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Heartwarming / Happy Death Day

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  • Tree's First Kiss with Carter is really touching, seeing as how they become friends over the course of the film.
    • The above is made even sweeter by the fact that Tree's sorority sisters (except Danielle, who had chocolate milk dumped on her head) are smiling happily at them.
  • Tree apparently has an opportunity to stop the loops, but she sacrifices herself to reset the day and repay Carter for sacrificing himself to save her. Of course, in the end it turns out that the loops would have continued anyway...
  • Tree's OFFICIAL First Kiss with Carter is really cute after she playfully fights him for pretending that she's stuck in another loop and as a thank you for offering his dorm room for her to crash when her sorority bedroom becomes a crime scene. Even funnier when Carter throws a pillow at Ryan when he opens the door so he would leave in order for them to enjoy their first official kiss.
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  • The Penultimate Loop in general. Tree showing such kindness and compassion to strangers who have no idea what she's gone through. It's the equivalent of the worst person in your school waking up one day and just being kind and loving to those around her.
  • Tree encouraging her seemingly persistent ex-boyfriend Tim to accept his hidden homosexuality and assuring him that there's no reason to be ashamed of it.
"Tim, I know you're really not into girls. But it's okay. Love is love. Now go out there and get yourself a fine piece of man-ass!"
  • The trailer for the sequel gives us one. Tree's Heroic Sacrifice moment in the first film? She's ready to do it again if she needs to.

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