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The Show

Among many, many others:

  • The first episode. This exchange:
    Merlin: Wow, and how long have you been training to be a prat?
    Arthur: You can't address me that way.
    Merlin: I'm sorry, how long have you been training to be a lord?
    • Merlin getting pelted by rotting vegetables.
  • "The Mark of Nimueh".
    Merlin: [Arthur] thinks he is so sharp - even when I told him I was a wizard, he still couldn't see it.
    Gaius: Well it's pretty hard to spot.
    Merlin: Maybe I should go around wearing a pointy hat.
    Gaius: I don't think you'll find one big enough.
  • During "Lancelot," Arthur, Lancelot, and Gwen all Eating the Eye Candy, while Merlin plays Shipper on Deck.
  • "The Once and Future Queen": Merlin's Rant. The expression on Gaius' face was priceless, not to mention the ranty Lampshade Hanging...
    • Made even better by the fact that the entire rant was improvised.
  • An easy to miss one in "The Beginning of the End" Pay attention to Mordred's face when Arthur asks Merlin why he wasn't waiting to open the grate and Merlin claims "I had trouble getting out of the castle." His expression clearly says "Yeah, right."
  • In series two, episode 2 - the chicken. Just the chicken.
    Merlin: Gwen says you're cooking.
    • The whole "investigating of the raw chicken" scene.
    • And speaking of chicken, this from "Sweet Dreams":
      Arthur: [knocking on Lady Vivian's door] It is Destiny, my love... Destiny and chicken.
    • Speaking a third time of chicken, how about Gwaine and Percival's attempted chicken theft in 4x01?
  • Arthur, realizing he's been a prat to Gwen, offers to cook her dinner in recompense. He all but shoves her out the door...and then remembers that he doesn't know how to cook. When Merlin comes in, he's staring at the uncooked chicken as if it has instructions written on it. Then he orders Merlin to grab two dinners from the Palace kitchens, apparently not realizing that Gwen, who a) has been working at the castle for years, and b) knows what is and isn't in her larder and pantry, will see right through it.
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  • "The Nightmare Begins"
    Merlin: I'd never lie to you Arthur. [beat] I respect you far too much for that.
  • "Beauty and the Beast, Part 2"
    • Arthur's very candid response to Uther:
      Arthur: WHAT is the matter with you?!
    • Everyone at Camelot awkwardly dancing around the fact that Uther's new wife is a troll.
      • Every scene where Uther has that goofy, love-struck look on his face.
      • The near-Troll-shagging scene.
    • "The poison, er, the potion..."
    • Really, just that whole part.
    • Really, just that whole episode.
      Merlin: I thought you were going for a hug.
      Arthur: Nooooo.
  • Merlin sliding out from underneath Arthur's bed and saying he's been there the whole time, before clarifying he wasn't actually under the bed.
    Uther: I did some things that I... regret.
    Arthur: Really Father, I don't want to hear the details.
    • The dragon's laughter. Maybe it was just the juxtaposition of a character who is normally so bleak and solemn practically rolling on the floor laughing, but something about his laughter is just so infectious.
  • "Lancelot and Guinevere"
    • Merlin distracting two guards by moving around a barrel with his magic, and then accidentally knocking them out.
    Arthur: What did you do? I said distract them, not knock them out.
    Merlin: There's just no pleasing you sometimes.
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  • In "Sweet Dreams," we get this bit of dialogue:
    Merlin: I may have caused a problem. Although it wasn't entirely my doing.
    Gaius: (with an incredibly resigned look) What now, Merlin?
    Merlin: Arthur's in love.
    Gaius: And how did you cause that?
    Merlin: That bit isn't my fault. The other bit is...Oh, I can't tell you about that bit.
    Gaius: Clear as mud.
  • As Trickler is attempting to cut Arthur's hair, Arthur rolls over and sleepily grabs his arm, muttering about Vivian. Trickler's face is hilarious.
    • Equally hilarious is Merlin's Oh, Crap! face when he realizes what's happened.
    Olaf: Trickler here has told me that the Lady Vivian is in your chambers.
    Arthur: If only that were true.
    Merlin: If only that were true you would not look so foolish.
  • Arthur stands outside Vivian's window with a rose, beaming up at her. Then he realizes he has no way of attracting her attention. He then climbs up the wall and tumbles headfirst into her room.
  • Uther trying to talk sense into Arthur in Sweet Dreams. He rolls his eyes to heaven when Arthur declares his love, repeatedly looks incredulously at Merlin for any sort of explanation of his son's behavior, and eventually throws his hands up and just walks away.
