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"Any last words?"
Bakuto, invoking this trope, Iron Fist note 

After more than a decade of movies, shows, and other media, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has more than a few last words.

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Iron Man
  • "Don't waste it... Don't waste your life... St...ark..." Ho Yinsen, dying from the gunshot wounds he got to buy Tony Stark time to boot up the first Iron Man suit.
  • "This is only a first, crude effort. Stark has perfected his design. He has made a masterpiece of death. A man with a dozen of these can rule all of Asia. And you dream of Stark's throne. We have a common enemy. lf we are still in business, I will give you these designs as a gift. And in turn, I hope you'll repay me with a gift of iron soldiers." Raza, before being disposed of by Stane.
  • "Hold still, you little prick!" Obadiah Stane aka Iron Monger, who is then killed by Stark Industries' arc reactor.
    • "Oh, no. I've never mistaken anything about you since you were a kid. Genie's out of the bottle. We gave... a wonderful gift to the world. I'm stuck. We've done our part. Now it's time for both of us to go. No! No!" Stane's last words in a deleted scene, where he survived the initial arc reactor malfunction, but falls through the damaged roof onto the arc reactor, killing him.

The Incredible Hulk

  • "Yeah, very bad." Tough Guy Leader provoking Banner until he Hulks out and is crushed by a water heater in the ensuing rampage
  • "So Banner's the only—" Major Kathleen Sparr right before being stabbed by Blonsky.
  • "Sweet." Red Shirt finding a bazooka.
  • "Booyah!" Red Shirt firing a bazooka before the Abomination catches the missile and smashes a taxi into him and the above red shirt.

Iron Man 2

  • (In Russian) "I am sorry. All I can give you... is my knowledge." Anton Vanko.
  • "You lose." Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash, before his armor and all the drones self-destruct.
    • "We will only be the same when you lose everything. When you lose everything that you love." Vanko's last words in an alternative ending.


  • "Run back home, little princess." Random Frost Giant, before getting smacked by a provoked Thor.
  • "It's said you can still hear and see what transpires around you. I hope it's true, so that you may know your end came at the hand of Laufey." Self-explanatory; he is then disposed of by Loki.

Captain America: The First Avenger

  • "Fool! You cannot control the power you hold. You will burn!" The Norwegian Church Keeper, who gets shot by Johann Schmidt after he replies, "I already have."
  • "Stop him!" Dr. Abraham Erskine, before getting shot and killed by HYDRA agent Heinz Kruger
  • "The first of many. Cut off one head, two more shall take its place. Heil... HYDRA..." Heinz Kruger, committing suicide after being apprehended by Steve Rogers.
  • "For making it clear how obviously mad you are." Nazi Major General Schneider sarcastically thanking Schmidt, before he and the other Nazi personnel are vaporized shortly after by a Tesseract-powered turret
  • "You will be punished for your insolence. You will be brought before the führer himself!" Nazi Major Hutter, after discovering that Berlin is on HYDRA's hit-list of bombing targets, right before being vaporized by a Tesseract-powered turret
  • "SCHMIDT!!!" Nazi Colonel General Roeder, right before being vaporized by a Tesseract-powered turret
  • "I'm sorry, Herr Schmidt. We fought to the last man." A German officer, before being killed by Red Skull for failing him, who noted the inaccuracy of the officer's claim with a reply of "Evidently not."
  • "CUT OFF ONE HEAD, TWO MORE SHALL—" HYDRA Red Shirt during the final battle when Colonel Chester Philipps blows his head off commenting "Let's go find two more!"
  • "What have you done... no..." Johann Schdmit/Red Skull being disintegrated by the Tesseract after grabbing it. While it's revealed in Avengers: Infinity War that he was teleported to Vormir, he seemingly underwent a Death of Personality in the process.

The Avengers

  • "It's okay, boss. This was never going to work if they hadn't have something to—" Agent Phil Coulson, dying from a stab-wound from Loki. He gets better.

Iron Man 3

  • "Savin, help! Help me!" Jack Taggert, as he explodes from Extremis.
  • "Deputy, get this woman—" Tennessee Sheriff, before being killed by Ellen Brandt.
  • "That all you got? A cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner?" Ellen Brandt, before Tony Stark takes her out with an improvised explosive trap.
  • "What about you? What happens if you get too hot?" Maya Hansen, before being killed by Aldrich Killian.
    • "Torch it, burn it down, start over again. It's all yours now." Maya's last words in a deleted scene; she survives Aldrich shooting her, but is atomized moments later by an Extremis-infected plant exploding.
  • "How did we get this shift?" Mansion Mook #1, killed seconds later by a laser blast from one of the hand pieces of the Mark 42.
  • "He's not here. Try the jet stream? Speaking of which, go fish." Eric Savin, referring to President Ellis, as he blows a hole in Air Force One, sending passengers flying out, killed by Iron Man's unibeam shortly after.
  • "No more false faces. You said you wanted the Mandarin. You're looking right at him. It was always me, Tony. Right from the start. I AM THE MANDARIN!" Aldrich Killian, the self-proclaimed Mandarin (he's just using the name), before being defeated by Extremis-powered Pepper Potts.

Thor: The Dark World

  • "I will never tell you." Frigga, answering Malekith's question on where the Aether is; Malekith responds "I believe you," right before ordering Kurse to impale her on a sword
  • (In the Dark Elf Language) "He is an enemy of Asgard, he was locked in a cell." Dark Elf Algrim (aka Kurse). Killed by one of his blackhole grenades on his belt after stabbing Loki.
  • "Do you think that this can be stopped? The Aether can not be destroyed." Malekith, before his battle with Thor ends when the Aether transports him to Svartalfheim, where a Dark Elf ship crushes him.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  • "I am afraid I have been stalling, Captain. Admit it, it's better this way. We are, both of us, out of time." Arnim Zola, before a missile destroys the facility along with the computers with Zola's consciousness.
  • "Sorry, Mr. Pierce, I... I forgot my phone." Renata, right before being killed by Secretary Pierce because she saw him talking with The Winter Soldier in his home, to which Pierce says, "Oh, Renata, I wish you would've knocked.".
  • "What!? Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea!" Agent Jasper Sitwell regarding Steve's plan to use him to gain access to the loading bay of Project Insight; right after saying this, he gets thrown out of the car by the Winter Soldier and into the path of an oncoming truck
  • "What are you doing?" Councilman Rockwell to Black Widow as she uploads S.H.I.E.L.D. files to the internet; shortly afterwards, Pierce detonates badges given to Rockwell and the other two council members, killing them
  • "Not if it was your switch." Councilman Singh, in response to Pierce's question of being able to stop terrorist threats at the flick of a switch; he dies alongside Rockwell and Yen when the badges detonate
  • "Where are the targets? Where are the targets?!" Executive Officer Russo before the Project Insight carriers open fire on each other; he is killed in the ensuing destruction
  • "Hail... HYDRA..." Alexander Pierce, dying from the gunshot wounds inflicted on him by Nick Fury.

