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  • Advice and Trust: Touji is guilty of this. In chapter 8 he tries to talk about his friend and Asuka behaving as a couple:
    "You two. It's too weird, watching you and the Red De-... er, Soryu-san be all... couple-y.
  • Child of the Storm vacillates between this, Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and Sophisticated as Hell on a regular basis, partly because the author was a (very well educated) teenager in the first couple of years of writing it, and partly because he's a self-admitted massive Buffy fan. Harry, the main character, is somewhat prone to it, while the Deuteragonist, Carol, is definitely prone to it. Especially first thing in the morning.
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  • Doing It Right This Time: In chapter 2 Touji is explaining how he and Hikari got together: "It was a few days before everything got weird and explody and..."
  • Scar Tissue: In chapter 11 Touji thinks that Kensuke is better than him in "all that talky-feely stuff".
  • My Immortal. "Voldemort got a dude-ur-so-retarded look on his face."
  • In Forward, Jayne has a moment like this when he worries Simon will unleash his wrath on him.
    Jayne: He's gonna... gonna doctor at me.
  • King Superman: Both the characters and author seem to use these from time to time, particularly the word "scorpiony".
  • At one moment in the Mass Effect RP, "The Council Era", krogan Overlord Tikrog Kurvok makes use of buffy speak when referring to coffee, saying, "Give me a stimulant drink, to go. With extra energizer thingies." Kurvok repeatedly talks this way throughout the storyline.
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  • In the fanfic "Princess", Julien describes female lemurs as having a "thing that looks like a... thing". According to Word of God, there are very few ways that are both in-character and PG-rated to describe an enlarged clitoris. He goes on to say that they "don't have the... other things, and they do have the... girl things".
  • The four are occasionally prone to this in With Strings Attached, either because of vocabulary failure, deliberate humor, or simple laziness.
    • In a Shout-Out to Help!, Ringo calls the Vasyn “the thingy.” (George calls it “the Big Pink Job,” hence the subtitle.)
  • In the fic Presidential Initiation, America tries to explain who he is to the president... and does a really bad job of it as he says things like "I'm a national aromatherapy persecution or whatever the hell it's called!" Also used is the term "people/nation thingies."
  • The Doctor's Doctor has the Thirteenth Doctor rather wryly resorting to Buffy Speak to explain something to John, which also constitutes as a Call-Back:
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: When the Book Transporter returns in a Batman crossover, it shows a paint job and the words "bat-thingy" on its side.
    • Also, we get this line from Dr. Brainstorm later on:
    "Prepare to succumb to my awesome power, you... not genius person!"
  • In A Kingdom Divided, Rainbow Dash lapses into this when drunk:
    I’ve… never… like… told her… stuff… you know, that stuff I should’ve told her…
  • Characters in Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure frequently lapse into it when attempting to describe something that the author doesn't know the proper word for.
  • Shows up fairly frequently in Game Theory. Mostly Vesta, but Fate and Arf get in on it occasionally as well.
  • From Overlady:
    Louise: That was... ah, the thing. The thing that did the thing with... with the stuff.
  • The World of the Creatures has the trope namer herself as a character. At one point Buffy berates her Diplodocus as a, "stupid dinosaur, with its...dinosaur-ness."
  • In scuttlebuggy crash victim, Karkat not only forgets that bins exist, but what they are called.
    "Jesus, fuck. I need some kind of receptacle for this shit. Some sort of implement for containing things you don't want all over your floor. Why hasn't something like that been invented yet."
  • Stephanie Brown in Angel Of The Bat is a Methodist, and as a result has some trouble describing Catholic concepts to Cassandra when she's the only one willing to teach her about religion.
  • In the Jeeves and Bertie Wooster fanfic "Slippery Fingers", Bertie refers to Jeeves' duties as "valet-ing".
  • In Harry Potter and the Marauders of the Mind Draco and Snape claim that if Harry screws up a particular ritual it could start a Zombie Apocalypse.
    Harry: Why does everyone keep saying that? I never had any plan to turn anyone into a zombie or an inferi or any other kind of lurching dead thingy.
  • In The Snow Has Stopped The Rain, this exchange happens:
    Rukia: Is this your inner world?
    Ichigo: Yes, but it isn't usually this...naturey.
  • Since Yang in Soul Hunter doesn't have any context for what to call a shihakusho, she ends up calling Ichigo's outfit a black...robe thing...
  • In the Naruto/RWBY crossover Veritas Aequitas, some characters have a new way to refers to their stealth skills.
    Naruto: I am a ninja! Fear my ninja-tude!
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story adaptation "A Haunted Christmas", Duncan McSmurf chides with his friend Tapper that he would rather see Tapper alone with Smurfette in the tavern doing...well, "intimate things."
  • In the Legacy Series, the new Green Arrow, Jon, has a moment of this when he mangles his Badass Creed:
    “I am the shadow that stalks the night. The danger that haunts the whatever from deep within the thing."
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!:
    • Izuku is flying by the seat of his pants when asked to give a speech to his entire first year class, resulting in this line:
      Izuku: All of us can show off Wisdom, Wonder, Mystery, and Entropy if we just put our minds to it. A-And if you ever think that justice isn’t working, then all you have to do is… is justice harder!
    • Mirio compares the sensation of punching Izuku to, "punching the walliest wall to ever wall."
  • In The Web Of The Spider Man, Peter is a Hero-Worshipper for Tony Stark. Learning that Tony was now a superhero just made things even better.
    Peter: The fact that Tony Stark was now a literal super hero? That just made it ten times better! He was like that old WWII Hero, Captain America, but just... science-ier!
  • The hero of Freakin Gensokyo has raised Buffy Speak to an art form. Half of everything that comes out of his mouth is a some form of Buffy Speak. Referring to nodding as a "wobbly head response" is the least of it.
  • In My Master Ed, because Hohenheim has lived in a desert his whole life, he calls Ed's gloves white slim hand-shaped cloth-sacks.
  • In Athair Ron starts having prophetic dreams.
    Ron: I had another one! Another dream!
    Harry: The- like with the- the... thing?
  • When the Brush Hits the Canvas: Link finds himself baffled more often than not, so he relies on this trope for sone descriptions:
    • Ravio's pet is described as a "bird... mouse... head... thing".
    • Queen Oren in her bloated form is described as a "HUMONGOUS green... female... thing".
  • In Harry Potter and the Rule of Three Susan spanks Hermione while the latter is masturbating.
    Hermione: Umf. Good. Wow. So much


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