  • Arthur announces that the mace is his forte. Gilligan Cut to him getting whacked in the (already broken) ribs with one, followed by Olaf battering him from pillar to post.
  • "The Tears Of Uther Pendragon"
    Arthur: Would you like me to show you how to use the bucket?
    • Also from that episode:
      Arthur: Describe Dollop Head.
      Merlin: In two words? *Arthur nods* 'Prince Arthur.'
    • This scene in which Arthur and Merlin argue like an old married couple and Merlin snarks at Arthur while Arthur tries to throw things at him.
  • All of the 2009 Children in Need special, particularly Uther. No, you didn't read that wrong.
    • The guard with the assault rifle in the background...which is pointed at Uther.
    • "You were CC'd on the email!!"
    • "I don't believe it!"
  • "Goblin's Gold"... almost all of it. Especially the parts where Gwen, Morgana, and Uther are farting loudly while court is held, Arthur's reaction to his ears getting scratched, and the "do girls even fart?" conversation between Merlin and Gwen.
    Uther: The Council is dismissed!
    [Gwen and Morgana fart again as the Council remains dumbstruck]
    Uther: NOW!
    [everyone rushes out]
    • And also Arthur with donkey ears attempting to explain what happened to him while only able to bray, and Uther being struck bald (which is also an In-Universe example - Merlin cracks up as soon as he's out of sight and earshot).
    • Not to mention Goblin-Gaius repeatedly slapping Uther's head.
    • "Lose some weight, fatty!" Richard Wilson is clearly having a blast.
  • "Let's make sweet perfume together!"
  • In the series three finale: It's Raaaaat!
    • Also this exchange.
      Arthur: Merlin?
      Merlin: No, I don't really fancy it.
      Arthur: You don't have a choice, Merlin.
      Merlin: Ok. [Stands up and grins]
      Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment`
    • Later as the newly-dubbed knights of Camelot, along with Gwen, ride into the courtyard, Percival looks to either side of him with an expression of 'yeah, we look so awesome'. Has to be seen to be understood.
  • Gwaine's first appearance was both awesome and hilarious, and sums up his character perfectly. He throws the first punch in a bar fight that he wasn't even a part of, and launches a brawl to the most upbeat folk music imaginable.
  • Merlin, in disguise, giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Uther and Arthur. The looks on their faces were hilarious. Can also count as a Moment of Awesome for Merlin.
    • Really, everything about Old!Merlin is a CMOF, especially noticeable in a rather bleak episode.
      Old!Merlin: "I am DRAGOOOOOOON! ...the great!" "Well, I really wouldn't do THAT, 'cause if you do THAT... you'll never discover my plaaaan...." "EXACTLY, THAT'S WHY YOU CAN'T RUN ME THROUGH!" "I've heard how you... mistreat your servants!" and Arthur with, "...You're sentenced to death, it's not like we can execute you twice..."
    • Specific mention has to go to Merlin's rant about how Arthur is selfish and mistreats his servants, who do everything for him. Arthur looks incredibly puzzled, and Gaius is desperately refraining from a facepalm.
    • Old!Merlin in 4x03 as well:
      Old!Merlin: "Questions, so many questions, for once in your life would you just DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!"
    • Also in "The Wicked Day", Old Merlin insults Arthur even more, and gets him to give him a piggy back, down to dig his feet in as a "hurry up" gesture.
  • The keys scene, in which Merlin tries to steal Arthur's keys using magic. Arthur hears them jingling, and starts following the sound around the room, looking more and more ridiculous as Merlin moves them around so they're always behind him... and watches with a completely straight face.
  • The Witchfinder. This exchange, especially for the Dramatic Irony:
    Witchfinder: My methods are infallible, my findings incontestable. The facts point to one person and once person alone. The boy, Merlin! *everyone gasps in fear*
    Arthur: (completely deadpan, with as much skepticism as can be put into one word) Merlin. You can't be serious.
  • While camping in the Perilous Lands:
    *horrible screaming*
    Merlin: What was that..?
    Gwaine: Pheasant.
    *more horrible screaming*
    Gwaine: A big pheasant.
    Merlin: That sounded like three...pheasants.
  • In The Lady of The Lake while Merlin is stealing a dress
    Arthur: So long as you do a decent day’s work Merlin, that’s all I care about.
    Merlin: No, no - It's not for me.
    • What makes it funny is that two guards walk by a second before, look at each other for a moment and then walk on
  • "We can dress him as a woman!"
