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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth braving deadly neurotoxin for here:

These are recommendations made by tropers for the Portal series, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Speechless by Indigo Tantarian

  • Recommended by hanazaki462anime
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Mild Fact Sphere/Adventure Sphere
  • Synopsis: Chell fights her way through Aperture again, with help from mute!Wheatley and the Fact and Adventure Spheres. The turrets have formed an odd society, and Atlas and P-body lurk around every corner.
  • Comments: Though apparently the author had not played anything of the Portal franchise before writing this, they're actually very much on point! I was surprised, because not only could I not find any discrepancies from canon, but the dialogue was quite in-character as well. As for the content, not only are the cores themselves written nicely, but the plot is engaging and the puzzle descriptions are nicely done.

Night Of The Living Wheatley by TheUnsigned

  • Recommended by rapunzelloveseugene
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: A mix of Wheatley/Chell and unrequited Wheatley/OC.
  • Synopsis: A dark take on Wheatley returning to earth.
  • Comments: This is a rare, dark and amazing take on human!Wheatley. The Unsigned is a master of horror and is a rival to GLaDOS in terms of awe-inspiring fear. Though some of her work may turn your stomach Unsigned is a credit to the Portal fandom.

Hell or High Water by JenovaII

  • Reccomended by Siempie
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: Reluctantly, Chell returns to Aperture. Turrets call out to her, and GLaDOS is missing. A locked room holds the answer - but is it a trap?
  • Comments: The story is slow burn but very exciting, and while the characters can be a bit OOC at times, they're still very well written. The twists are suprising and a few definitely caught me off guard when I read it for the first time. The author has done a great job characterising the Space Core (or Orion, as Chell calls him) and Doug Rattman. Very well done.

Portal 3 by blademarylin

  • Recommended by IHOP, LadyInGrey
  • Status: Dead
  • Vanished from the face of the internet. Author deleted their deviantart account.
  • Pairings: Minor Wheatley/Chell
  • Synopsis: Four years after Portal 2, Wheatley decides to use his "death laser" to inscribe a giant apology to Chell on the moon. Chell has become a scientist on the surface, and upon seeing the message goes on a less-than-sane adventure to rescue Wheatley. Meanwhile, a mysterious entity called The Mainframe is gathering personality cores for a sinister purpose, and Chell keeps having flashbacks of a strange man who may or may not have been her boyfriend: someone named "Wheatley Whitmore"...
  • Comments: Described by the author as a "multimedia comic" it contains, text, drawings, and flash movies in a style very similar to MS Paint Adventures. The story is hilarious, while still being intriguing enough to make you care about the plot beyond simple laughs.
    • Seconded. It is hilarious, sweet, and very silly. An undeniably creative and unique take on the "after Portal 2" plot.

Fabrications by skywalker05

  • Recommended by Dolt Boy
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: N/A
  • Synopsis: The story (and backstory) of Portal, from GLaDOS' perspective, in three short parts.
  • Comments: Though more serious and somber in tone that the game itself, this fic otherwise captures the mood and voice of the game perfectly, and offers some chilling ideas of how exactly our favorite robo-villainess came to be what she is.
    • Is now non-canon as of the patch containing the Sequel Hook.

You Monster by Kamiki77

  • Recommeded by: wellinever
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Caroline/Cave
  • Synopsis: Cave Johnson is nearing the end and wants his faithful P.A. to take over his empire. At any cost.
  • Comments: This is pure nightmare fuel. You know how some people say GLaDOS resembles a woman in bondage? You know that Urban Legend of Zelda about how J.K. Simmons refused to record some lines of Portal 2 because of how much they disturbed him? Yeah. This fic goes there. It is not for the faint of heart but it really captures what happened in the gaps suggested by the game.

