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GMA Network (or just GMA, short for "Global Media Arts") is a television station in the Philippines. It is one of the biggest Filipino television stations, right up there with ABS-CBN (which, incidentally, is also one of GMA's rival networks).

The channel's origins lie in Manila's local radio station DZBB, which was launched in 1950 and owned by American war correspondent Robert La Rue "Uncle Bob" Stewart. In 1961, Uncle Bob expanded the station's operations when he launched the TV channel DZBB-TV under the name RBS TV Channel 7. More RBS TV channels eventually started to become available in other parts of the Philippines, thus forming a network. The network changed its name to GMA Radio-Television Arts in 1974, then to GMA Rainbow Satellite Network in 1992, and finally to GMA Network in 1995.


Telenovelas produced by GMA network lean more to the modern and edutational streak, and has dabbled into topics that are controversial or aren't talked about in public. The network also produces fantasy-themed soaps, sitcoms, documentaries, and news shows.

List of programs produced and aired by GMA Network: