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  • Early on there's a scene where Scowl tries to stop the Prince, who is riding on horseback. He flies up alongside the Prince, and can't resist bragging about how "bad" he is, so this happens:
    Scowl: HEEEEY! I'M BAAAA-*crashes into a tree*
    Batso: Yep. That was real baaaaaaaaad!
    • There's also a moment earlier when Scowl has his back turned to Batso and a comment by Batso sets him off. Being an owl, his head rotates around to look at him. Then the rest of his body rotates, too. It's so sudden that it's almost sure to earn a laugh.
  • Poor Moonbeam, shes supposed to be the Dwarfelle of night, which sounds kinda cool... But spends most of the heroes journey sleepwalking, into trees.
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  • Muddy unwisely chastising Sunburn on her ability to manipulate sunlight.
    Muddy: I'm in charge of the earth itself, while Sunburn is merely in control of the sunlight.
    Sunburn: "Merely"? (Moves a beam of light onto Muddy and her mud hole, causing her to sizzle)

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