  • The food stealing and Arthur's "I am not fat!" in the Lady of the Lake. Especially with Arthur throwing the pitcher of water into Merlin's face to "wake him up."
  • When Arthur recovers in 2x13. His voice hits falsetto.
    Arthur: I feel great! What the hell did you give me?
  • Everything that happens to Gwaine in 4x02. The bees, the socks, the Wildren...
  • Merlin and Arthur, after Merlin comes out of some bushes where he un-disguised himself:
    Arthur: What were you doing?
    Merlin: Peeing!
    Arthur: You mean to tell were peeing all the time I was in there?
    Merlin: I really had to go.
    Arthur: There is definitely something very wrong with you.
  • In Aithusa we have Merlin yanking down Arthur's pants with magic and wrestling him to the ground note  in front of Arthur's entire council who are completely stone-faced stoic throughout the entire scene!
    • By then, they've probably Seen It All.
    • And before that: Woodworms! They're only active before breakfast!
  • Merlin trying to be stealthy and tripping and falling face first into a tent in His Father's Son.
  • A Servant of Two Masters is full with them.
    • Gwen clocking a Brainwashed and Crazy Merlin with a pitcher. Twice!
    • Merlin and Sir Leon in the Armory.
    • Arthur's completely dignified response to Gaius's presence in his bed-chamber, even though he's stark naked in front of a rather delighted Gwen with only a pillow for modesty. There's a good chance he looks back on the whole experience as a particularly vivid dream.
    • "Dragoon" using the Knights of Camelot as stepladder for his horse.
    • Morgana's Oh, Crap! as she finds 'Emrys' (Old Merlin) searching her hut. And Merlin simply shrugging and continuing.
  • Merlin having to quite literally drag a reluctant Arthur out of bed so he can get ready for his royal duties (including judging...a garland competition). Arthur's strangled "Nooo!" as he's finally pulled out of bed and deposited on the floor is hilarious.
  • In "Lamia," we have banter!
    Arthur: So... Merlin... being saved by a woman, that really can't feel good.
    Merlin: Feels a lot better than being dead.
    Arthur: Does it? Being saved by a woman... or dying... I'd have to think about that one.
    Merlin: Well don't think too hard, I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.
  • Any scene with simpleton!Arthur is amazing. Particularly once Merlin starts getting exasperated with him or taking advantage of the situation to get out of his usual duties.
    • This deserves special mention (it is paraphrased, mind you):
    Tristan: And we couldn't be caught by Camelot's idiot of a king.
    (The camera pans to Arthur, who is knocking on a tree with one ear pressed against it.)
  • Arthur nonchalantly saying of Excalibur: "Hey, this thing's not bad!"
  • The WTF look on Arthur's face when Merlin starts juggling for Queen Annis.
  • This quote from Arthur's Bane Part 2
    Merlin: I'll go lure the dragon away.
    Arthur: I know you're stupid, Merlin, but not that stupid.
    Merlin: No, really I'm that stupid and if you don't believe me, watch. *runs off*
  • In The Death Song of Uther Pendragon, Arthur speaks sternly to Merlin while holding a spoon up.
    Merlin: You're threatening me with a spoon? [cut to hallway, a loud smack] OWW!
    • At the end of the episode, Merlin smacks Arthur upside the head hard with a leather glove.
      Arthur: What the hell was that?
      Merlin: ... was um... horseplay.
    • Merlin telling Arthur that "Some people think he's an arrogant ass." When asked who, he doesn't answer.
  • From The Dark Tower, Gwaine breaks up the tension every chance he gets.
    • When Leon and Percival wake up from nightmares, the rest of the group looks horrified. Gwaine intercedes with this:
      Gwaine: I was dreaming about a cheese that tasted of apple pie. Anyone else have that dream? Well, you're missing out.
    • While in the Impenetrable Forest, the knights are hacking their way through. Gwaine eventually gets tired of it and starts hacking crazily in a circle. Cut to Percival, Merlin, and Arthur all looking at him worriedly.
      • From that same scene, Percival breaks his sword on a vine. He looks at it and throws it away.
  • Dragoon in A Lesson in Vengeance insulting his way past the guards in his usual style.
    • This needs noting. He comes up from the dungeons and tells the guards that they let him in. When the guards protest, he insults them until they let him past!
    • And when he unleashes his irritation in a shouting match with the cook. Then gets bored and knocks her out with a pan.
      Dragoon: Should have done that years ago.
