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Metal Wolf Chaos has built a reputation of some of the most truly outrageous, jaw-dropping, and straight-up badass moments to ever grace mecha game genre, and these moments are the reasons why!

Unmarked spoilers below!

The game itself:

  • Let's start with the game's very premise — what's the 47th President of the United States of America answer to a coup d'etat lead by his very own running mate that plunges the country into total anarchy? Take the country back, BY FORCE, with his own Mobile Armor, armored to the teeth with weapons and BURNING AMERICAN FREEDOM!!
    • The game's Signature Scene from the opening stage which sets the tone for the game itself: Greeting his adversaries to the White House, by rocket jump front-flipping his way out of the Oval Office with his Mobile Armor!
  • A later cutscene, which involves Richard firing his multi-missile launchers and unleashing a barrage of missiles against Michael's mech. Michael's response to this? He charges towards Richard while dodging through the hailstorm of missiles, grabs one of them mid-flight, and proceeds to punch Richard's mecha in the face with his own missile, followed by the missile exploding in his Mobile Armor's face from the impact!
    • Mitigated by the revelation that it's a propaganda video to discredit Metal Wolf as a serious threat to Hawk's reign. Yes, that was a poorly-acted fake Metal Wolf used to make Hawk and his mech seem way more powerful. Still, the fight between Richard and the fake Metal Wolf during the propaganda video was nothing short of spectacular!
  • After a harrowing battle against the Warner battle tank that Richard left for Michael to destroy him, Jody and Michael's supporters, and the Statue of Liberty, Michael not only came up on top of the battle, but halted the battle tank's advance towards the Statue of Liberty with Metal Wolf's hands, then through sheer willpower and Metal Wolf's might, Michael lifted the battle tank over his head and off the streets of the Brooklyn Bridge—said tank being much bigger than Metal Wolf—then proceeds to spin around with it, destroying everything in its way, and finally hurling the tank off the bridge all by himself, resulting in the Warner exploding in the seas below!
  • Upon Richard, defeated during the battle in Las Vegas, escaping to the space colony on his secret space shuttle, what does Michael do? Jumps onto shuttle and holds on for dear life, riding it all the way into space!
  • The game's final mission has its share of incredible moments, such as Michael taking on a legion of Mobile Armored soldiers within a space colony, taking on a transforming mecha-tank of mass destruction, and thwarting Richard's last-ditch effort to wipe out the United States of America, along with the entire planet, with a PLANET-SHATTERING MEGAMISSILE.
"Take a long last look at the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way. Of all man's achievements in the 21st century...this--is--the climax!!"
Michael, during the beginning of the battle on the USA's space colony, occupied by Richard's forces.
  • During the ending, despite having his mercy rejected by Richard, Michael quick thinking kicks in: use his backpack's plating to absorb the heat of atmospheric re-entry while putting his motto to use!



  • Devolver Digital once said they would attempt to export the game overseas years back, but it seemed to be impossible to do...until this tweet came along. Then it was teased at E3 2018, and it was DEFINITELY coming, and eventually released on MULTIPLE SYSTEMS, no less!


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