Schematics by ICRepresentitive

  • Recommended by FantasyOfLulz
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Slight Caroline/Cave
  • Synopsis: The GLaDOS machine was complete. It only needed one more component.
  • Comments: There may be many takes on Caroline's transformation into an A.I, but one more won't hurt, right? This tragic account of what may have happened captures, as its author put it, "the image comparison of the original GLaDOS, as how the developers saw her... and how the fans did" alongside the stuggle represented in Caroline's unused in-game lines.

Useless Parts by AnimeRANDOMNESS

  • Recommended by: JadeEyes 1
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Mild Chell/Wheatley
  • Synopsis: Wheatley's never really understood why humans have so many useless parts. Hair, eyebrows, fingernails...and lips. What did lips do, anyway? Of course, maybe bringing it up around a certain mute lady isn't the best idea...
  • Comments: Short, sweet, and surprisingly well-written. Even if you don't like "fluffy" stories, you'll still enjoy this.

Blue Sky by wafflestories

  • Recommended by Wasserplane, Princess Lucky, Jonn, Insanity Prelude, Syrika, Blueberry Milk
  • Status: Complete
  • Now has its own page: Blue Sky (Waffles)
  • Pairings: Light Chell/Wheatley.
  • Synopsis: Wheatley comes back to earth, has to be rescued by Chell, and gets put in a Hard Light body. Wheatley must get used to human life, all while gaining Chell's trust again and finding his purpose.
  • Comments: This story is great because it perfectly captures Wheatley's "babbling idiot" personality, and characterizes Chell beautifully. Hilarious and heartwarming at the same time- I cannot recommend this enough.
    • Princess Lucky: Seconding the recommendation with all my heart - the way the author writes the co-op bots alone is worth the money! Apart from, the story is published in the author's LiveJournal, where you can also see the amazing header art for each chapter.
    • gingersnap: Absolutely, amazingly, gobsmackingly worth the 6+ hours I spent reading it. You will be absolutely flooded with feels upon completion, and you will feel like this could absolutely happen, given the events of the games. Plus, this is one of those rare fics that can be re-read and re-re-read without losing quality. If you have any interest in Portal AT ALL, if you appreciate good fanfiction AT ALL, you will read this. It is a masterclass.
    • Parkour Paisho: After all the hype (see above) I was disappointed. I didn't come close to crying at the end, and I wouldn't even have started reading it had I known it was a shipping fic... But that said, I still wholeheartedly recommend it. You don't like shipping? It's tasteful and unobtrusive. You write your own stuff? This is excellent study material for writing style, imagery, characterization, metaphors, everything. My jaw dropped after the first few paragraphs (and I'm a huge writing snob) and after finishing the whole thing I was so moved by the writing that I typed up 6,000 words in one day. Even if you aren't one for "shipping feels," it's definitely worth a read.
    • Syrika: Recommending as well for the sheer quality of the characterization. I have no idea how the author did it.
    • Blueberry Milk: Like others have said the characterization is wonderful. Wheatley does a great job of being an annoying little chatterbox and super likable. The shipping never felt unrealistic or forced or anything. And going back to Wheatley, honestly he owns this whole story. He’s so good. I read the whole thing in one sitting because I had to make sure Chell and Wheatley got the happy ending they deserved. Super well written in dialogue and… the stuff that wasn’t dialogue? Really really good fic and really really recommend it!

Sarcasm Still Valid by Pirate Kit

  • Recommended by: LadyInGrey
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Mild Chell/Wheatley
  • Synopsis: "You don't escape from the insane facility of Aperture on tenacity alone. It takes a generous helping of bravery, wits, and sarcasm. And a valuable Aperture Science Testing Protocol Partner - Wheatley."
  • Comments: Ridiculously funny. It starts off seemingly like a written version of Freeman's Mind, but quickly becomes its own fic, taking a slight AU curve. From (literally) trolling GLaDOS to Chell musing if the internet has run out of LOLCats 200 years in the future, this is a very humorous story that will have you giggling at every possible turn.

