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Fanfic / Modurn Warfare 3 The Dead Rise

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''"Holy fuck that hurt" said Soup as he stood up an ran over to Kaptain Price.
"You think that hurt" said Price "Try gettin beat up like Rocky on a slab of meat." Theyd just got in a huge fight with the evil Generel Sheperd an killed his monster ass but now they were tired as fuck so they ran to the helicoper to go away where nobody could get them. As the chopper took off they drank some beer.'' - The opening.

"Modurn Warfare 3: The Dead Rise" is the last fanfic written by hunterjeanmidna... and it's even more insane than his other stories, believe it or not.

Picking up immediately where Modern Warfare 2 left off, we find Soap Soup and Captain Kaptain Price escaping in their helicopter after defeating the evil General Shepherd Sheperd. However, not only is Sheperd still alive, but he's a satanist, and Soup throwing a knife in his "evil eye" actually gave him full power to take over the world. So after talking to his "dear lord Satin" by burning some bodies, he decides to create an army of zombies and send them to the United States to turn everyone into more zombies.

To say more would be spoiling the rest of this story, and plus, it's honestly too abso-fucking-lutely batshit insane to describe with any justice, so just follow this link and see for yourself.




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