Guardians of the Galaxy

  • "Take my hand...." Meredith Quill, who loses her life to cancer.
  • "You will never rule Xandar." Xandarian Red Shirt executed by Ronan during his introductory sequence
  • "Mind your tongue! You will show respect in his presence, you simpering pinion!" The Other, right before being killed by Ronan snapping his neck.
    • "Lower your tone! I may be your—" The Other in another version of the scene
  • "No!" Kyln Warden, as he is killed by Nebula.
  • "I will no longer be your slave!" Carina, before she grabs the purple Infinity Stone to kill herself.
  • "You will never make it to Ronan!" Korath the Pursuer, while fighting Drax, who forcibly removes Korath's implants.
  • "Rocket!" Denarian Garthan Saal, before he and the rest of the Nova Corps ships get crushed by the Dark Aster.
  • "Yondu Udonta! Order your man to turn on the Nova Corps! Enough nonsense, Ravager! Time to die!" Unnamed Sakaaran Captain, before Yondu uses his arrow to kill the entire squad.
  • “You’re mortal! How?!” Ronan’s incredulous reaction that the Guardians are able to survive touching the Power Stone, before they vaporize him, with the response "You said it yourself, bitch. We're the Guardians of the Galaxy."
  • "We are Groot." Self-explanatory, said while shielding the other Guardians from the Dark Aster crashing to the surface of Xandar at the expense of his life.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • "No, no, I mean..." Dr. List attempting to inform Strucker the Maximoff twins have escaped a HYDRA base the Avengers are currently raiding; when Iron Man breaches the compound, he fires a fatal repulsor shot at List
  • "I believe it's worth a go." J.A.R.V.I.S. Said before transforming into the Vision.
  • "You didn't see that coming." Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver), who performed a Heroic Sacrifice protecting Hawkeye and a kid from being shot to death by machine gun fire from a Ultron-commandeered quinjet.
  • "You're unbearably naïve." Ultron, before his last body is lasered by Vision, who replies, "Well, I was born yesterday".


  • "Darren, I don't think you understand--" Frank, who is then shot by Cross's shrink gun, which reduces him to nothing but lifeless goop, then wiped with toilet paper and flushed down the drain... literally.
  • "Sorry, sweetheart, you have to help daddy pay for his mistakes." Darren Cross (aka Yellowjacket), who is killed when Ant-Man goes sub-atomic and sabotages his suit to reduce him into nothing.

Captain America: Civil War

  • "He remembered you. I was there. He got all weepy about it... till they put his brain back in the blender. He wanted me to tell you something. He said to me 'Please tell Rogers, when you gotta go, you gotta go.' And you're coming with me." Brock Rumlow, a.k.a. Crossbones, telling Steve of a conversation he had with Bucky before trying to blow up himself and Steve with a suicide vest; Wanda redirects Rumlow upwards as he detonates
  • "Hail HYDRA." Vasily Karpov, a HYDRA officer who Helmut Zemo drowns for not disclosing information on the Siberian Winter Soldier base.
  • "When stolen Wakandan vibranium was used to make a terrible weapon, we in Wakanda were forced to question our legacy. Those men and women killed in Nigeria were part of a goodwill mission from a country too long in the shadows. We will not, however, let misfortune drive us back. We will fight to improve the world we wish to join. I am grateful to the Avengers for supporting this initiative. Wakanda is proud to extend its hand in peace.” King T’Chaka, before Zemo’s bomb goes off, instantly killing him.
  • "Sergeant Barnes?" Howard Stark, just before the Winter Soldier, formerly his wartime friend Bucky Barnes, beats him to death with his metal arm.
  • "Help..." Maria Stark, before being killed by Bucky while he was the Winter Soldier

Doctor Strange

  • "No one can prove such a thing." Priest in deleted scene.
  • "And you know what that means?" Daniel Drumm, in response to Kaecilius noting his new status at master of the New York sanctum; Kaecilius responds "[It means] you will die protecting it." before impaling Daniel to gain access to the sanctum's beacon
  • "Dormammu deceives you. You have no idea of what he truly is. His eternal life is not paradise, but torment." The Ancient One, said to Kaecilius, before being fatally injured by him.
    • "Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are limited, your time short. You'd think after all this time I'd be ready. But look at me, stretching one moment out into a thousand just so I can watch the snow." The Ancient One's soul, slowing the passage of time before she passes from injuries sustained by Kaecilius
  • "Dormammu, I've come to bargain." Stephen Strange, several times, during a "Groundhog Day" Loop in which Dormammu repeatedly kills him, until Dormammu ends up giving in, due to being annoyed into submission.
    • "No, this is real." Strange during one of the time loops when Dormammu asks if he's cast an illusion
    • "Oh, fu--" Strange again when explaining how time can flow in the Dark Dimension and Dormammu is about to crush him
    • "Pain's an old friend." Strange once again when Dormammu insists Strange can't maintain the time loop forever
    • "No. But I can lose. Again. And again. And again. And again forever. And that makes you my prisoner." Strange yet again, in response to Dormammu insisting Strange will never win their showdown before being killed yet again

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  • "This is mutiny! Mutiny!" Tullk, before Taserface's mutineers eject him out the Ravager mothership
  • "No! Captain, please help me! Captain!" Oblo, same as above.
  • "Down there!" A mutinous Ravager spotting Yondu before being impaled through his arrow
  • "I am sending you the coordinates for Yondu's ship. I only ask one thing. That your high priestess tell him the name of the man what sealed his fate: Taserface!" Self-explanatory; he immediately dies afterward in the Ravager mothership when it explodes
  • NO!" Ego, begging Peter to stop a high-yield explosive the Guardians planted in his planet's core. The explosive then detonates, destroying Ego's Celestial form and imploding his entire physical body into nothing.
  • "He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy. I'm sorry I didn't do none of it right...I'm damn lucky you's my boy." Yondu Udonta, who escorts Peter away from the destruction of Ego and dies in the vacuum of space

Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • "What?" Jackson Brice, after Adrian Toomes kicks him off his gang for his reckless behavior and Brice implicitly suggests that he would tell Toomes' wife about his criminal activities; Toomes replies "You're right; I can't afford that." and vaporizes Brice with a laser gun after mistaking it for an anti-gravity gun

Thor: Ragnarok

  • "No we won't. I'm on a different path now. This you must face alone. I love you my sons. Look at that. Remember this place, home." Odin Borson, describing the Norwegian coastline before he passes and vanishes into the ether.
    • "No. You're stronger." Odin's spirit when Thor consults him in a vision on how to defeat Hela; he then leaves Thor and it is the last we see of him, implying he has passed on entirely
  • "Who are you? What have you done to Thor?!" Volstagg, before he and Fandral are impaled on spears Hela conjures.
  • "Help me..." Carlo, before the Grandmaster liquifies his body
  • "Go back to whatever cave you crept out evil demoness...!" Hogun, attempting to fight off Hela before being run through with a spear.
  • "I AM ASGARD'S DOOM!!! HAHAHAHA!!!" Surtur, as he plunges his sword deep into Asgard and kills Hela, annihilating all of Asgard and presumably himself along with it in the process.
  • "Hela!" Skurge, after turning on Hela in order to protect the fleeing people of Asgard. He unloads his guns Des and Troy on her undead soldiers, then starts using them as clubs when he runs out of bullets, until Hela finally throws a knife in his heart and kills him.
  • "No!" Hela, killed by Surtur.

