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  • Episode 1 "Mall Hath No Fury":
    • When Dazzle starts dating wind chime singer Aiaiaia, he proves to be incredibly supportive both as her manager and her boyfriend despite seemingly wanting nothing more than to support her and get a "#1 Manager" mug. Up until he was told marrying Aiaiaia was the only way to prevent her deportation.
    • Chrysalis saving Dazzle and Aiaiaia from being left for dead by Rad, despite all of the thoughtless abuse and neglect Dazzle showed her throughout the episode.

  • Episode 2 "Lights! Camera! Reenaction!"
    • Dazzle writes Chrysalis a somewhat substantial role in his direction of the Crimezappers episode. Her actress, Odyssey, even gushed that she liked how her character was a "Total badass." Given that Dazzle is such a glory hog, this was surprisingly nice of him.
    • Dazzle helping a wounded Hudson escape the desert with him on his Dazzle-Cam.
    • Chrysalis trying to get a despondent Dazzle to return to the Moonbeam City Police, and expressing sincere relief when he finally does at the end of the episode.
    • Dazzle arranging an impromptu Children's Rave for Vex Mullery after Crimezappers is taken off of the air because of Rad.

  • Episode 3 "The Strike Visualizer Strikes Again"
    • Dazzle comforting Chrysalis after Flash Delaney is gruesomely killed.
    • Dazzle referring to Chrysalis as his friend...shortly followed by an insult.
    • Dazzle pushing Rad out of the way of a bullet.

  • Episode 4 "Quest for Aquatica"
    • Though he's quick to rescind it, Dazzle giving Chrysalis a week off so she can take care of her slightly insane naval commander father and even offering to give them some of his primo alcohol stash.
    • Later, Dazzle also admits that he sees Chrysalis as someone he trusts.

  • Episode 6 "Lasers and Liars"
    • Dazzle reveals that he secretly respects Pizzaz's strength and ferocity, and is horrified to see her being mercilessly bullied and abused by her four monstrous sisters. At the end of the story, Dazzle fully supports Pizzaz in her taking vengeance upon Panache; despite being both infatuated with Panache, and relatively oblivious to Pizzaz's misery, for the majority of the episode.
    • Pizzaz forcibly saving Dazzle from becoming a "Miller Husband", snapping that she doesn't want to see him turned into another "useless, castrated loser" like the three husbands.
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    • Pizzaz's relationship with her late father, the laser baron, and founder of Moonbeam City, Vector Azimuth Miller.

  • Episode 7 "Cop Con"
    • The fact that Dazzle and Pizzaz rig the Cop Con prom every year to crown the two of them "King" and "Queen", as this allows them to share the first dance together, implying that they honestly enjoy being a romantic couple, at least at Cop Con.
      • (To be fair, they're also doing this to satisfy their own inflated egos.)
    • When Pizzaz begins to tell Dazzle "If one of us doesn't make it" during the Cop-Con assassination crisis, Dazzle cuts her off saying "I already know", and calls the time the two have spent having sex all weekend "the best of my life too", implying that he is happiest when he is with Pizzaz.
    • Pizzaz saving Dazzle from Rick's assassination attempt.
      • Pizzaz's emotional concern that Dazzle was hit by the bullet, Dazzle's tender response of "No, thanks to you, baby.", and Pizzaz smiling lovingly at Dazzle's reply. They then have passionate sex for the third time in three days, while hidden under the DJ's table.
    • Chrysalis agreeing to dance with Interrobot during the Cop-Con prom.

  • Episode 8 "Stuntztravaganza"
    • Dazzle getting to genuinely reconnect with his father, Razzle, who has mellowed out somewhat with age.
    • Chrysalis going out of her way to help Dazzle solve Razzle's murder.
    • Razzle's ghost coming down from Heaven to help Dazzle finally perform the stunt that drove a wedge between them all those years ago.

  • Episode 9 "The Legend of Circuit Lake"
    • Rad briefly finding happiness and acceptance in the virtual world.
    • Pizzaz repeatedly cheering "No Jail!" as Dazzle spins the roulette-style "Verdict Vortex", instead of reacting similarly to Chrysalis or acting disgusted that Dazzle ignored her warnings and chose the "Vortex" over trial.
    • Pizzaz's crying into Dazzle's jacket and emotional anguish after Dazzle is wrongly incarcerated for life, revealing that Pizzaz both truly loves (and is in love with) Dazzle, and misses him. The "Pink Turkey" whisky probably didn't help with her ability to cope with the abysmal situation.
    • Pizzaz ordering Chrysalis to drop the kidnapping case and focus on finding Rad so that they can exonerate Dazzle, showing that Dazzle means more to Pizzaz than the life of a kidnapped child.
    • Dazzle's sincere relationship with SILCA, culminating in a tender, if incredibly bizarre, lovemaking scene.
    • SILCA managing to escape the destruction of the prison by downloading herself into a frozen yogurt food stand, fulfilling both her dreams of working in the food industry and bringing joy to children (eventually). Dazzle is so overjoyed by both of these developments that he lets her do another cavity search with her new equipment.

  • Episode 10 "The Wedding of Rad (Lie)"
    • The conversation at the pool between Chrysalis and Rad, where Chrysalis agrees to help Rad confront the Cunninghams, and Rad sheepishly admits that he's attracted to Chrysalis, hoping that they make out 'with tongue' after everything is over.
    • Rad's concern at Chrysalis getting shot by Glam Cunningham, and her reassurance and encouragement toward him to bring the Cunninghams to justice.
    • Pizzaz's shout/scream of Dazzle's name when he loses his grip and falls from the tower.
    • Dazzle, Pizzaz, and Chrysalis having newfound sympathy/respect for Rad after discovering Rad's childhood history and deformed foot.


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