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Metal Wolf Chaos is a mecha action game famous (or infamous) for its over-the-top dialogue, cheesy Engrishy voice-acting, and eschewing American politics with hilarious results, despite coming from the Land of the Rising Sun and the same guys that brought you Armored Core, Otogi: Myth of Demons, and King's Field.

Unmarked spoilers below!

The game itself:

  • The opening scene of the White House stage: The President of the United States of American bursting through the White House with his mech suit by rocket jump front-flipping his way out of the Oval Office, while screaming "LET'S PAAAARTYYYYYY!!!" at the top of his lungs as he welcomes the coup d'etat forces!
  • An Easter Egg in the opening stage, where if you continuously shoot the memorial of Michael's father, he'll speak to him from beyond the grave, with Michael comically begging for forgiveness.
    • It can also be done during the Fight House stage for a bunch of new lines. This time, Michael nearly giggles, when asking for forgiveness.
  • Michael Wilson's one-liners, such as but are not limited too:
    "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?!"Explaination 
    "I'll make you guys like perforated cheese!"Explaination 
    "You guys are roast chicken!"Explaination 
    "SUCK ON MY MISSILE PUNCH!"Explaination 
    "What. Ever."Explaination 
  • The way Jody reveals the callname for each mission: with a drum roll.
    • The first time they encountered this, YouTuber ScribeD and his friend Mike were left in stitches.
      Goddammit, why did they have to have the drum roll?!?!
  • Jody's somewhat crazy remarks during missions encouraging the player to demolish everything they see in a stage.
    Jody: "The enemy forces have usurped a building making it a target. The building was opened two years ago on April 25th. It's named the Haokan Denkai China Building. Each season it is decorated with gorgeous lights. Their Christmas tree tops them all. Over 800,000 people came to see it last December. For such a long time, I've been wondering how lovely that gorgeous building would look if it were destroyed. I feel bad for the owner, but hey, let's smash the hell out of it!"
  • DNN's anti-Metal Wolf propaganda and their reporter, Peter McDowell, also provide some comical gems of their own:
    • The anchor mourning over destruction of San Francisco after Michael liberated it from Richard's clutches, where he then comically broke down in tears which caused the news segment to cut to a Relax-o-Vision scene until he got himself back together and then claimed that Metal Wolf is meaner than Satan.
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    • During the Chicago stage, Peter McDowell began panicking over the increasing toxicity in the air of the city... and eventually became worried about not having enough time to make instant noodles.
    • A later DNN news segment which lies about Richard curb stomping Metal Wolf in New York with his own mobile armor to win gain political support.
    • Another late game news segment by DNN where the anchor gleefully threatens an overly drawn out list of people affiliated with or sympathizing with Metal Wolf, including friends, co-workers, and family members four times removed to either surrender or face public execution.
    • For those that find Peter McDowell as a bothersome fly/paparazzi in stages he appears: you can shoot his helicopter down, however he'll escape to annoy Michael and Jody another day. You can also unlock a humorous bestiary entry on his news helicopter and there's an achievement in the XD remaster for taking his helicopter down a certain number of times.
  • Many scenes involving Richard Hawk, such as:
    • Richard greeting Michael in New York with his new pet: a giant spider tank armed with an energy wave phaser rampaging throughout Manhattan.
    • Antagonizing Michael on Liberty Island as he sends out a massive unmanned battle tank to destroy the Statue of Liberty with Jody and Michael's co-workers taken hostage and perched on the torch, then leaves him for dead while his tank deals with Metal Wolf because it was time for his afternoon tea.
    • During their showdown in Las Vegas, Richard at one point hams up the feud by taunting Michael like a school bully and starts calling him a chicken.
  • Some of the game's joke weapons, which may have been put there for laughs or reek even more mayhem than your standard weapons, of which includes:
    • A grenade launcher that fires bouncing footballs that explodes on contact, and the weapon itself is painted to resemble the American flag.
    • A party cracker shotgun so you can really party with the coup d'etat forces.
    • A brightly colored elephant-shaped bubble blower that douses enemies in torrent of bubbles.


  • During Devolver Digital's E3 2018 press conference, before their announcement of Metal Wolf Chaos XD, they unveiled "their own" plug-and-play system, which was a Sega Dreamcast that was poorly spray painted, had a mess of cables along with an Atari 2600 controller plugged into it, and a bootleg DVD with "METAL WOLF CHAOS / メタルウルフカオス" written with a marker. This was a shot fired at Sega, whom, when initially approached by FromSoftware localize the game after publishing their Otogi games, laughed at From at the thought of publishing such a ridiculous and over-the-top game for them.


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