swollen face.

  • Episode 10 The Wedding of Rad (Lie)
    • The useless shooting of the MBPD cops, and Segatore Deluxiardo hopping around aimlessly.
    • Rad and Nebula's behavior at the press conference
    • "Dad-Hate" sex.
    • Genesis Jones yelling to "Screw standards and practices! Focus on their butts".
    • Discovering that Rad does indeed live at Diamond Crest Estates, just not the way everyone assumed.
    • The Cunninghams' way of speaking when not "in character".
    • Woody, the Spank Spoon. "I missed you, Rad. How about a kiss on the CHEEKS?"
    • The marinara sauce wedding fountain, and Nebula De Luxiardo relegating Rad to cleaning up the "unicorn" flops at his own "wedding". (Leading to the question of what happened with the mutilated donkey, and its flops, during the gun fight which followed Chrysalis' interruption of Rad's sham wedding).
    • Pizzaz and Dazzle, being total assholes as they introduce themselves to the Cunninghams (who turn out to be MUCH bigger assholes).
    • The Cunninghams, discussing Rad's embarrassing childhood traits to everyone at the restaurant.
    • Rad, hinting to Chrysalis that they should make out 'with tongue' after everything is over, and his suggestion of a "Director's Cut" when she turns him down.
    • Chrysalis disrupting the 'wedding' and revealing Rad's origins, including revealing Rad's Canadian monotoe-ism.
      • In response to Chrysalis disrupting the wedding, Dazzle claims to rescind his (hilariously overwrought) wedding song.
    • Everyone receiving shoulder shots and Chrysalis exclaiming later that: "This is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me!".
    • The half-hearted apologies that the team gives to Rad while receiving "Thanks" medals from Governor Vangelis (a David Bowie look-alike).

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