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Famous Last Words / Mr. Robot

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     season 1. 0 
  • "You promised..." Shayla Nico
  • "Calm down, everyone." James Plouffe

     season 2. 0 
  • "I'm sorry?" Gideon Goddard
  • "I'm sure we can figure something out." Susan Jacobs

     season 3. 0 
  • "Is everything under control?" Joanna Wellick
  • "This isn't worth it! You can live with–" Ernesto Santiago
  • "Take care of her." Grant Chang

     season 4. 0 
  • "I'm not going to run. You should probably leave." Angela Moss
  • "Just don't send that video to my kids." Freddy Lomax
  • "I'm just gonna go for a walk." Tyrell Wellick
  • "I see you now." Fernando Vera
  • "Mr. Deegan, I don't think you have taken into account the primal forces you are meddling with here. If you proceed down this path, I will use every means at my disposal to make sure that you nev–" Janice
  • "Think of it this way, Zhang: you didn't lose the game. You just ran out of time." Phillip Price
  • "Our paths were too precisely linked to this moment for there not to be a reason. This is why. You get to decide." Whiterose
  • "Help. Call someone. Please. Call an ambulance. I can't move. I need an ambulance." Elliot Alderson
  • "We'll always be part of him, kiddo." Mr. Robot
  • "Come on. This only works if you let go too." The Mastermind

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