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Characters / Red Riding

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West Yorkshire Constabulary


Det. Insp. Maurice Jobson

Portrayed By: David Morrissey


Asst. Ch. Cst. Bill Molloy

Portrayed By: Warren Clarke


Asst. Ch. Cst. Peter Hunter

Portrayed By: Paddy Considine


Det. Supt. Bob Craven

Portrayed By: Sean Harris


Det. Ch. Supt. John Nolan

Portrayed By: Tony Pitts


The Yorkshire Post


William "Bill" Hadley

Portrayed By: John Henshaw


Jack Whitehead

Portrayed By: Eddie Marsan


Edward "Eddie" Dunford

Portrayed By: Andrew Garfield

  • Amateur Sleuth: He's a fresh young reporter at the beginning of his career.
  • Anti-Hero: Eddie is an arrogant, naïve, sometimes callous womanizier who's far too ambitious for his own good. Despite this, he does want to make a difference and unearth corruption.
  • Embarassing Nickname: Jack Whitehead gives him the disdainful nickname of 'Scoop'.
  • Intrepid Reporter: He's a born journalist who refuses to give up.
  • The Rival: To Jack Whitehead, although the rivalry is soon pushed to the side in favor of the larger crimes that need uncovered.


Barry Gannon

Portrayed By: Anthony Flanagan

Other Characters


Father Martin Laws

Portrayed By: Peter Mullan


John Dawson

Portrayed By: Sean Bean

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