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The Big Gay Musical is a 2009... well, Gay Musical.

The main characters are Paul and Eddie, two gay actors preparing for the opening night of The Musical Adam and Steve: Just the way God made them. It has two intertwined storylines: Paul and Eddie, trying to figure out why being gay is so hard, and their characters Adam and Steve, trying to figure out why being gay is so hard.

The storyline with Paul and Eddie feature examples of:

The storyline about Adam and Steve features examples of:

  • Anti-Love Song: "Those men who are so gay"
  • Big "NO!" - Eve whe Cain tells her why he killed Abel.
  • Deliberately Monochrome - The Small Straight Play scene.
  • Camp Gay - Every gay character in the musical. Including (and specially) the angels.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus - Completely inverted. Here's a guy who clames to be the God of the Bible, but lacks most of the traits commonly linked to him.
  • Cure Your Gays - Played for laughs.
  • Gay Aesop - Hammered in your face.
  • Jerkass - Eve writes the Bible just because she wants everybody to hate gays.
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  • Magical Queer .
    Straight Adam: I wonder if our sons are going to be cultured and stuff... or like us?
  • Narm - The whole musical, in-universe.


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