Cake and Lies by MVTK 42

  • Recommended by: Skibi, odafangirl
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Wheatley is trapped in the Enrichment Center, fighting to escape before GLaDOS can take her revenge.
  • Comments: A human!Wheatley fanfic, mild AU. Right from the start, this author takes your expectations and punts them out the door. Everyone is written in-character (though the author admits to focusing on Wheatley's personality beyond his idiocy), the writing is good, and the twists intriguing, though there's some rough language and a bit of violence to watch out for. The story is now complete, and manages to be both funny and thought-provoking.
    • Couldn't agree more. This story is funny and awesome and the OP wasn't kidding about your expectations. It surprises you like a punch in the face from your kindly old grandma would, only in the best way possible. Wheatley and GLaDOS talking to each other alone makes this fic worth the read, but everything else makes this fic one of the best the fandom has to offer. The author says she spent a long while studying every characters voice, and it shows. So go read it. Like yesterday.

The Rules, by Cave Johnson by 3theCaptain

  • Recommended by: Parkour Paisho
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Zero. Well... maybe a little Cave X Caroline if you squint really hard at #7.
  • Synopsis: This fic is the list of Rules Cave Johnson announced over the intercom every day during Aperture Science's Scenic-Tour Level. It's funny, it's a quick read, and it captures Cave Johnson's hilarious, confidently aggressive voice perfectly. Think the Evil Overlord List, but instead of an evil overlord, it's Cave Johnson. The best part? The author accepts submissions from the readers; if you have an idea for a rule, he/she will put it up with your username in the credits!

Portal^3 (Portal Cubed) by Insane Guy of DOOM

  • Recommended by: IHOP
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found. Edit: Found it! Most of it I think? (GRIF Abyte 101. Heh, my name looks broken.)
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: According to the author, it's "meant to be an as realistic as possible depiction of what I think Portal 3 might be". Several months after Portal 2, Chell is living on the surface only to get called back to Aperture when GLaDOS accidentally unleashes a Sealed Evil in a Can that threatens far more than just the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Center.
  • Comments: A summary of all the story's planned chapters can be found here, for those inclined to spoilers.

Target Acquired by StillAliveDoingScience

  • Recommended by: BabyCharmander
  • Status: Dormant
  • Now has its own page: Target Acquired
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: Three years after Chell saves Wheatley from being launched into space, he means to help her escape the facility and shut down GLaDOS for good—but after finding a lost secret, hidden away within a condemned Test Shaft, is she really the only AI they need to be worried about? This is a story of redemption, adventure, and of finding friendship in unexpected places.
  • Comments: An absolutely brilliant adventure story filled with lots of character development: see Chell and Wheatley go from practically hating each other to gradually becoming friends, being forced to work together as they try to escape Aperture once again. Note that it is an AU, with Wheatley being saved from exile in space, and lots of extra details about Aperture (both the facility and the company). A great mix of funny, exciting, touching, and heartbreaking, and absolutely worth however long it takes to read through the 150k+ words it consists of (though as of yet, the story is still unfinished).

Reversal by Obvious Octopus

  • Recommended by Glass Spires, Nightshade 1218
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Implied Chelley at the end, but it's quite light.
  • Synopsis: When a dangerous mute lunatic is put in control of the Aperture mainframe, GLaDOS and Wheatley are forced to work together to save science. Chell is transferred into the mainframe, and Wheatley and GLaDOS attain android bodies and must test for her, in a reversal.
  • Comments: This fic is well thought out, perfectly paced, and a great read from beginning to end. Spoilers for the end of Portal 2.
    • Seconded for one startling fact: AI Chell under the test euphoria is legit terrifying, especially when she starts talking with a Speech Impediment (In this case, a Dramatic Stutter) and proves herself much more murder-happy than either GLaDOS or Wheatley. It's unexpected, but a very refreshing character interpretation.

