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  • A couple of funny moments happen during Ark's Desert Punk review:
    • His Enemy Without moment where his real self, Tristan, argues with his reviewer self Arkada on whether or not it's okay to make a masturbation joke since Tristan has a girlfriend.
    • At the end he says he should review more manly shows, and goes to look through his shelf. He brings back a bunch of action shows, and when he reaches the bottom says, "This is perfect! *holds up case* Princess Tutu!!"
  • For his long-awaited review of School Days, Ark reacts to Makoto's death thusly:
    Well, there's only one thing you can say to that...he had it coming! *cue the "Cell Block Tango"*
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  • When music from Jaws plays with Final Fantasy: Unlimited approaching him.
  • Arkada's portrayal of a Pokémon fanboy's reaction to even hearing of Digimon, which included maniacally mocking Digimon for being a Pokemon rip-off while playing on a Nintendo DS colored similarly to a Poke-Ball and wearing a cap that looks like Ash's. All set to Team Rocket's Theme song. His little comment afterwards makes it even funnier:
    I had a strange childhood.
  • His reading aloud to an excerpt from Yotsuba&!, complete with in-character performances, especially the "farm" scene.
    Jeez! Take her to the damn farm already!
  • The beginning of the Slayers review taking place with three of the Brigaders playing an online RPG. Ark casts Dragon Slave, causing Prof and Vix to crack up.
  • This exchange at the end of his Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex review:
    Mystery Captor: Hey, Ark. Just to piss you off, you wanna know what else McGlynn did?
    Arkada: What?
    Mystery Captor: She also happened to be one of the ADR Directors for Naruto.
    * Arkada backs up for a moment*
    Mystery Captor: Yes, I can imagine your figurative brain leaking out of your imaginary ears because I do believe by what you just said that Naruto is gold.
    Arkada: Ahhh.. *does some frustrated babbling* Um... She can't be great all the time, right?
    Mystery Captor: Nice save.
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  • The voices he gives the different characters in his playthrough of the Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale demo. Especially Louie.
  • The puppet show at the start of his Air review.
  • The Garbage Story. No description can do it justice, just watch the DesuRattle episode of the same name and you'll find out...
  • Unofficially renaming Darker Than Black to Hei's Super Happy Fun Fun Time With Superpowers, using quite large text as he's saying it. Later, he renames Gemini The Meteor to Suou's Super Happy Fun Fun Time With Child Abuse.
  • In the review of Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion:
    • When he kind of loses his line of thought while talking about the film's soundtrack while maintaining the same voice tone throughout.
    Same composer, same awesome music... Little bit of this, little bit of that... It's pretty good... I don't know where I'm going with this... I'm still filming... What the hell is wrong with me? Let's move on!
  • In his original review of ICE, Arkada made a dare for any American licensor to pick up the series and provide an English dub for it. Years later, the series gets licensed by Sentai Filmworks and they provide an English dub for it. Cue a dumbfounded Arkada who, seven years later, is wondering how such events came to be and in a rare instance, chooses to do a re-review of the series covering his thoughts on ICE's English dub.


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