Black Panther

  • "Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave." The manager of the London Museum of Natural History once Killmonger expresses interest in buying an artifact. She's subdued by poisoned coffee she drank earlier before Ulysses Klaue puts a bullet in her head.
  • "I'm sorry. Sorry, Erik." Linda, who's shot dead by Killmonger after Klaue tries to use her as a hostage.
  • "You can scar yourself as much as you like. To them, you'll just be an outsider. You're crazy to think that you can walk in there. Ah, and to think I saw you as some crazy American." Ulysses Klaue, when Killmonger betrays him and reveals that he's Wakandan before he shoots him.
  • "I observed for as long as I could. Their leaders have been assassinated. Communities flooded with drugs and weapons. They are overly policed and incarcerated. All over the planet our people suffer because they don't have the tools to fight back. With Vibranium weapons they can overthrow every country and Wakanda can rule them all the right way." Prince N'Jobu explaining why he stole vibranium to aid African-Americans in suffering, who is then killed by his brother King T'Chaka when N'Jobu attempts to kill Zuri.
  • "I am the cause of your father's death. Not him. Take me." Zuri, confessing to Killmonger his role in his father N'Jobu's death to spare T'Challa's life; Erik impales him on a spear in response.
  • "Wakanda forever." Xoliswa, a Dora Milaje being held hostage by Killmonger before he slits her throat.
  • "Why, so you can just lock me up? Nah. Just bury me in the ocean... with my ancestors that jumped from the ships, 'cause they knew death... was better than bondage...." Erik "Killmonger" Stevens, aka N'Jadaka, in response to T'Challa offering to heal him after T'Challa has stabbed him with a broken spearhead. Erik then pulls the spearhead out of his chest and bleeds to death in short order.

Avengers: Infinity War

  • "Allfathers, let the dark magic flow through me... one last time." Heimdall, sending Hulk to earth without the aid of the Bifrost; Thanos impales him on Corvus Glaive's spear afterwards.
  • "You will never be a god." Loki Odinson, before Thanos crushes his neck. Though the events of Loki raise the possibility that that was a construct and he survived.
  • "You've saved nothing. Your powers are inconsequential compared to mine." Ebony Maw to Tony Stark; Stark replies "yeah, but [Peter]'s seen more movies" before Peter Parker launches Maw out the breached hull of his starship à la Alien.
  • "No!" Gamora realizing Thanos must sacrifice something he loves to attain the Soul Stone on Vormir and intends to use her; she attempts to commit suicide, but Thanos destroys her knife with the Reality Stone and tosses her off a cliff.
  • "He'll die alone. As will you." Proxima Midnight comparing Vision's situation to Wanda Maximoff; aided by Natasha Romanoff and Okoye, Wanda tosses Proxima into the path of Outrider machinery.
  • "I thought you were formidable, machine. But you're dying, just like any man." Corvus Glaive attempting to pry the Mind Stone out of Vision's forehead. Steve Rogers arrives and fights Corvus, giving Vision enough time to impale him on his own spear.
  • "I love you." Vision softly whispers this to Wanda Maximoff, when she destroys the Mind Stone, thus killing him. Thanos rewinds time to steal the Mind Stone, killing Vision again, but this time he doesn't get a chance to say anything.
  • The victims of Thanos' Badass Fingersnap. They all get better:
    • "NO!!!" Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlett Witch) when Thanos rewinds time to undo her destroying the Mind Stone, before being knocked away by him. Later, she is seen mourning Vision as she disintegrates.
    • "Steve?" James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes.
    • "Up, General! Up! This is no place to die." King T'Challa AKA Black Panther.
    • "I... am... Groot... (Translation: Dad?)" Self-explanatory.
    • "Something's happening..." Mantis.
    • "Quill?" Drax the Destroyer.
    • "Oh man..." Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord.
    • "Tony... there was no other way." Dr. Stephen Strange.
    • "Mister Stark? I don't feel so good... I-I don't know what's happening. I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go. Mister Stark, please! Please, I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go... I'm sorry..." Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man.
    • "Nick?" Maria Hill.
    • "Oh no... motherfu--" Nick Fury.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

  • "Ava!" Elihas Starr, attempting to protect his daughter from a malfunctioning quantum entanglement machine when he dies in its blast.
  • "Also, make sure you stay out of the Tardigrade fields. They're cute, but they'll eat you. And don't get sucked into a Time Vortex. We won't be able to save you." Janet van Dyne; the finger snap from Infinity War happens afterward, and she ends up vanishing into dust. She gets better.
  • "Scott, we read you." Hank Pym while talking Scott Lang through his trip in the quantum realm, see above. He gets better.
  • "Great. Preparing for re-entry in... 5... 4... 3..." Hope van Dyne/The Wasp, see above. She gets better.

Captain Marvel

  • "The train's heading for a tunnel up ahead." Skrull impersonating Coulson
  • "Now I gotta blow this engine before they find it." Mar-Vell/Dr. Wendy Lawson, about to shoot the light-speed engine before being killed by Yon-Rogg.
  • "You're too late." Norex
  • "On it." Minn-Erva, who's shot down by Maria in the ensuing dogfight.