Cieco by Jaywings

  • Recommended by: BabyCharmander
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: Chell and Wheatley, living together after Aperture, discover a stranger in their house one night.
  • Comments: The author takes a common fanfic trope—making a character (in this case, Wheatley) go blind—and turns it into an interesting, emotional story. Chell and Wheatley's relationship in this fic is shaky to begin with, and this incident doesn't exactly help things... but it does create some excellent conflict, dealing with Wheatley's trials of being blind and Chell's trials of attempting to help him.

Redemption by Silverstreams

  • Recommended by: BabyCharmander
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Slight Cave/Caroline
  • Synopsis: After Caroline discovers her 'parents' to be Black Mesa spies, Doug Rattmann hides young Chell in Old Aperture before she's sealed off and presumed dead. Years later, she's back, and her resurfacing could lead to Aperture's downfall. A Portal prequel about what it truly takes to have a shot at redemption.
  • Comments: If you've ever wondered about strange little details in the Portal games—who Chell's parents really are, the meaning behind Doug Rattmann's scrawls, whether or not Caroline actually agreed to the upload, how Black Mesa stole information from Aperture Science, and so on—this fic covers everything. It starts off just before Chell comes to Aperture as a child, and fills in all the little gaps the games left behind. Not only that, but it also delves deep in to the characters (particularly Doug, Chell, and Caroline), and truly makes you feel for them, no matter what you felt about these characters beforehand. Redemption is an excellent fanfic and is a definite must-read, no matter who your favorite characters are.

Research and Development: Wheatley by Carolnegate

  • Recommended by: BabyCharmander
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: None.
  • Synopsis: Wheatley had never been anything other than a robot, but he was given something most A.I.s never had - the ability to change who he was. Rated for mild, humorous swearing, most of which only British people would consider inappropriate.
  • Comments: Taking place before and during the events of Portal, this fanfic goes in depth into Wheatley's backstory. Unlike many backstory fics that show Wheatley as originally being human, this one portrays him as a machine from the beginning, showing how he went from being a nonsentient machine to a sentient AI. It also covers the reasoning behind his different quirks, including his accent and his different fears, and even why he doesn't remember his original function or why he doesn't remember his encounter with GLaDOS.

Research and Development: GLaDOS by Carolnegate

  • Recommended by: BabyCharmander
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: None.
  • Synopsis: GLaDOS was originally a human, that much is certain. How much humanity remained in her after she was transferred to a computational entity and dedicated to Science, however, is a lot more disputable. Rated for swearing.
  • Comments: Much like the previous fanfic, this fanfic goes into detail on GLaDOS's backstory, covering everything pre-Portal and going to the beginning of Portal 2. This story takes a different direction than many stories of the same vein—notably, the infamous AI is not murderous from the get-go, and with good explanation as to why. If you're looking for a fresh take on GLaDOS's backstory, this is the fic to read.

Spirits by Spamberguesa

  • Recommended by: TheFuzzinator
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: One-sided Wheatley/Chell
  • Synopsis: Based off a kink meme prompt: "Wheatley (any form will do) succeeds in killing Chell somehow. Unfortunately for him, the Chell came back- as a ghost. And now he can't ever get rid of her."
  • Comments: As dark, creepy, and full of Nightmare Fuel as the prompt suggests. Ghost!Chell is a scary little critter. She's vicious, angry, and heartbroken, and she takes it out on Wheatley in ways that start destroying his mind. He in turn is developing a fascination with her corpse that's hitting Squick levels, though the author says it won't turn into I Love the Dead.

Reversal by Obvious Octopus

  • Recommended by: outerspec
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Caroline/Cave I guess?
  • Synopsis: When a dangerous mute lunatic is put in control of the Aperture mainframe, GLaDOS and Wheatley are forced to work together to save science.
  • Comments: I haven't finished reading this one yet, but so far, it's been really, really good. They did a good job charachterizing Chell as she becomes corrupted by the mainframe, and the dynamic between GLaDOS and Wheatley is quite fun to read.


