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  • Awesome Music:
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  • Complete Monster: Vice President Richard Hawk ousts the heroic Michael Wilson from office, proceeding to turn the US into a military dictatorship under his control. Using prisoners of war as shields, Richard proceeds to order them gunned down while also attacking American cities in an attempt to kill Michael, now piloting the mechanical armor known as Metal Wolf. Richard reinstitutes slave labor, selling people in Miami into white slavery, and attempts to frame Metal Wolf by using poison gas to wipe out Chicago before also using a giant mech to try to wipe out New York. When Michael defeats him, Richard attempts to flee to space, where he has prepared the Ultimate Weapon to wipe out all of the United States out of spite at his loss.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • As if Richard's atrocities in the 0% Approval Rating entry on the main page weren't enough, he enacts a law that calls for the immediate public execution (by guillotine) of any Metal Wolf sympathizers who don't confess by a previously set timeline. Along with their family members within four separations. And their old classmates. AND their friends and co-workers.
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    • The whole game is this. Foreign game has the U.S. President saving the U.S. by killing lots of people? Offensive. US President saving the US by staging a one-man war on his Vice President in a mecha suit while blowing lots of shit up and spitting out cheesy one-liners in the most hot-blooded fashion ever? Awesomesauce.
    • The XD remaster of the game, which is a Japanese-made game about the American president blowing stuff up, was released on the 74th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in World War II.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Richard and Michael's relationship is very...charged, to say the least. Richard even points this out during one battle. Later that same battle, he sounds like he confirms this with the line "I'll...hug you to death!" However, his delivery of this line might suggest that he's just running out of effective taunts to begin the fight with, especially because he delivers this line late in the game. But then again, that theory gets thrown out of the window later in that same fight...
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    • ... Are those mechs arm-wrestling? Over the podium with the President's seal? While onlookers cheer them on?
  • Ham and Cheese: Arguably a completely intentional version of this (as in, FromSoftware was aiming towards this effect). You can practically hear the voice actors laughing in the studios as they're recording.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Escalated and escalated to unbelievable absurdity. Near the end, Michael destroys an orbiting space colony, and then rides a piece of debris back down to Earth like a surfboard, all in an attempt to save Hawk before he burns away in the heat of re-entry.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Fans often compliment this game by calling it "Too American for America", due to the ironic fact it was developed in Japan and was never officially released in the U.S. for almost 15 years.
    • There's a tendency for discussions of the game to be interrupted with MICHAEL!!!
    • RICHAAAAAAAARD!!!!!!!!
    • BURNING AMERICAN FREEDOM or BURNING AMERICAN JUSTICE, the motto of Michael and Richard, respectively, which will always be in full caps and bold when possible.
    • Michael's Incoming Ham Battlecry from the Signature Scene listed below.
  • Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales: This game has an enormous fanbase among Americans. By far the single most offensive thing about the game to most Americans who have heard of it is the fact that it was a Japan-only release. Luckily, that has been subverted as of 2018, which saw an announcement of the XD port getting an international release and was finally released in 2019.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The aforementioned HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?!
    • Also any time Peter McDonald says the name "Money Money Gold"—it just rolls off the tongue.
    • Richard Hawk's Evil Laugh. Oh goody, Incoming Ham!
  • Narm Charm: The voice acting and writing as a whole. It's ridiculous, insane, and completely over the top. The voice acting is pure Ham and Cheese. The premise is ludicrous. And yet, this game wouldn't even be half as good if it wasn't so corny.
  • Porting Disaster: For Metal Wolf Chaos XD, unfortunately: at launch, there were several issues:
    • like the game flat-out refuse to run for the PC version and gets stuck in a black screen. The problem is how the PC version doesn't support fullscreen for some resolutions, and it unfortunately defaults to exclusive fullscreen on first run. Workaround exist by setting to 640x480 in compatibility mode, and then go to option to set to windowed, and then exit and disable the compatibility mode, and then borderless fullscreen with native resolution can be set.
