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  • Molly Hayes in Runaways. Especially when written by Joss himself:
    Molly: Why aren't you awesomed by me!?
    • Another example by her:
    Molly: Put the thing in the thing!
  • In an issue of The Avengers, when they raid an A.I.M. facility:
    Spider-Woman: Watch out! They've got guns and stuff!
  • In the first issue of Babe, a comic book by John Byrne, the narrator talks like this in acknowledged homage to Blackadder.
  • In the hilariously over the top Doom comic Doomguy utters this immortal line when he sees some Cacodemons.
    Doomguy: Sweet Christmas! Big-Mouthed Floating Thingies! It's always something!
    • The very quotable
    Doomguy: You are huge! That means you have huge guts!
  • Ultimate Spider-Man, as most of its main characters are teenagers, is prone to this.
    Mary Jane: And thus ends the tyrannical tyranny that was my life.
    Peter: What kind of goofy goofball lunatic thing are you doing now, you goofball goofy goofnut??
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  • Seen a bunch with the third Blue Beetle.
    Eclipso: You stink of science, not magic!
    Blue Beetle: And you stink of... evil stink? Evilosity? Banter. Sucks. So much.
  • The sort-of pixie-like Preservers in ElfQuest apparently can't help but replace even simple words with ones smashed together from others. The silk they spit is "wrapstuff", elves are "highthings", humans are "bigthings", someone who's sleeping is "stillquiet"... This extends to the names of anyone who's not a Preserver, e.g. Dewshine, a blonde elf, becomes "Sunnygold Highthing" (despite the name being not that different from Preserver-names like "Petalwing" or "Berrybuzz"). Often they don't even use those names consistently, but make up a new one every time they refer to the same character. Preservers are also Third Person Persons. In short, they sound extremely ditzy.
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  • Mainly from Empowered in the Meta breaks—and occasionally in the main story as well.
  • The Scott Pilgrim series is chock-full of this. "There's a thingy over there." "A thingy?" "A door.", "You're not going to the thing"?, "Scott, look out! It's that guy!", etc.
  • Sweetie Belle to Queen Chrysalis in #4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW):
    Sweetie Belle: And you'll never be able to take away Twilight's magic, she's a bajillion times the... magical... pony... thing... you are!
  • In My Little Pony Micro Series Issue #3 Rarity refers to a hammer as a "whack-a-nail-into-the-wall thingy".
    • The Hippie Ponies refer to their all-natural health and beauty products as "Goops for Stuff".
  • In an issue of X-Men, Angel’s healing blood is being transfused to some of his teammates who have been crucified. Nurse Annie expresses her worries during the process noting, "Your healing thingie isn’t replacing your blood as fast as I’m draining it.”
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  • King Shark from Secret Six:
    King Shark: Enough talk! I'm a shark, not a... talking guy!
  • Ms. Marvel (2014) in Infinity Wars (2018)
    I've got her—uh, the purple one!note 
  • In Superman Smashes the Klan, the Bravermans aren't quite sure how to explain Clark's flight and Heat Vision to the sheriff.
    Kyle: H-He floated up in the-
    Mrs. Braverman: The Bible calls it levitation-
    Kyle: He levitationed up in the air!


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