  • In With All My Heart, Arthur is hesitant to trust any sorcerer since one killed his father. Gaius assures Arthur this one is different...she's a woman. Cue a Death Glare from Merlin!
    • And then Merlin is Dolma, the sorceress who likes to be paid in clothing.
    • After Guinivere is finally freed from Morgana's enchantment Arthur happily offers the sorceress a reward:
      Arthur: I'll give you anything. Perhaps another dress?
      Guinivere (outraged): Arthur!
    • When Arthur, Gaius and Merlin are trying to get Gwen to drink the drugged wine. They could not be more obvious about it. When she actually drinks it she hilariously falls face first to the table.
    • And when Merlin and Gaius are dragging her down the corridor.
      Merlin: She's a lot heavier than I thought she'd be.
      Gaius: That may very well be grounds for treason.
  • Maybe it was just how sad that episode was, but you get a laugh in "The Diamond of the Day".
    Arthur: I tried to take your head off with a mace.
    Merlin: I stopped you. Using magic.
    Arthur: You cheated.
  • At one point, Arthur throws a pillow at Merlin. Merlin ducks...and the pillow sails over his head and lands at the feet of Uther, who just walked in. Cue simultaneous Oh, Crap! look from both guys, but Uther just stands there like, "I can't believe one of these idiots is my son."
  • Arthur and Merlin watch Gwaine walk away from Camelot, reflecting on how it's a pity that he can't be a knight because he isn't noble. Merlin suggests that the laws can be changed, but Arthur insists that they can't. Then Gwen walks up to Gwaine, who starts flirting with her.
    Arthur: They seem very friendly.
    Merlin: (smirking) Why should you care?
    Arthur: I don't.
    • They watch Gwen laugh and put her hand on Gwaine's chest, and Arthur irritably exclaims that she could do better than that.
      Merlin: What, so she should be setting her sights...higher? Oh, but I forget! She can't! A woman of Gwen's standing could never consort with a nobleman. That's the rules.
      Arthur: Merlin?
      Merlin: Shut up?
      Arthur: You guessed it.

DVD Video Diaries

  • Colin apparently "talking" about Bradley.
  • Colin and Bradley in the cave:
    Colin Morgan: I’m really popular around here. These guys really really like me as you can see on Bradley’s face.
    Bradley James: Yeah.
    Colin Morgan: I’ve heard there’s some really weird wildlife around here.
    Bradley James: Oh I thought I saw something in the water earlier.
    Colin Morgan: Really?
    Bradley James: Maybe check it out. See if you can see anything.
    Colin Morgan: I don’t know. I mean I saw a cave spider earlier-(turns camera and sees the duck) WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! (pause) What is that... It’s... a... it’s a red-eyed DUCK. It's a red-eyed duck in the water.
    Bradley James: Carefully. It will attack you.
    Colin Morgan: Oh no. It’s floating towards us.
    Bradley James: It’s coming straight for us.
    Colin Morgan: Quick! Let’s go!
    Bradley James: It’s coming straight at us. Its got that evil look in its eye! (he falls on the floor)
    Colin Morgan: Bradley? Bradley? Are you okay?

  • Amongst the best bits are when, while shopping in a french supermarket, Bradley James rants about not having a fridge, which is followed by this:
    Anthony Head: You've gone red.
    Bradley James: Yeah, cause that's how angry I am about not having a fridge!
    Anthony Head: Why are you angry at not having a fridge?
    Bradley James: Cause I can't drink milk!
    Anthony Head: Oh. * beat* I've told you, milk's not that good for you.
    • As well as:
      Bradley James: I have the magic phrase: * sings* 'Je ne comprends pas, je suis Anglais, ya-hey!'
    * the entire Amusement Park video, to be honest. Not least of all for hearing Colin Morgan's potty mouth, or Anthony Head's "Le Splish Splesh" in an uncannily accurate French accent.
    • And:
    • And:
      Angel Coulby: Oh, you're so good. You're such an...angel.
      Bradley James: Yes, I AM. If our names were actually representations of who we are, I'd be called Angel, and you'd be called... hussy!
    • And:
      Colin Morgan: See this is what is going on, he just bullies me on set and off set, it's just... it's like a constant thing. Since we've come to France, it's got really bad.
      Bradley James: Oh, has it?
      Colin Morgan: Yeah.
