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Famous Last Words / Merlin (2008)

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  • "That's good." Lady Helen
  • "I love singing, you know. I sing all the time. My betrothed says I have the voice of a fallen angel." Bronwen
  • "I must warn Arthur." Ewan
  • "Kill him!" Valiant
  • "Leave them, Arthur. Go. Save yourself. Follow the light. Faster. Go faster. Follow the light! Move. Climb." Merlin. He Gets Better.
  • "Swilte, Merlin." Edwin Muirden
  • "Ia bend dǽdon níwe. Cúðon gare íewe deahl sǽ néah. Sé áre. Ig bæþ deahl sǽ néah. An 'wén. Flíete á. Dómdæg. Déaþ ór cwylþ óga him." Aulfric
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  • "Father! No! No!" Sophia
  • "You've let your fear of magic turn to hate. I pity you." Cerdan
  • "PENDRAGON!" Kanen
  • "Merlin..." William
  • "He fears you do not have enough strength to defeat his enemies. The King must wonder if you are even his son." Evan
  • "Please." Tom
  • "Die, Uther Pendragon!" Tauren
  • "Pity. Together we could have ruled the world." Nimueh
  • "Oh yes. YES! Oh yes. Oh yes. H-Hello Ladies." Cedric...possibly?
  • "We're not leaving you behind." Aglain
  • "Open the gate!" Henqist
  • "Is that any way to treat your dear old stepmother?" Troll
  • "I will if you value the life of your ward. Hmm?" Aredian
  • "One day, Merlin, I will repay you. I promise." Freya
  • "Listen to me! Oh, my son. I've seen enough in you to know that you will make me proud." Balinor
  • "Thank you." Cylferth
  • "Half a day's ride. The journey is almost over." Sir Oswald
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  • "Oswald!" Sir Ethan
  • "Ready?" Dagr
  • "Absolutely. " Ebor
  • "You better be ready for me first!" Grunhilda
  • "Always glad to be of help to, er, people of qualities such as yourselves. Perhaps some small compensation for my, er, time and trouble?" Jarl
  • "Morgause. Morgause, make him stop. Make him stop!" Cenred
  • "Please, sister, let my parting be my final gift to you." Morgause
  • "Bad news. He's still alive." Sir Lancelot, at least his last words in the episode of his death
    • "Whatever my lady desires. I'm hers to command." Shade Lancelot
    • "Merlin. Thank you." Lancelot, the third time
  • "Arthur..." King Uther Pendragon
    • "Merlin has—" Uther's Ghost
  • "You do not choose anything, boy. It is I who choose to die, and I alone. Now, get on with it." King Caerleon
  • "Your magic holds no fear for me. I could've killed you anytime I wished. " Lamia
  • "How you've managed to decieve him. I am impressed Merlin. Perhaps we're more alike than you think." Agravaine
  • "It is as we expected; he is making his way here. He should be with us soon." Helios
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  • "Hold me." Isolde
  • "Th-that it happened at all... is all that matters. I have been haunted by this moment for many years... since long before you set foot on this Earth, Emrys, I have waited for it's arrival with sorrow in my heart. For even as Camelot flowers, so the seeds of her destruction are being sown. The prophets speak of Arthur's bane. You would do well to fear it, for it stalks him... like a ghost in the night. Unless you act quickly, Emrys, even you cannot alter... the never-ending circle... of his... fate." Lochru
  • "I will always love you." Ruadan
  • "It has the power... to summon the spirits of the dead." Valdis
  • "It's not too late, Arthur. Not too late to find the true path. Redeem yourself. No further chance... sall be given." Osgar
  • "And of you. So proud." Sir Elyan
  • "Don't—" Tyr Seward
  • "" Albin
  • "Arthur will be dead by sundown. And then, all that stands in our way is a serving girl who plays at being queen." Sarrum
  • "Did I do something good? Finally, eh?" Daegal
  • "I shall pass to the other world, happy, in the knowledge that you will never find Emrys. He is your destiny, Morgana, and he is your doom." Alator of the Catha
  • "Never." Finna
  • "It is not a crime to fight for your freedom. It is not a crime to fight for the right to be who you are. You deserve everything that's coming to you, Arthur Pendragon." Kara
  • "You gave me no choice." Mordred
  • "And you're sure it was a Camelot knight?" Beroun
  • "I failed." Sir Gwaine
  • "I am a High Priestess. No mortal blade can kill me." Morgana Pendragon
  • "M-maybe. I want to say... something I've never... said to you before. Thank you." King Arthur Pendragon


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