Avengers: Endgame

  • "Go." Cooper Barton; the finger snap from Infinity War happens afterward, and he ends up vanishing into dust. He gets better.
  • "Who wants mayo on a hotdog?" Lila Barton, see above. She gets better.
  • "I want ketchup." Nathaniel Barton, see above. He gets better.
  • "Hey, guys! Enough practice, soup's on!" Laura Barton, see above. She gets better.
  • "Thank you, daughter. Perhaps I treated you too harshly." Thanos, right before Thor beheads him in a fit of rage with Stormbreaker.
  • (In Japanese) "It's him! He's after Akihiko!" Yakuza thug
  • (In Japanese) "Wait! Help me! I'll give you anything! What do you want?" Akihiko, before Hawkeye kills him after replying in English, "What I want... you can't give me."
  • "Let me go. It's okay." Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, who performs a Heroic Sacrifice on Vormir so that Hawkeye can obtain the Soul Stone.
    • "Copy." Natasha in a deleted scene.
  • "He won't let me." 2014 Nebula, moments before she pulls a gun on Past Gamora, prompting her future self to shoot her.
  • "Sire!" 2014 Ebony Maw, upon noticing that Hawkeye has the Infinity Gauntlet. He later dies when Iron Man uses the Infinity Stones to turn Thanos and his troops to dust.
  • "But, sire, our troops!" 2014 Corvus Glaive, in response to 2014 Thanos' demand to aim the Santuary II at Wanda Maximoff at the risk of his army. He is soon mortally wounded by Okoye and dies in Proxima Midnight's arms as they and Thanos' army are turned to dust.
  • "I am...inevitable." 2014 Thanos, who attempted to snap the universe into extinction, only for Iron Man to snap him and his army out instead.
  • "And Man." Tony Stark/Iron Man, who died as a result of the massive energy output from the Infinity Gauntlet being too much for him to handle.
    • "Hey, Pep..." Tony's barely audible words toward Pepper Potts, after snapping Thanos out of existence
    • "I love you 3000." Tony's final pre-recorded message to his daughter Morgan, left behind in the event he died during the Avengers' time heist.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

  • "You'll see, Peter. People... they need to believe... and nowadays... they'll believe anything..." Mysterio/Quentin Beck, succumbing to wounds caused by his own drones.

Black Widow

  • "Free the others." Oksana, telling Yelena to continue her cause after being mortally wounded by her while she was brainwashed.
  • "I don't want to do this. He's making me!" Ingrid, a widow who is injured to the point that she is too crippled to serve Dreykov that he terminates her by suicide.
  • "She's on the wing! MOVE! What are you waiting for?" Dreykov, just before Yelena Belova blows up the plane he's on using her batons to jam the jet engine.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

  • "Then give us the pendant!" Gao Lei, who is thrown from the out of control bus in the ensuing fight.
  • "Shang-Chi, you have nothing to fear." Ying Li, reassuring her son before being mortally injured by a horde of Iron Gang members.
  • "I have to save her. She's calling to me." Xu Wenwu, before sacrificing himself to save his son from the Dweller-In-Darkness, who proceeds to absorb his soul.
  • (In Mandarin) "Aim for the throat!" Guang Bo, telling Katy the weak spot of the Dweller-In-Darkness before a Soul Sucker grabs him and removes his soul.


  • "Run." The Mesopotamian Elder, telling his son to flee as a deviant emerges from the shore they were fishing on.
  • "Thena... Remember." Gilgamesh, giving his final comfort to his Mahd W'yry infected friend, before dying from mortal wounds inflicted by Kro absorbing his power.
  • "I've lead you down the wrong path." Ajak
  • "You and I, we're just tools of a god, built to kill. Thena, remember..." Kro
  • "I’m sorry." Ikaris, who then is overwhelmed with guilt from what he did to Sersi and the other Eternals and kills himself by flying into the sun.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

  • "I'm just... gonna catch my breath." May Parker, after bleeding out from being impaled by the Green Goblin's glider.
  • "She was there...because of you. I may have struck the blow, but you... *heheheh*… you are the one that killed her. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA—" Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin personality, before Peter 1 uses the antidote to destroy it for good.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

  • "I know, but in the grand calculus of the multiverse, your sacrifice is worth more than your life—" Defender Strange who gets interrupted and impaled by the monster chasing after him and Chavez
  • "No. It cannot be you." Sara Wolfe. She dies while destroying the Darkhold.
  • "I'm ready." Strange Supreme before Black Bolt wipes him out with his voice while saying "I'm sorry."
  • "Wanda, Black Bolt can destroy you with one whisper from his mouth." Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, who is later shredded into pieces with his head exploding afterwards following Wanda causing Black Bolt's death.
  • "Oh, I can do this all day." Peggy Carter/Captain Carter who continues battling Sacred Timeline Wanda in 838-Wanda's body until she is bisected by her own shield.
  • "Get the hell out of my universe!" Maria Rambeau/Captain Marvel who is overpowered by Wanda and crushed by a falling statue.
  • "Enough!" Charles Xavier/Professor X before telepathically entering her mind. He doesn't make it out alive.
    • "Wanda Maximoff, your mind is being held hostage by your alternate self. Grab my hand! Perhaps, if I can pull you from under the rubble, the spell will break." Xavier's mental construct before the Scarlet Witch gets the jump on him and rips his head in two, causing his physical body to die.
  • "No? Didn't think so." Sinister Strange before 616-Strange blasts him out the window, causing him to fall into a pike

