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Eiderdowm is an action RPG setting created by Black Mage Anolis. The player assumes the role of a Beast Whisperer, an ilden who has harnessed the power given to them by Gaia, the ability to lull Gaia Beasts into submission using their singing, who sets off on a quest to defeat the Goetia Beasts and find out why the Gaia Beasts are being sent out.

The gameplay plays like the World Of Mana games, albeit more focused on menu-based combat and character customization. You can use simple attacks, derivative attacks for each of the game's weapon types, and a plethora of magicks available to the player. It would be wise for a player to build themselves as a Magic Knight; otherwise, they might get trumped easily if an enemy's defenses are too high for a simple weapon to be used.



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    Gameplay Tropes 

    Story Tropes 
  • Developers' Foresight: There's a staggering amount of dialogue options available, and sometimes, picking the right or wrong option can be the difference to getting a quest or not.
  • Genre Deconstruction: Of Role-Playing Games, including the Mon subgenre.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Loads. The player's dialogue options can make the character seem very manipulative, dishonest, or just a downright asshole.
    • Need an example. Take one of the first quests in the game, where you go with a kobold named Mortimer to clear a path for his settlement in order to trade with the other settlements. While his HP is a good amount, he can still die, no matter how many healing items or revival spells you give him. When he does kick the bucket, you can take his stuff or leave it there. But wait, there's more!
      • If you take back his stuff, including his gun, one of the first times you can get one, you can either give the gun back to his wife, Minnie, as a memento or not. If you don't, she'll berate you and ask you to give back the gun. If you answer no a second time, she attacks you. You can either let her attack you, or you can shoot her with the gun, orphaning little Mickey and causing the town to chase you out and attack you on sight should you ever come back.
      • If you leave his stuff, Minnie will ask what happened to Mortimer. You can either tell her the truth or lie about it. Should you go back to their house after a while if you lied to them, they'll still be trying to find him and wondering where he is.

    Setting Tropes 


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