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Runs the all-time loser
Headlong to his death
Oh, he feels the pistons scraping
Steam breaking on his brow
Old Charlie stole the handle
And the train, it won't stop going
No way to slow down"
— "Locomotive Breath", Jethro Tull

In The Shuffling Madness is a Blog horror story, written by Foolamancer, that takes place within The Fear Mythos. It follows the story of Archibald Donald Sullivan, Junior, a bitter and acerbic old man who adopts the pen name "Locomotive Breath" and starts uploading files from his collection of stories about the mythos in order to better prepare others who might run across the same beings.


That doesn't last long.

But Locomotive Breath's actions have drawn the attention of the Fears. Aqualung is stalking him, devouring his archives and stealing his memories. The Cold Boy has left his mark. EAT has taken a personal interest. And something is leaving cryptic messages about The Archangel scratched onto the back sides of mirrors...

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