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Comic Book / Justice League of America (2013)

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The world's most dangerous, they are America's Justice League.

Justice League of America was an ongoing series from DC Comics which started in February 2013 as part of the New 52. It was written by Geoff Johns.

Following Throne of Atlantis, the U.S. government and A.R.G.U.S. decided that they needed a Super Team of their own to monitor and control. To build said team, Amanda Waller contacts several superheroes and offers them to join in exchange for something they want. Led by Steve Trevor, the Justice League of America's purpose is to defeat any threat to America and, if necessary, to fight the Justice League.

Justice League of America contains examples of:

  • Author Appeal:
    • Several team members are characters that series creator Geoff Johns either created (Stargirl and Simon Baz) or has written previously (Hawkman).
    • When the Justice League of America becomes the Justice League of Canada in 2014, its new writer, Jeff Lemire, who is Canadian, brings to its roster members that he has written previously (Green Arrow, Animal Man).
  • Big Damn Heroes: If it wasn't for Stargirl disobeying orders in issue 4, Hawkman would've been torn limb from limb by robots in issue 5.
  • Character Focus: The Forever Evil (2013) tie-in issues focus on Martian Manhunter and Stargirl as they escape their imprisonment by the Crime Syndicate and try to free the others.
  • Cool Plane: Steve Trevor's invisible jet. It's big, fast enough to break the sound barrier two times over, has an arsenal capable of taking down a small army, and has a camouflage mode that can fool even Superman.
  • Dark Secret: Amanda Waller knows who Stargirl's biological father is and will have him answer for his actions if Stargirl does not comply.
  • Evil Knockoff/Robot Me: In issues 3 and 5, the JLA fights robot doubles of the Justice League built by Professor Ivo.
  • Foreshadowing: The JLA fighting robot doubles of the Justice League foreshadows Trinity War.
  • Geodesic Cast: As seen in this image, Amanda Waller chose the JLA's members based on how their powers can combat the Justice League.
  • Good Counterpart: Of a sort to the Suicide Squad, as a Waller-run Super Hero team that is decidedly less volatile and sadistic.
  • Guile Hero: Stargirl was put on the team to combat Cyborg, but is prevented from going on missions because she is needed to be a figurehead and keep public opinion of the JLA high. She is not pleased when she figures out her role and sneaks off on their next mission.
  • Heroes "R" Us: The JLA was formed by the American government to combat threats to America and, if needed, take down the Justice League. The members were chosen based on how their abilities can combat the League.
  • Kid Hero: Being 17 years old, Stargirl is the youngest of the team. She still has braces.
  • Legion of Doom: The Secret Society of Super-Villains.
  • Mission Control: Amanda Waller.
  • The Mole: Justice League #20 reveals that Justice League recruit, the Atom is a mole for A.R.G.U.S. and the JLA to spy on the Justice League and learn their weaknesses. However, it is later revealed that she's really a double agent working for the Secret Society, or rather the Crime Syndicate, as Atomica.
    • Green Arrow took on the identity of the Dark Hunter to infiltrate to Secret Society of Super-Villains. He was found out and was nearly killed when they sent a trio of robots on him.
    • In issue 3, Catwoman infiltrates the Secret Society because she is the only member with a criminal record.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Vibe just started out as a superhero when the JLA is formed and barely knows what his powers can do. Downplayed by Stargirl, who despite being one year younger than Vibe, has been a hero several months longer than him.
  • Power Nullifier: The Secret Society's leader can disrupt Martian Manhunter's telepathy.
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits: Not long after the JLA is formed and everyone meets each other, they are sent on their first mission without any training.
  • Spin-Off: The seeds for a government-sponsored super team were planted back during Justice League #7 before coming to a head following the Atlantean invasion. Justice League of America continues plot threads from the parent series involving Steve Trevor, Green Arrow, and the Secret Society.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Catwoman, who is a known cat burglar. Her membership is kept private from the public.
  • Wham Episode: Issue 4 has Dr. Light gaining superpowers and Catwoman being shot in the head by the Secret Society's leader. However, issue 5 reveals that it was actually Martian Manhunter disguised as her and he easily regenerated from the wound.
  • Written-In Absence: Simon Baz was absent for the first four issues because he was off planet.