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  • Cult Classic: Was cancelled after one season due to poor ratings and most critics who paid attention didn't think it was anything special, but it still managed to find a small yet loyal fanbase.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Of the four main characters, Pizzaz seems to be getting the most popularity. By episode 6 she's been given the most sympathetic backstory, her motivations for becoming a police officer have been made clear, and fans consider her rage against Dazzle and Rad's idiocy and her character design to be things of beauty. That, and her rage hasn't made her less of The Woobie when shown having to deal with the mayor's disgusting infatuation with her or the cruel treatment she gets from her older sisters.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In Episode 3, "Strike Visualizer", Pizzaz barks that Mayor Eo Jaxxon is "up (her) ass" regarding the team's inability to catch the "Moonbeam Maniac". After the airing of Episode 5, "Glitzotrene", where Jaxxon aggressively and horrifically sexually extorts Pizzaz in return for keeping the PD active, viewers may find her comment in "Strike Visualizer" far less palatable to hear.
    • This becomes even worse with more and more allegations of workplace sexual harassment coming to light shortly after the season aired.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Pizzaz. In episode five, Pizzaz helps instigate a massive drug epidemic in order to make Mayor Eo Jaxxon more famous, but only because he was threatening to have the entire police force disbanded and folded into the (far more competent and liked) fire department. It's also clear that Pizzaz was willing to do this for A: The sake of saving her police force, and B: That she'd do anything to get the mayor off her back and out of her life for good, as Jaxxon is aggressive, predatory, cruel, and makes it incredibly clear he wants to have sex with her, despite how visibly uncomfortable she is with the idea. Unfortunately for Pizzaz, the drug epidemic plan fails terribly, and she now has to have mostly-unwilling sex with Jaxxon three times a week, in order to keep the police department active.
    • Episode six later reveals her backstory as one of the five daughters of the laser mogul who helped build Moonbeam City, but her four older sisters squandered the company and resources for their personal pleasure and as a result this is what turned the city into a Wretched Hive. Pizzaz became a police officer after disowning her sisters for the sake of trying to restore the city. When we meet her sisters they quickly reveal themselves as abusive bitches whom even their father admits are pure evil, with Pizzaz being the only one who seems to legitimately care about him.
    • Rad Cunningham, especially after episodes 9 and 10.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Episode 3: The cheesy bowling cartoons created by Von Groff don't necessarily stop being cheesy, but they steadily become rather creepy as the violence somehow escalates. We're shown a bowling ball stabbing a pin to death and getting covered in blood, and a reenactment of J.F.K.'s assassination. The simplicity and violence of the cartoons makes Von Groff even more sociopathic and Ax-Crazy.
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    • Episode 9: As a result of Dazzle's and Ice Ivory's actions, Moonbeam Penitentary burns to the ground, immolating and killing the entire prisoner population, who are trapped inside. Dazzle however, is the sole survivor, having escaped at the last moment.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Pizzaz's sisters made "Lasers and Liars" one of the best episodes in the series because of how their presence shed light on Pizzaz's backstory, and because of how completely ridiculous and horrible they are. It helps that Panache was voiced by Kate McKinnon.
  • The Scrappy: Mayor Eo Jaxxon pissed off a lot viewers for his sexual extortion of Pizzaz in the fifth episode. What makes him even worse and less likable than Pizzaz's sisters or Rad's horrible parents is that, unlike them, there's nothing funny or interesting about him, being a creep who wants to exploit the Glitzotrene epidemic to make himself look good while lusting after Pizzaz despite how clearly uncomfortable she is. He's even thrilled when his son gets addicted because it gets him more sympathy points. The only reason he doesn't count as a Hate Sink is because his treatment of Pizzaz was supposed to be considered funny.
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  • Uncanny Valley: The show's art style is basically seeing Patrick Nagel's images in motion, which can be pretty surreal.


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