Thor: Love and Thunder

  • "Keep your heart open... I love you." Dr. Jane Foster finally succumbing to stage 4 cancer.
  • "Protect her... protect my love..." Gorr the God Butcher to Thor after resurrecting his daughter and passing away from wounds inflicted by the Necrosword.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • "Oh, God." The Englishman, before his prosthetic eye kills him.
  • "We're here to get you out." Quan Chen
  • "We can take the name "Scorch", and make it mean something." Dr. Debbie, before Chan replies with the following line and burns Debbie to death
  • "It already does." Chan Ho Yin (aka Scorch), who explodes afterwards when his powers are overcharged
  • "Go." Fireman Tony Diaz
  • "No! Please, don't do th—" Brian Hayward
  • "Yes, I'm here." Edison Po, right before being killed by the phone he's holding when The Clairvoyant no longer considers him useful.
  • "Apparently, there's been a misunderstanding. We delivered the package as promised. If we could just speak to Mr. Quinn—" Sofia
  • "Let. Her. Go." Carlo Mancini
  • "What do you think, Agent Ward? You shot the wrong Clairvoyant before. Care to shoot the right one?" Victoria Hand, right before being killed by the HYDRA affiliated Grant Ward
  • "I guess living on the edge really pays off sometimes." Eric Koenig, before being killed offscreen by Ward.
  • "Got it." Idaho, who dies when the car he's driving hits the currently solid asphalt Carl Creel
  • "I don't want to die." Isabelle Hartley, being petrified by the Obelisk; Lance stabs her with a knife in a mercy killing
  • "They threatened me, said you were dangerous!" Elias before Donnie Gill freezes him solid and later shatters the body
  • "I am happy to comply." Donnie Gill after his HYDRA brainwashing takes effect; Skye snipes him off a cargo ship, where he drowns in the water
  • (In Italian) "What the devil?" Adamo Dioli as HYDRA loyalists disguised as SHIELD infiltrate a UN meeting and atomize him with a splinter bomb
  • "All I know is that I have a better case to make once Scarlotti's team gets to Beckers. Then SHIELD will be dead in the water." Toshiro Mori, before being ambushed and shot by both Lance and Bobbi
  • "HYDRA will never defeat SH-" Noelle Walters, before being disintegrated by a splinter bomb
  • "Take a team and sweep this place floor by floor." Daniel Whitehall, who is then killed by Phil Coulson, much to the anger of Cal.
  • "No... NO!" Agent Antoine "Trip" Triplett, who smashes the Obelisk to try to stop whatever was happening, but thinks that Skye was fatally petrified and that he made a Senseless Sacrifice. He himself ultimately gets Taken for Granite and shattered before Skye breaks free and reawaken as the Inhuman, Quake.
  • "Why have we stopped?" The Sheikh
  • "No. I want more!" Eva Belyakov
  • "I'll take your pain." Katya Belyakov
  • "Sir, look out!" Sunil Bakshi to Grant Ward, before taking the splinter bomb that Simmons was going to use to kill Ward, which reduces Bakshi to ash.
  • "You'll get everyone killed, you crazy—" Robert Gonzales to Jiaying as he's petrified by the power of the Diviner in her pre-emptive strike against S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • "Even in the darkness, they will see the truth." Raina, whose throat is then slit by Jiaying
  • "Hands off, you freak!" Oliver
  • "Agent May?" Walker
  • "Baby..." Kara Palamas (aka Agent 33), who is mistakenly gunned down by Ward who believed she was Agent May.
  • "I'm trapped in here. That's not possible! What did you do?" Gordon, whose now-dampened teleportation range leads to him warping into and being impaled by a pipe Fitz was holding
  • "Cal, what are you doing?" Jiaying, who is then killed by Cal, trying to save Skye from being killed by her, and to spare Skye the pain of being the one to kill her.
  • "Just another day, but I scheduled a meeting with Malick, and that way—" Rosalind Price, who is then shot in the throat from a sniper rifle wielded by Grant Ward, killing her.
  • "I could move faster if you hadn't shot me... twice." Grant Ward, who dies when his chest is crushed by Phil Coulson. His corpse is then taken over by Hive, who uses Ward's corpse to escape back to Earth.
  • "That's funny, we're trying to do the same." Andrew Garner, before turning into Lash permanently
  • "Do what you have to." Stephanie Malick, who is suffocated afterwards by Hive's powers
  • "And I won't be kept from my daughter." Gideon Malick, who is killed by a possessed Daisy (formerly known as Skye).
  • "You should be proud of what we've become." Alisha, before being killed by a Kree Reaper.
  • "Now you're free." Lash, freeing Daisy from Hive's control, right before being impaled by James/Hellfire.
  • "I only wanted to make it better... to feel a connection. But you must feel that already. To sacrifice for them...with all their flaws." Hive, while in Ward's form, on a quinjet with Lincoln, right before it explodes.
  • "They're only human." Lincoln Campbell, same.
  • "When the Rider burns you, he burns your soul. And your soul will never heal." A member of the Watchdogs warning Daisy about the Ghost Rider before bleeding out from injuries sustained by him
  • "You're like your uncle. You have the same fire." Lucy Bauer facing down the Ghost Rider, who then destroys her soul
  • "No!" Eli Morrow, as Ghost Rider drags him off to hell while burning him
  • "What the hell?" Agent Nathanson, before Aida snaps his neck after he discovers that she's been keeping an unconscious May prisoner.
  • "Look at you. You're disgusting. You stupid son of a-" Senator Ellen Nadeer, after Shockley undergoes terrigenesis, only to explode in her face.
  • "Jemma, look at me, look at me... Stop... It's me." the first LMD Fitz, trying to talk Jemma out of killing him.
  • "We don't want to hurt you." LMD Mace, before Daisy disables him.
  • "We didn't want to hurt you, but we have no choice. Now let us download you before you bleed out." LMD Mack to Daisy, before he is quaked across the lab in pieces.
  • "That's good." LMD Coulson, trying to talk down LMD May.
  • "And I'm sorry to say... you're not him." LMD May, Blowing up herself and LMD Coulson.
  • "Go." Jeffrey Mace, holding up a crumbling building in the Framework before it collapses on him; as what happens to an individual in the Framework happens to them in real life, this kills him in both realities.
  • "The only one dying here today is you!" Alistair Fitz to Jemma as he attacks and attempts to strangle her before she accidentally shoots him in the stomach.
  • "We should be good here." Agent Prince, before AIDA/Ophelia snaps his neck from behind.
  • "Get out of here!" Agent Davis, who is also killed from behind after attempting a failed Multiple Gunshot Death on AIDA. He gets better offscreen by season 5.
  • "You did this, Fitz." an LMD Simmons, who is stabbed and electrocuted by AIDA to threaten Fitz.
  • "You can't kill me." AIDA/Ophelia taunting Coulson about her powers. Then he reveals he's playing host to Ghost Rider, who promptly kills her.
  • "Am I going to die? I don't want to die, I want to be real. Please, Daddy, don't leave me!" a pre-teen Hope Mackenzie, before she is deleted in her father's arms.
  • "Though immortality may have eluded me... perhaps it's for the best. After all... what is eternity without my beloved Agnes by my side? This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a-" Holden Radcliffe, calmly accepting the destruction of the Framework with him still in it.
  • "I'm not supposed to kill you. But oh well." Sinara
  • "Mack, run! Leave, go!" the Elena "Yo-Yo" Rodruiguez of an alternate timeline, while Kasius is holding her hostage and slits her throat.
  • "My father will see me. He will have his world, not just the sliver Quake left behind!" Kasius, busy beating Mack senseless in an Odium-induced frenzy; Jemma sneaks up behind him and disables him with his own ear implant, giving Mack the opening he needs to impale Kasius with the shotgun-axe
  • "I will be offline sooner than anticipated. Far sooner. You need to patch in immediately." Future Enoch, whose life support battery is needed to power a device the S.H.I.E.L.D. team needs to travel back in time; the battery goes critical and then detonates, atomizing him
  • "No..." Ian Quinn, who is sucked into a bundle of gravitonium, courtesy of Raina
  • "Unlike you, I have died dozens of times. But second chances." Anton Ivanov, or the Superior, who is then permanently killed by Yo-Yo Rodriguez.
  • "I'm not going anywhere." Werner Von Strucker, trying to comfort a gravitonium-crazed Ruby Hale, who then accidentally crushes his skull.
  • "Oh, I'm losing–let us out. We want out. Let us out. We want out. I won't be able to resist." Ruby Hale, being driven mad by the gravitonium, before Yo-Yo cuts her throat with her own chakram.
  • "That's right." General Hale, trying to use brainwashing to calm down an insane Talbot, only for it to not work. He retaliates by using his gravity powers to crush her.
  • "Sir, no!" Carl "Crusher" Creel, a.k.a. the Absorbing Man, who is tricked by Talbot into shifting his body into gravitonium before Talbot absorbs him.
  • "How?" Qovas, after the ionic torpedoes fired from his flagship retarget his ship.
  • "Fine, I'll just have to break you in half." General Glenn Talbot, attempting to kill Daisy only for her to quake him into orbit instead.
  • "Mack... I think my leg's broken." Leo Fitz, dying of shock after being impaled on a piece of wreckage. But there's another one.
  • "Yeah. Parasailing. Always wanted to do that." Agent Coulson on his bucket list and how he intends to spend his last days with May.
    • "Take it one step at a time. It's not your job to solve every problem. Your job is to put together a team you trust and then to tell them to take it one step at a time. That's all you can do. If you think about everything you're up against all at once, you'll crack. Fury always said, a man can accomplish anything once he realizes he's a part of something bigger." Coulson's video will for Director Mack.
  • "Don't worry. I'll be a butterfly." Jaco, sharing a final exchange with Snowflake before sacrificing himself to destroy Izel's ship and the Shrike onboard with Sarge's bomb.
  • "As I have always..." Enoch, sharing his final moments with Daisy and Coulson after sacrificing his electrical distribution module in order for the Zephyr to escape the time storm.
  • "You can't kill me without killing yourself." Nathaniel Malick, not anticipating that Daisy would be willing to blow up the ship they're both on to stop him (she survives, he doesn't).