Better Living Through Science and Ponies by Pen Stroke

  • Recommended by: TokoWH
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: GLaDOS is free of Chell, free to continue testing, when she discovers a portal gun Wheatley tried to repair with duck tape. When the portal gun catastrophically fails, the enrichment center, GLaDOS, and Chell are literally dropped in the middle of Equestria. The mute test subject soon finds the world of ponies far more welcoming than the human world. But GLaDOS sees possibilities. Let the testing begin... for science.
  • Comments: As a previous suggester on the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic recs stated, most cross-over fics fail because the author in question does not fully understand either one or both of the franchises he is attempting to cross-over. Where "Better Living Through Science and Ponies" succeeds is that Pen Stroke does in fact understand the two universes and manages to make a very effective product by mixing the two together. Not only does the story keeps everyone in character and writes some really funny moments but his GLaDOS dialogue is such that you would have sworn someone at Valve had written the fic.
  • Now getting its own Portal 2 mod.

Grief Science by Cornet Hummy Also on FFN and Tumblr

  • Recommended by: Odafangirl, RN452
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossing over with: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Synopsis: "You can have whatever you want if you just wish for it." It's a tempting proposition, but it comes with consequences. Chell knows them well, but she may be the last hope of a divergent timeline. Portal/Madoka fusion AU. Humanized cores and GLaDOS, for a given measure of "human." Mild, slow-burn Chelley with a few other potential pairings, but not very romance-heavy.
  • Comments: This is definitely more of a Madoka story with Portal characters than the other way around, but the treatment of those characters is amazing. Kevin (Space) and Craig (Fact) and Rita (Adventure) all have depth and focus and complexity, never mind the main cast. Chell and GLaDOS are handled beautifully, expanding and adapting their characters as needed without losing what makes them so interesting. As for Wheatley, he gets a lot thrown his way. It is a Madoka story after all; characters getting ground into the dust is part of the fun. Also, there are a lot of fun witch designs.

Holes in Orange and Blue by Lusor

  • Recommended by: Weaver
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A crossover with Fate/stay night of all things that none the less works suprisingly well. Basically, due to a glitch in reality that a certain moronic AI was partly responsible for, the Grail tried to summon Saber but got the 404 Error and Chell instead. Awesomeness ensues, including projected turrets, the ASHPD gaining several new settings (including 'gravity gun', take that Black Mesa!) and Shirou apparently channeling Cave Johnson.
  • Comments: Somewhat demented but a lot of fun, rather like Portal itself in fact. Despite the higher then usual level of craziness there are still a few moments where it has a suprising amount of depth and getting inside Chell's head is always interesting. The fic is also made of a collection of scenes that aren't in any particular order at the moment but this doesn't really detract from the fic.

Thinking With Aperture Plasmids by Diable Oni Giri

  • Recommended by: Alexander Kane
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: A melding of Portal 2 with Bioshock that works beautifully. The Aperture Science Hand-Held Portal Device becomes the Aperture Science Portal Plasmid, Wheatley is... well, still Wheatley but with his human form using the sphere core as a communications device and bottles of Combustible Lemonade that are perfect for Explosion Day parties litter the underwater lab.
  • Comment: I not sure there's anything left to say, the scientific madness of Aperture Science and the deranged lunacy of Rapture blend so easily and beautifully, you'd wish there was a real version to play.

Things Have Changed Since You Left the Building by squeequeg

  • Recommended by: elemecha
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Following her escape from the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, Chell enters a world ruled by the Combine, meets new allies and enemies, and learns that sometimes it's not enough just to escape. (AU in that it ignores the new patch, the new ending, and any word of Portal 2.)
  • Comment: Recommended for its characterization and general plausibility; could definitely see this as an actual continuation of Portal, if Valve had decided to go this route. Crossover status for this story is a bit debatable, as it's just about canon that Portal and Half-Life take place in the same universe, but we do have characters from both franchises meeting up and kicking ass.

