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Video Game / Command & Conquer: Rivals

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The first new game in the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Series since Command And Conquer Tiberium Alliances, Command And Conquer: Rivals is a Mobile Phone Game based around short, three-to-eight minute mini-RTS matches between two players, playing with "deck" of six units drawn from a "best hits" album of classic Command & Conquer units collected from every game in the franchise such as the Mammoth Tank and Titan Walker, commanded by one of a number of Commanders with their own unique special abilities, ranging from General Solomon ordering the Ion Cannon to open fire on a target to Seth sending a drill pod full of flamethrower-wielding shock troops to nearly anywhere on the field.

Gameplay centers around control of a series of points, which are connected to a nuclear missile silo on the map, which slowly charges up until it's ready to launch, then is fired at the opponent's base. Be careful however, as the missile silo shows no favorites, it'll fire for whoever points it at their opponent first regardless of who actually charged it up. Each base can withstand at most a single nuke before going down to the second, and cunning commanders can order their troops to go straight for attacking their opponent's base to destroy it directly instead.


Command And Conquer: Rivals contains examples of:

  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: While there is nothing you cannot earn the hard way, it is entirely possible to buy a head start and still get matched against those who don't.
  • Command & Conquer Economy: Downplayed, you get a baseline amount of Tiberium from your base itself, and can increase it by 50% by harvesting from a Tiberium field with a harvester, or double it with two. However given the Arbitrary Headcount Limit includes harvesters, and if it's destroyed, your opponent gains a 100 Tiberium windfall, it's typically best to stick with one.
  • Mighty Glacier:
    • GDI in general has plenty of these units.
      • The Predator Tank is significantly slower than it's Nod counterpart, and even fires much slower. However, it's cannon is more powerful and it's tougher than the Scorpion.
      • The Mammoth Tank, as always, is the slowest, and strongest (not to mention most expensive) unit a player can field, and can plow straight through infantry and blast apart vehicles with aplomb, while taking an extraordinary amount of damage to bring down.
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    • But it's not like Nod doesn't have a few of their own.
      • The Rockworm, Nod's heaviest unit, chugs along underground slowly, before erupting up and destroying any armor around it with it's massive jaws.


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