Agent Carter

  • "Atta girl." Roger Dooley, in response to Peggy Carter promising to catch Johann Fennhoff; afterwards, Dooley jumps out a window while wearing an explosive vest Fennhoff forced onto him, which detonates mid-fall


  • "Just once, I want Mattie to hear people cheer for his old man. Just once." Jack Murdock before winning a fight he was meant to throw and being shot dead afterward
  • "This is how he negotiates, huh?" Prohashka before being beat in the head with a bowling ball by hitman John Healy
  • "You should have just killed me, you coward." John Healy before ramming his head through a spike out of fear of the consequences of telling Matt about Wilson Fisk
  • "I will tell you everything I know, for deal." Piotr, before being shot by Detective Blake for mentioning Wilson Fisk by name
  • "Second floor! Perp in mask! Wounded civilian—" Officer Sullivan radioing the police on his situation before being knocked unconscious by Matt and later stabbed by a corrupt SWAT agent
    • "What the fuck? No!" Officer Sullivan's last words, according to the official captions, through the gag.
  • "Is it my turn for this?" Detective Blake, succumbing to the effects of being poisoned
  • "You believe this kid? He gets that shit from you." Bill Fisk, before the young Wilson smashed his skull with a hammer
  • "It is not enough." Nobu, shortly before being burnt alive while fighting Matt; the Hand later resurrects him
    • "(in Japanese) Finish him." Nobu's last words in season two, before Matt sends him off a building, whereupon Stick decapitates him
  • "Miss Page—" James Wesley attempting to talk Karen Page into putting down a loaded gun before being shot dead
  • "I wrote a lot of stories in my years pushing ink. You know how many times people have threatened me, get me to keep my mouth shut?" Ben Urich before Wilson Fisk strangles him to death for talking to Fisk's mother
  • "Wait, wait!" Leland Owlsley attempting to reason with Fisk over a failed attempt on Vanessa's life before Fisk throws him down an elevator shaft
  • "I'm just trying to make a buck!" a pawn shop owner trying to solicit Frank Castle into buying child pornography before Frank beats him to death with a baseball bat
  • "Why didn't you stop him?" Elliot Grope aka Grotto, bleeding out from a gunshot wound inflicted from Frank Castle
  • "You know, maybe you've been out of the game too long to remember. Death... is part of the deal." Seamus, prior to Finn Cooley stabbing him in the eye with an ice pick
  • "Your family? Who cares?" Finn refusing to tell Frank Castle the identity of his family's killers before being shot in the face
  • "I heard about you. News travels fast around here. But there were almost 100 bangers that day, and every finger found a trigger. You know, this crusade of yours... it's never gonna end, right? Right?" Dutton
  • "Look, I... I know what I've done here. But please. I don't give a shit about my job anymore. I just wanna keep my family safe." Samantha Reyes
  • "The Hand didn't send me. Stick did." Jacques Duchamps before Elektra stabs him to death with his own sai
  • "Temple!" Louisa protecting Claire from a Hand ninja who instead impales her
  • "You stupid son of a—" Colonel Schoonover, aka the Blacksmith, shot by Frank Castle to exact revenge for his family's death
  • "This is not the end." Elektra, as she bleeds out in Matt's arms after intercepting a blow meant for him. She gets better. Sorta.
  • "Hey, did the landlord let you in?" Julie Barnes
  • "Because I already lost Mom. Watch out!" Kevin Page
  • "Matthew... please forgive us." Father Paul Lantom
  • "I'm not going anywhere with you, Dex." Rahul "Ray" Nadeem

Jessica Jones

  • "Because I love her." Ruben, before Kilgrave forces him to slit his throat
  • "She broke it! She broke my Game Boy!" Phillip Jones, inadvertently setting up the car accident that kills him and his parents
  • "Jessica why did you-" Brian Jones, turning around to address Jessica
  • "Brian!" Alisa Jones, trying to tell her husband to focus on the truck he's about to crash into
  • "Kilgrave asked me to give this to you." Elizabeth DeLuca, attempting to kill Simpson with a bomb he planted earlier before triggering it
  • "You're our responsibility. We have got to stop you." Louise Thompson, before Kilgrave has her stab herself to death with scissors
  • "A hotel on Washington. Across from Barbuto." Oscar Clemons informing Will Simpson of Trish and Albert's ploy to create a vaccine against Kilgrave's powers; Simpson then shoots him in the head
  • "Twenty nine..." Wendy Ross-Hogarth attempting to kill Jeri by cutting her a thousand times; Pam interrupts her by hitting her with a metal vase, the impact of which sends Wendy tumbling head-first into the corner of a table
  • "You can kill him now. [...] Tell me. Tell me! Tell me." Hope Shlottman committing suicide to leave Kilgrave without any leverage in his attempt to walk free
  • "He's stronger. Don't listen. Don't look at him. He'll make you kill." Albert Thompson warning Jessica about Kilgrave before dying from blood loss due to one of Kilgrave's unwilling henchmen cutting his arms off
  • "Look, after a while, however long it takes, I know. I know you will feel what I feel. Let's start with a smile. Tell me you love me." Kevin Thompson aka Kilgrave, convinced Jessica is once more susceptible to his powers; Jessica, merely faking, tells Trish she loves her before snapping Kilgrave's neck
  • "Stay away!" Robert Coleman aka the Whizzer
  • "Look after her." Will Simpson
  • "Who the hell are you?" Stirling Adams
  • "You attacked me. You attacked me in my home! Self-defense!" Dale Holiday
  • "Run!" Karl Malus
  • "Yes, you do. You do. It sucks. And it hurts. But you do. You are far more capable than I ever was. Maybe I don't have to be amazing. Maybe I just made you." Alisa Jones

