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The appropriate reaction after letting out a huge fart.
  • The fact that the killer's baby mask is of the school's mascot, and that their team name is the Bayfield Babies.
  • Tree's response to realising that she has to die over and over in order to find out the identity of her killer is a simple "That sucks."
  • Tree happily screaming "I DID IT!!" while driving in her hospital outfit. Then she gets mad at being pulled over by a cop... and then ecstatic once she realizes she can be arrested, and thus evade the killer.
  • When listing who might be willing to kill her, Tree includes "the Uber driver who I spat on after the ride".
  • When Danielle is asked about déjà vu, she replies "Oh yeah, it means someone's thinking about you while they're masturbating. I get it six times a day."
  • The montage as Tree tries to find out who would want to kill her — along with her being repeatedly killed, there's her discovering Tim about to engage in self-love... and seeing that it's to gay porn. Even better is that Tree is delighted at the discovery.
    • Tree is so busy watching that the killer easily sneaks up on her. He taps her on the shoulder to get her attention and stabs her in the stomach as she turns around. Instead of jump cutting to her waking up, she simply looks at the knife sticking out of her stomach, then at the killer with a look that says "Really, dude?" — underscored by the killer giving her a comically taunting head tilt in response as Tree slumps over dead (with the exact same deadpan expression on her face).
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    • Tree deciding to leave Carter's building completely naked. Everyone stares at her slack jawed, except the fraternity pledge who always faints, who still faints even after looking at her.
    • And as a bonus, the whole thing is scored by a pop song - one about empowerment, to make things worse (the lyrics go "What's wrong with being confident?" as Tree is dying). The singer herself was amused.
  • Tree's reaction to seeing that the car she's trapped in is about to explode is an annoyed "Oh, fuck".
    • After Tree wakes up again after dying in the explosion and Carter says "Hey, you're up.", she hammily proclaims "SILENCE!" in response.
    • And immediately after, Tree calmly gets up and takes a whole bottle of Tylenol to deal with the pain. We get this:
    Carter: I don't think you should be taking that many. I mean... you could... you could die.
  • After Tree first explains her situation to Carter:
    Tree: Would you stop looking at me like I just took a dump on your mom's head?
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  • In the page image, Tree lets out a long and loud fart in front of Carter, then gives him a cheeky grin.
  • The attempt at a Golden Path is full of it, aside from the sad moment when Tree finally meets her father for lunch.
    • After dealing with Ryan barging into the room calling her a "fine vagine" several times, Tree begins her Golden Path by spanking him like a child and running off in triumph.
    Tree: Fine Vagine out!
    • Special points go to Tree encouraging Tim to come out of the closet.
    Tree: Now go out and get yourself a fine piece of man-ass!!
  • Tree's utterly irritated reaction to finding out that Lori is her killer.
    Tree: I know I've been a bad roommate but isn't this a bit much? What the hell?!
    • Continued by her reaction to finding out the killer's motive:
    Tree: You've been killing me over some stupid guy?!
  • After Lori is killed, Danielle is being interviewed about it, speaking like a typical Alpha Bitch Valley Girl.
    • There's also her opinion on the killer's original plan through a poisoned cupcake.
    Danielle: Wenote  don't do cupcakes!
  • When Carter tells Tree that her situation reminds him of a certain Bill Murray film, only for Tree to look perplexed and admit she's never heard of Bill Murray.
  • The final scene, where Carter tricks Tree into believing she's still stuck in the loop. Carter then kicks his roommate out so he and Tree can make out and his roommate complains that he doesn't want to sleep in his car again.

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