Apollo 18 The Nixon Files by Andrew Joshua Talon

  • Recommended by: Pacifist
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: A crossover between Portal and the dreadful movie Apollo 18 starring Richard Nixon and Cave Johnson as they fight to save the world from moon spiders. Yes, you read that right.
  • Comment: A sane Nixon trying to deal with moon crabs and Cave Johnson.

Portalborn by Experiment 282

  • Recommended by: autopanda
  • Status: Dormant; last updated June 2018
  • Now has its own page: Portalborn
  • Synopsis: In the land of Skyrim, the Dragonborn is a hot-blooded thrill seeker. An encounter with a weird man and a talking meteorite ball thing that rambles about space sets her off on something weird indeed...
  • Comments: Based on the new Space Core mod for Skyrim. Very good. Doug Rattman actually comes into play pretty early. GLaDOS is here now. She got some bandits to think she's either a Daedra or a Divine

The Best In Space by MShades

  • Recommended by Thunderchin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation where the Enterprise encounters a strange orb-like artifact from 21st century Earth.
  • Comments: Five chapters, each corresponding to the segments as if broken by commercial breaks. Each character is presented and acts as if this were an actual episode of the show, so even those that aren't familiar with Star Trek can follow along and watch the hilarity ensue.

Between Minds by 3theCaptain

  • Recommended by: parkourpaisho
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: A crossover with Half-Life, the chapters alternate between Chell escaping Aperture Science between Portal 1 & 2 and most recently got herself sucked into a vortex at the Borealis dry dock and the whole Half-Life crew picking up where they left off after Eli's death.
  • Comments: Of the crossovers out there between these two games, this is definitely one of the higher-quality ones! Despite the serious subject matter it'll still get you to laugh out loud, and genuinely wonder what's going to happen next. You even get some hilarity from a bunch of new personality spheres and recordings from good ol' Cave Johnson!

Now You're Thinking with Real Science by Jaywings

  • Recommended by: BabyCharmander
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A former test subject, now free, takes up residence in a strange town where almost nothing is considered abnormal. A year later, a young paranormal enthusiast spots two odd new satellites orbiting the moon and immediately makes plans to bring them to Earth, firmly believing that the two metal spheres are alien in origin. Because, after all, what else could they possibly be?
  • Comments: A crossover with Invader Zim featuring nearly all of the major characters from both series. The author is very good with keeping all characters in character and making the world of Invader Zim and the world of Portal feel like they fit together perfectly. Though it starts off a little slowly, focusing mainly on character interaction, things pick up when Zim kidnaps Wheatley and Dib comes to his rescue... and things don't go exactly as planned.

Is Your Great-Aunt an AI? by Quatermass

  • Recommended by: Emperor Max 2019
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: Petunia sends a baby Harry to her aunt, living in America, Caroline Evans. Some years later, Caroline becomes GLaDOS, and only Harry stops her from her rampage. Now, Harry is eleven, and he's heading to Hogwarts. Of course, with an amoral scientist/computer for a great-aunt and a mute big sister, the question is not whether he is ready for Hogwarts. Is Hogwarts ready for him?
  • Comments: As the summary indicates, this story is basically Harry being raised by GLaDOS, with Harry acting as a Morality Chain for GLaDOS and holding her back from killing everyone in Aperture like she does in canon. Hilarity Ensues. GLaDOS still remains her usual hilarious, Black Comedy-spouting, Deadpan Snarker self. Featuring Heartwarming Moments of Harry and the main (living) Portal cast (including Wheatley, Chell, Atlas, P-Body, and Ratman) acting as a hilarious but loving Big, Screwed-Up Family, and all kinds of Hilarity ranging from Harry bantering with Malfoy using GLaDOS-style insults, and the AI herself investigating Sirus Black's alleged crimes while Cosplaying as Sherlock Holmes.
Shipping Fics