Luke Cage

  • "He's gonna know I'm gone, they're gonna know it was an inside job!" Dante, shot by Shameek when he voices his concerns over Cornell's weapons deal
  • "Always forward. Always... forward." Henry "Pop" Hunter, after his barbershop is shot up by one of Cottonmouth's goons, with him hit by a stray bullet.
  • "A casualty of war. You know, shit happens." Tone, before Cottonmouth throws him off a building for Pop's accidental killing
  • "Luke Cage, I don't even—" Wilfredo "Chico" Diaz, telling Rafael Scarfe about Luke's raiding of Cottonmouth's safehouses and his willingness to testify against him; Scarfe, actually on Stokes' payroll, proceeds to strangle Chico with a tie
  • "Yeah, you're gonna stop me?" Albert Rackham attempting to destroy Noah Burstein's experiment on Luke Cage when the machine Cage is in explodes
  • "Maybe if we leave this Luke Cage cat alone, give him his side of the street, we take ours." Koko trying to reason with Cottonmouth before being shot
  • "Yeah, you got rapport... I'm sorry..." Detective Rafael Scarfe, bleeding out from a Cottonmouth-inflicted gunshot wound
  • "Look at me... LOOK AT ME! Every time—" Uncle Pete yelling at a young Cornell Stokes before Cornell kills him for getting involved with drug trades
  • "You wanted it, Mariah. And you know it." Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, regarding his cousin Mariah Dillard being raped as a child by their uncle; in a blind rage, Mariah shoves Cornell out a second-story window and caves his chest in with a microphone stand
  • "Why are you telling me all this?" Damon Boone in response to Diamondback telling him his life story before being killed with a superpowered punch
  • "You're the second person to say that to me today. I'm my own man, Shades." Zip after being called a disappointment; he then attempts to assassinate Shades, but is overpowered and instead killed by him
  • "Where are you, Misty?" Candace Miller, waiting for Mercedes "Misty" Knight to arrive so she can disclose information about Mariah killing Cottonmouth; because Shades stole the phone Misty was using to communicate with Candace, he is able to track her down and shoot her
  • "I'm going to haunt you for the rest of your days. You can eat, but you won't taste. You can sleep, but you won't rest! Everything you love, you're going to lose! You hear me?! You hear me?! You hear me?!" Paul "Anansi" Mackintosh's Dying Curse to Mariah Dillard, just before she sets him on fire, then shoots him when he takes too long to die.
  • "It burns." Mariah Dillard, as the poison her daughter Tilda secretly gave her kicks in and does its job.

Iron Fist

  • "We've got you, Danny." Heather Rand prior to being sucked out of a damaged jet plane
  • "I love you, Danny." Wendell Rand, who died in the jet when it crashed
  • "I guess..." King, regarding Danny escaping a Hand truck with one of their chemists in tow; Gao runs her staff through King's head and has him decapitated as punishment
  • "You could learn something from them the next time you feel like stealing millions." Harold Meachum discussing the Hand's infiltration of numerous businesses with Ward; though Ward stabs him multiple times in the heart, Harold's ties to the Hand grant him Resurrective Immortality and he is brought back from the dead later
    • "Finish me off. Come on, finish me off." Harold after being resurrected and Danny impales him on a rebar pipe, but before Ward shoots him off the roof of Rand Enterprises; this time, he is also cremated to ensure he stays dead
  • "It's just ice cream!" Kyle attempting to reason with a crazed Harold Meachum over asking him for vanilla ice cream before Harold beats him to death
  • "I don't care." Lawrence Wilkins while Harold Meachum asks if Wilkins is prepared to accept blackmail of him being released before Harold shoots him in the head
  • "A living weapon? An assassin for K'un-Lun? Is that what your father had in mind for you when he was raising you to be Danny Rand? If you kill me, then all you'll ever be is K'un-Lun's Iron Fist, in a long line of living weapons whose only purpose is to be used by others." Bakuto during a disagreement between Danny and Colleen over if he should be killed; Davos cuts the discussion short by stabbing Bakuto in the chest. He gets better.

The Defenders

  • "You can't have this." John Raymond, shooting himself before Elektra can kill him.
  • "The war is finished." Sowande, taking Danny hostage, only for Stick to behead him from behind.
  • "You can't have him, girl." Stick, trying to keep Elektra from Danny, only for her to beat him in a duel and stab him to death.
  • "I have proven that I am the one true ruler of the-" Alexandra, being cutoff mid-Evil Gloating by Elektra, who impales Alexandra on her sai and beheads her.
  • "You disappoint me. As a child, all you ever wanted was to belong to something. That's why I saved you, Colleen, raised you, because that same desire was once in me. Is this your family now, hmm? Well, let me remind you who you really are by taking that away!" Bakuto, attempting to kill Claire, only to be stopped by Misty and then Killed Off for Real by Colleen cutting his head off.
  • "Gao... what is happening?" Murakami, impaled on a piece of rebar as the Midland Circle building is about to collapse on him and Gao.
  • "The end." Madame Gao, accepting the above.
  • "This is what living is like." Elektra, as the building collapses on her and Matt. Maybe.

The Punisher

  • "Hey, look, it's the gimp. Tonight just gets better and better." Leo, preparing to kill Donny for botching a hit on the Gnucci crime family and harrassing Frank Castle; he, along with Lance, have their heads caved in with a sledgehammer and thrown into a rapidly filling cement mixer.
  • "It's in the basement of a restaurant. Linello's, in Little Italy. No... no, no, no, no! I told you! What are you gonna do?" Lance, giving away the location of the botched hit before Frank kills him.
  • "Please, I'm not a terrorist. I have a family, children!" Ahmid Zubair, being interrogated by American soldiers in Afghanistan when William Rawlins orders Frank to shoot Zubair in the head
  • "I'm doing you a favor, Frank. You're gonna see your family real soon." Carson Wolf aiming a gun at Frank Castle; the gun turns out to be empty, giving Frank a chance to get Carson in a choke hold and snap his neck
  • "You're gonna die, you hear me! You're gonna die! I'm gonna kill you!" a member of Rawlins' kill squad attempting to coax Frank and Gunner out of hiding; Frank gets the drop on him, stabbing him in the shoulder and snapping his neck
  • "Just bury me. Promise me you'll bury me, okay?" Gunner Henderson, bleeding out from a gunshot wound
  • "Get the hell out of my house." O'Connor, after Lewis Wilson calls him out on his lies of being a Vietnam veteran; in the ensuing scuffle, Lewis disarms O'Connor of his hunting knife and stabs him in the stomach multiple times.
  • "You're a dead man, your heart just doesn't know it yet."William "Bill" Rawlins III aka Agent Orange, before Frank stabs him in the stomach multiple times and plunges his thumbs into Rawlins' eye sockets
  • "If I'm gonna be with somebody, I'm... I'm happy that it's you. Frank... whatever I've done, I'm-" Billy Russo, bleeding out from gunshot wounds to the chest, is silenced by Frank with two pistol shots