      Bradley James: Oh, it's really bad, is it? Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that you're being bullied, ''MERlin''. (Colin shakes head and leaves) Right, everyone, okay? Everyone looooves Colin 'oh he's so nice, he's so innocent', you know, 'awww Colin, awww'. 'Oh, Bradley, don't worry about Bradley, he's fine, yeah, you know, whatever. Colin awww, look after Colin, uuh'. If I weren't here to give Colin Morgan a hard time, well... let's just say it's lucky that I'm here to give Colin Morgan a hard time!
    • And, of course:
      Bradley James: Have you been to Cardiff before?
      Colin Morgan: Are there any ginger people in Cardiff?
      Bradley James: ...I think there are one or two...
      Colin Morgan: No, I'm not really looking forward to going to Cardiff.
      Bradley James: Fair enough. The only acceptable form of racism, being that of racism against... gingers... apparently. I personally do not take part in such forms of racism.
    • Not to mention Bradley James 'translating' some French song lyrics as 'we're all going to die', Colin Morgan mouthing 'he bullies me every day! Help me!' at the camera, the spider incident, and 'je suis loser!' (which can be viewed here, starting at 07:50).
    • What about this one? This entire scene is priceless.
      Bradley James: In a world that is... medieval... full of... medium-sized evil... one boy... has the power... to be... powerful...
    • And actually, the moment just before this is pretty darn hilarious too:
      Bradley James: In a world that's medieval...wh...(looks up and sees a hot air balloon)...that's not very medieval...
  • THIS crowning moment of moments from Merlin: Secrets and Magic. Sing along now: "YOU'RE THE VOICE, TRY AND UNDERSTAND IT..."
  • The cast on the DVD commentaries also get some great one-liners in. In The Moment of Truth Katie is commenting on all the Ho Yay between Arthur and Merlin, leading to Bradley finally saying: "You're just fueling all those websites." Then you can hear Angel quietly say:
    Angel Coulby: They don't need our help.
    • On the same track, half-way through the epic fight scene, Angel and Katie start gushing about one of the stunt-men that they found really hot.
      Katie: Don't worry, I'll point him out again. You won't miss him.
      Colin: (deadpan) Cheers.
  • In the commentary for The Once and Future Queen, Anthony Head has this to say about The Big Damn Kiss:
    (to Angel) Aw, you look lovely there. (scene cuts to Bradley) He looks alright.
  • From Secrets and Magic for episode 1, Mackenzie Crook describes his fight with Merlin as "me and Merlin having a bit of rough and tumble in Arthur's chamber". He immediately realises what he's just said, and loses track of the interview for a few seconds.

The Outtakes

  • All of the Outtakes. But highlights include Gwaine falling off a building into a pile of hay, Colin Morgan impersonating the Grinch and Anthony Head dissolving into helpless laughter. Several times.
    • And when Anthony Head accidentally calls Arthur "Bradley" whilst shooting one of the scenes.
    • The scene from The Fires of Idirsholas where Bradley pulls Anthony back off the desk and a piece of paper sticks to his face.
    • Gwaine tripping and falling flat while Merlin keeps walking and talking, not noticing Gwaine.
  • A selection can be seen here
  • Another one worth noting can be found here at 3:02. In case it gets removed, here's the jist of it:
    Bradley: Are you with me?
    Group of men: -screaming in affirmation-
    Straggler: Aye.
  • Bradley screwing up is always funny.
    Bradley: If we're going to break everyone out, we must... remember our lines.
  • In the season 4 bloopers, Bradley and Colin flee down a corridor and into a chamber, slam the door behind them... and the door keeps going and swings open the other way. They laugh, and then shrug and keep running.
    • YMMV on the above; the appeal may be the fact that Bradley still seems dead serious as the door swings open before he adopts a grade-A Oh, Crap! expression, grabs Colin (who is on the verge of breaking character) by the arm and runs away while the latter laughs.
    • Colin Morgan randomly doing a cartwheel.
    • Nathaniel Parker taking over from Anthony Head as a helpless giggler. Honestly, the man cannot stop collapsing into giggles in every. single. scene!
    • The Knights of the Round Table and their complete inability to walk in a straight line without falling over. Truly they are Camelot's finest.
  • From Comic Con 2012, we have Season 5 bloopers.
    • Bradley drawing a dagger when he expected a sword. He looks at it, shrugs, and throws it away.
    • Eoin falling down while all the other knights run away. True Companions indeed.
    • While we're at it, his, gait when he runs. He's constantly tripping and yet he's not falling, so what do you call that?
  • Bradley and Colin slowly rising up from behind a snowbank... and then Bradley pulls out a camera and takes a picture before they slowly crouch back down.

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