The Punishment by conquerorwurm

  • Recommended by: Dontknowdontcare
  • Status: Dormant
  • Now has its own page: The Punishment
  • Pairings: Chell/Wheatley
  • Synopsis: Rather than let Wheatley float in space for eternity, GLaDOS thinks of a far better punishment for him.
  • Comments: An excellent take on the idea of putting Wheatley into a human body, especially when dealing with 'The Itch'. Following him and Chell in the bowels of Aperture as he tries to figure out his new body, as well as all the guilt, tension and sexual frustration is both funny and heartbreaking. The story moves at a good pace, taking its time as the pair tries to grasp their own emotions.
    • Seconding! A great story about the joys and burdens of being a living human being, and all the interpersonal complications that come with it.
      • Thirded. Wheatley's reaction are incredibly funny, and after some incredibly hot description of Chell, Wheatley's reactions to his first boner are just hilarious.
  • Has its own tumblr page with fanart and story illustrations here.

Test Of Humanity by baronobeefdip

  • Recommended by: bobdrantz
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Chell/Wheatley
  • Synopsis: Set after Portal 2, GLaDOS retrieves Wheatley from space and places his mind in a human body.
  • Comments: A rather humorous story at times in which we follow Wheatley from his journey back to earth, to him being placed in a human body by GLaDOS, to his reunion with Chell. Wheatley's awkward and clumsy attempts to fit into human society are both funny and endearing. And, the gradual bond that forms between him and Chell is heartwarming as well. Now has its own page.

Recycled by suckersoprano

  • Recommended by: whootsies
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Fact Core/Adventure Core
  • Synopsis: Set after the events of Portal 2 and Chell is released from Aperture, GLaDOS puts the Fact Core (Craig) and Rick into human bodies, and converts them to test subjects.
  • Comments: A wonderful fanfic, the author develops what may seem like an unusual pairing to some into a deep, emotional couple that contrasts perfectly. Warning, there are NSFW parts.

A Real Surprise by Vaniterra

  • Recommended by: Azalee
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Chell/GLaDOS
  • Synopsis: What lurks in the unexplored shafts of old Aperture, sealed for decades? The answer tests human and android alike. ChellDOS.
  • Comments: The fic is extremely high quality, with both Chell and GLaDOS beautifully fleshed out. The fic explores the relationship between the two women of Aperture naturally and endearingly, and along the way doesn't falter in presenting the clashes between what they are and how they act towards each other in a realistic way while still showing that the duo is capable of rising to the challenges inherent to the relationship. The fic also explores the abandoned facility and pulls new dangers and characters that are genuinely threatening and intriguing into the mix, forming an exciting new battle for Chell and GLaDOS that they are determined to win. To be warned, there is erotica in some chapters.
  • Note: Unfortunately, the works of Vaniterra have all but disappeared off the face of the internet.
    • Reposted.

''Of Robots And Women by TheTiller

  • Reccomended by: Con Man 1226
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Chell/GLaDOS
  • Synopsis: When Chell discovers that she is the last human on Earth, she goes back to the only one she can talk to. ChellDOS.
  • Comments: If you're upset that the previous story is no longer online, this story is similar, but fleshed out in a very different way. Both Chell and GLaDOS are very well written, and as the story progresses, both of them begin to question the increasingly thin line between man and machine. Some of the 'naughty' scenes might be too much for some, but this story has too many great moments to ignore. The final chapter in particular is surprisingly emotional.

TobyGames playthrough of Portal 2, starts here.

  • Recommended by: Fighteer
  • Rating: PG - Very mild language.
  • Comments: Toby takes his trademark wacky humor into Portal 2, with hilarious results. Watch him talk back to Wheatley and GLaDOS from Chell's point of view, make fun of literally every story element, and fail repeatedly. "I'm screwed. I'm screwed. I'm gonna die. I'm dead! I'm dead! GOD DANGIT!"

