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Remember Air Force One, that movie where Harrison Ford was like, the kickass President of the United States? ...Japan saw that video game development: mechs, explosions and they were like "We can do better than that!"

"I've never seen anyone understand what it's like to be American more than the makers of Metal Wolf Chaos, and I once watched a man die during a pie eating contest from alcohol poisoning."

"...Why is Metal Wolf Chaos that it is made noise now?"

Michael: Jody, how's my schedule look for today?
Jody: You've got a conference and dinner party at the Japanese Embassy regarding wildlife protection.
Michael: Oh, yeah...sorry, but I'll have to cancel that. I'm heading out to save America!

Jody: Mister President, how's the skydiving?
Michael, free-falling into San-Francisco: Not too bad!



Michael actually an impostor

Michael, upon unleashing Limit Break

"That's an ironclad battle tactic!"
Resistance Commander's finishing phrase for any of his tips during the battle with Warner

"The building was opened two years ago on April 25th. It's named the Haokan Denkai China building. Each season, it's decorated with gorgeous lights. Their Christmas tree tops them all Over 800,000 people came to see it last December! For such a long time, I've been wondering... How lovely that gorgeous building would look... If it were destroyed! I feel bad for the owner, but heeey, let's smash the hell out of it!"
Jody Crawford

"That fat boy needs a Presidential diet! I guess he had too much junk food! Give that kid some, too! Make junk food out of him, Mr. President!"
Jody Crawford

"Take a long last look at the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way. Of all man's achievements in the 21st century... this is the climax!!"
Michael, during the beginning of the battle on the USA's space colony, occupied by Richard's forces.

"My fellow americans, good morning. As americans, we love freedom. But true freedom isn’t given, like the air we breathe, or the water we drink. About 240 years ago, our forefathers fought greatly, giving their blood, sweat and tears, and in the end, thy’ve won our freedom, and we must never forget this. If anything appears, that threatens our believe in this freedom - we will oppose it, we will crush it! In fighting to gain our freedom, we need no reasons. We require no just cause or flowering words. In order to protect our neighbors who love freedom and this faith in freedom, we continue to believe in our own justice. We won’t abandon any battles! And the reason is, because we are all citizens of the United States of America. And as long as you will allow it, I will be a vanguard leading this fight! And the reason is, because I’m the President of these great United States of America!"
Michael, during the final cinematic.


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