  • "No, you cannot." Evanora Harkness
  • "But a silly mischief that always becomes fine." Oleg Maximoff
  • "Okay, Papa, start it for us." Iryna Maximoff
  • "So long, darling." Wanda's magical construct of Vision, in response to her reassuring him that they'll meet again while she's dissolving the sitcom reality he exists in.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

  • "No." Dr. Wilfred Nagel
  • "It wasn't me! IT WASN'T ME!!!" Nico, who had previously admitted to being a Captain America fan in an earlier scene, before being bludgeoned to death by John Walker in a fit of rage after the death of Lemar Hoskins.
  • (In French) "Now, Power Broker... you will pay me four times what you said you would. Four times, or I'll tell the whole world who you are. Okay?" Georges Batroc
  • "I'm sorry." Karli Morgenthau, who is karmically shot dead by Sharon Carter, aka the Power Broker.


  • "What, you're raising your voice at me, buckethead?" Martin
  • "Glorious purpose!" Classic Loki before being consumed by Alioth.
  • "I'll see you soon." He Who Remains, after being fatally stabbed by Sylvie.

What If...?

  • What If... Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?
    • "You are too late, Captain Carter. I have summoned the champion of H..." Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, moments before being crushed by HYDRA's champion.
  • What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?
    • "Uh... is that some sort of catchphrase?" Masterless Sakaaran
    • "No, not like that, Carina. Even by a slave's standard, you are foolish." Ebony Maw
  • What If... The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?
    • "What'd she just do to me?" Tony Stark / Iron Man
    • "This doesn't make any sense. I don't slip. I don't misfire." Clint Barton / Hawkeye.
    • "Agent Romanoff, I think you might be better off getting out of here." Bruce Banner / Hulk.
    • "Fury, it's hope! It's all about hope!" Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow. The "hope" she is talking about is actually "Hope", as in Hope van Dyne.
  • What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?
    • "Stephen!" The first of Dr. Christine Palmer's many deaths.
      • "Well, this is shaping up to be a night to remember."
      • "Oh, we missed our turn. Isn't the bridge that way?"
      • "Pizza. You're a genius!"
      • "Hey, are you okay? Do you want to talk? Maybe put on some music?"
      • "Stephen, what did you do?" Dr. Christine Palmer's final death.
    • "Can't you see? You are only half a man, living half a life." O'Bengh
    • "Good luck!" Wong. By extension, this is the last we hear from anyone in the universe before Dr. Strange is defeated by his worse self and this reality ceases to exist.
    • "No. No!" Dr. Stephen Strange, before being consumed by Strange Supreme
  • What If... Zombies?!
    • "You are about to die at the hands of the children of..." Ebony Maw
    • "Holy... What the... Hank! No!" Scott Lang, before being zombified. He is later restored by Vision, albeit as a head in a jar.
    • "On my mark. Ow!" Steve Rogers/Captain America. He was bitten by an infected Hank Pym.
    • "Blam, blam, blam, blam, blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!" Happy Hogan. He was infected by Hawkeye before being killed by Sharon Carter when she turned his repulsor against his head.
    • "Sorry, Happy. Blam." Sharon Carter
    • "Peter. Smile. Smile for me, okay?" Hope van Dyne, having been scratched by an infected Sharon and opted to bring the survivors to Camp Lehigh by enlargening herself. She then passes out and later succumbs to the infection.
    • "Baba Yaga!" Kurt, telekinetically dragged and presumably killed by the zombified Wanda.
    • "My king. Wakanda forever." Okoye, dragged down by Wanda.
    • "Run." Bucky Barnes, opting to stay behind to distract Wanda. However, his exact fate is unknown as he is tossed a great distance.
    • "I must atone for what I have done. But I cannot bring myself to leave her." Vision, ripping the Mind Stone off his head.
    • "I mean, wouldn't it be kinda cool for you to be the nice one for a change?" Bruce Banner, running off into the zombie hoard to give the survivors more time. He turns into the Hulk and is last seen fighting Wanda.
  • What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?
    • "Let me take the Vibranium back where it belongs." T'Challa/Black Panther
    • "Kid, you've gotta be part of the system to change the system." Colonel James Rhodes
    • "Two gear-head orphans trying to do right by our fathers? We sound the same to me." Tony Stark
    • "Come on. We better get going. Not looking to meet the business end of one of their spears, if you know what I mean. Savages." Ulysses Klaue
  • What If... Ultron Won?
    • "You don't... You don't have to do this. I made you for peace." Tony Stark/Iron Man
    • "You can't win." Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
    • "I told you, I don't want to fight anymore." Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?
    • "What is this?!" Ultron
    • "Oh, no no no. I am afraid that armor belongs to me!" Dr. Arnim Zola in Ultron's body, minutes before he's sealed in a pocket dimension with Killmonger by Strange Supreme.


  • "I'm already gone. Fly away from here, little dragon." William Lopez.

Moon Knight

Iron Man: I am Iron Man
  • "Don't waste it... don't waste your life..." Ho Yinsen

The Avengers: Black Widow Strikes

  • "Well... When you put it that way..." Mikhail Fjodorov
  • "Don't—Don't give in, Natasha—" Gennady Markov
  • "She's retargeted the bloody missiles from the ground. Point them back correctly! Quickly, now!" Richard Frampton
  • "I know I'm not you. I'm better. I win." Sofia

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Prelude

  • "He's going for the serum! Stop—" Dr. Abraham Erskine

     Video Games 
Iron Man
  • "There are many Stark weapons in this cave." Ho Yinsen
  • "Don't force my hand." Madame Masque
  • "Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy." Obadiah Stane
The Incredible Hulk
  • "You're through, Banner. When this suit blows, everything's going with it, including you!" Glenn Talbot
Iron Man 2
  • "I decide when to strike, not him! He's afraid of you! I am not! I am..." Crimson Dynamo
  • "Short-sighted as ever. This ends now." Kearson Dewitt/ULTIMO
Iron Man 3
  • "Error: 404 - Not found...what have you done?!" M.O.D.O.K.

Iron Man
  • "I guess this is a draw. The genie is out of the bottle. We've done our part. We've brought a great gift to the world and now it is time to go. That is the law of nature, Tony." Obadiah Stane. Tony watches him fall and answers, "And that is the law of gravity."