    • As for the game itself, it is sadly missing many shading and visual effects in several key areas, not only making most of the game brighter than usual, but also drab and lifeless compared to the original Xbox version, and there are also audio issues such as sound effects desyncing or they are straight up missing/broken with voice-overs skipping due to uneven frame-rate (it was meant to be capped to 30).
    • A couple of the game's text also hasn't been translated properly or rendered in complete gibberish. Some players also have ran into issues where sometimes items down't spawn when they should or the game completely crashing on them.
  • Signature Scene: First mission: the front-flip Rocket Jump out of the White House. Spoiler: the White House explodes behind him as a result. It was even used prominently in Devolver's big E3 reveal as if to say, "You're not imagining this, we're really doing it!"
  • So Bad, It's Good: This game embodies this. If it was a movie, it'd be the single greatest B-Movie ever made. Only applies to the storyline, though; the actual gameplay is good, by all accounts (e.g. Scribe's playthrough of this game with his friend Mike).
  • Tainted by the Preview: Downplayed: While many are ecstatic about Metal Wolf Chaos finally getting a remaster that will be available outside of Japan, some were skeptical about the quality and direction of the XD port due to the announcement trailer featuring many missing effects and shaders from the original Xbox version, most notably the very "clean" look of Metal Wolf itself versus the battle-worn and gritty look it had from the original. One of the developers of the remaster however reassured fans and newcomers alike that they are working towards attempting to give the remaster the look and feel of the original.
  • That One Boss:
    • The Warner on Liberty Island. If you come here without the ideal weapons to fight this behemoth of a tank chances are you will struggle with the time limit to destroy it before the boss destroys its target.
    • The fight against Richard Hawk in Las Vegas. Not only it's essentially a Mirror Boss but God forbid you enter the level without the RH tier weapons. Also during his last segment he will use Burst Attack, rendering him invulnerable for a time and also his beam attack can insta-kill you with stunlock. Since there are no other enemies to fill your Burst Attack, you must find the Burst Attack powerup in the casino and then use it at the same time to counter his Burst Attack.
    • The Ultimate Weapon's second form doesn't pull any punches. It launches a shit ton of missiles that will shred you apart if you're in one spot for too long. In addition, the thing has shields, which can dampen the damage of a ill-timed Super.
  • That One Level: Alcatraz. It's a Timed Mission where you have ten minutes to rush to destroy a huge railgun before it fires on San Francisco, and it's packed with stuff to slow you down. For one, there are a number of charging stations that you can destroy to "slow down the cannon's charge", in quotation marks because the stations' defenses get ridiculous deeper in: toward the beginning of the mission, there are a couple that take one or two bazooka shots to destroy, while the last couple of stations are so bulky you'll likely spend more time trying to destroy them than you'll earn back by doing so. One section of the main path is dotted with near-invisible mines that will blast a health bar and a half away, and since you're rushing to get to the cannon in time it's very easy to slam into them, and it culminates in a hard-hitting tank that soaks up tons of damage and is flanked by two equally burly defense towers.. There's tons of side paths that hold valuable hostages to free or power cells, and traversing them will eat up so much time there's next to no way to get them all on the first run, necessitating multiple playthroughs. The complete package is an absolute nightmare, and a reminder that "Oh yeah, this is a FromSoft game."
    • Grand Canyon, due to the fact that there is small movement room and falling to the cliff equals have to start from the beginning of the mission.
  • Values Resonance: Quote Gamespot,
    • "Playing through the game now, however, it's hard not to draw parallels with the events and storytelling tropes of the game and today's political climate. With homegrown terrorism, fascism, and propaganda on the rise, it can make some of the events of the game feel eerie—even when its story is totally absurd. Between levels, you're treated to breaking news segments from major news channels where your battles against the Hawk's militia are intentionally misconstrued and repackaged as propaganda. Essentially, fake news."


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