Harry101UK's Let's Play of Portal, starts here.

  • Recommended by: justagirlwithakeyboard
  • Rating: PG
  • Comments: Harry knows his stuff for Portal. Far from his first playthrough. He's also the voice of Wheatley for the audiobook project of the fanfic Blue Sky (Waffles), which can be found above. Aside from his own normal humor, he adds in bits for GLaDOS whenever looking at security cameras, he messes with the effects here and there, and he adds 'elevator music'. Oh - and he beats the game in approximately 50 minutes. All in all - it's a great LP.

Chell's Mind, starts here but the author recommends starting here


The Best PM by Wafflestories

  • Recommended by: Hybridkylin
  • Synopsis: Wheatley is the Prime Minister of Great Britain. This is his twitter.
  • Comment: Written by the author of Blue Sky, this AU account is hilarious, and well worth a look.


Crow!Wheatley Forum Adventure by BabyCharmander

  • Recommended by: Jaywings
  • Synopsis: GLaDOS has transferred Wheatley's consciousness into the body of a crow as punishment and for testing... but there may be a more sinister reason behind it. It is now up to Wheatley's resulting "auditory hallucinations" (i.e. people on Tumblr sending him asks) to help him figure out his new body and decide what to do.
  • Comments: The story is done as a series of ask blog-style comics in response to asks sent in by Tumblr users. The author has revealed that there is a plot to the entire thing as well as a variety of subplots that can be found depending on what decisions are made, and according to her the story will play out largely dependent on the choices that askers make. It's unique and very creative, and worth a look.


The Critic Core Show by PTB

  • Recommended by: BabyCharmander
  • Synopsis: The Critic Core is a core that critiques things. He takes care of an archive of movies, games, music, and other bits of media which he periodically reviews. The story currently takes place just before the first Portal game begins, and canon characters such as Wheatley, Atlas, and turrets (and eventually GLaDOS) make appearances. In later episodes, the show will follow the events of Portal 1 and 2.
  • Comments: Rather than being animated in Source Filmmaker or Gmod like many other Portal fan-videos, the Critic Core Show is animated in Blender with custom-made Portal models. While PTB voices most of the characters, Harry101UK voices Wheatley and the turrets. The animated sequences are quite hilarious and the Critic Core's voice is pleasant to listen to as he reviews songs, movies, video games, and whatever else he finds in his archive. It's definitely worth a look at if you're a fan of the Portal games, a fan of review shows, or both!

Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical by Geekenders

  • Recommended by: Lovova
  • Synopsis: Exactly what it says on the tin: an unathorized, but incredibly well done, fanmade musical that covers the entire second game. Now with its own page.
  • Comments: Seriously, if you like musicals, this fanmusical is wonderfully done. The actors/ress's put a lot of soul into their performances, the songs are catchy, the set and writing both well done, and Chell, while still more or less keeping up her 'mute protagonist' personality, still manages to get a duet with herself. It's a lot of fun :)



  • Recommended by: Pgj1997
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The uploader of this mod has found a mysterious corrupted version of the original Portal, and has uploaded it for us to "enjoy".
  • Tags: Psychological Horror
  • Comments: This mod turns the original game into a horror game. All of the Black Comedy that's usually there to lighten the mood is stripped away, playing it all up for spooks. For example, GLaDOS never speaks to you. Instead, throughout the game are Ratman-esque messages written on the wall for you to find. For what purpose, I won't spoil. In addition, the game's iconic techno soundtrack is gone, replaced with ambient noises, making Aperture Science feel more desolate and eerie than it usually is. The result is a love letter to the ".exe" subgenre of internet horror, and a celebration of the more darker aspects of Portal lore, with plenty to analyze.

Alternative Title(s): Portal 2