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  • Carter saving Tree from Tombs. Eventually he is overpowered and killed but it gives Tree the chance to get away and ambush Tombs. While Tree would've killed him, she stops after realizing that killing him would end the loop (though we later learn this wouldn't have actually fixed anything, but Tree couldn't have known that) so she decides to kill herself to restart and bring Carter back. It's one of the things that get her to commit to the 'golden ending'. Keep in mind that were this an ordinary killer movie and that Tombs was the only killer, it would've meant Tree surviving at the cost of Carter's life; the fact is obviously not lost on her as she enthusiastically greets him once the loop restarts.
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  • Once Tree starts to change for the better, she sticks up for a fellow sorority sister by pouring her chocolate milk on Danielle's head when she kept insulting them for eating junk food.
  • Tree dumping her married teacher and calling him out for not having the balls to leave his wife. When he threatens her by saying she won't be able to skid by in his class anymore, she reveals that she already dropped it while walking away and flipping him the bird.
  • Tree shooting John Tombs dead ("Safety's off. Thanks for the tip.").
  • Tree force-feeding Lori the poison cupcake (EAT IT, BITCH!) and kicking her out the window to her death.


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