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The Fire Blogger is a Facebook Internet personality. He is a snarky TV reviewer, and tears several shows he considers overrated apart. The first show he riffed is The Middle. His blog used to be exclusive to tearing each episode of The Middle a new one, but he appears to have broadened his horizons to making fun of Kidz Bop and awful "Weird Al" Yankovic-style parodies from the Westboro Baptist Church.


There are a few speculations about why he is called the Fire Blogger. Some think that it's because of his real name (Jack Phoenix), but he insists that it's because he puts himself through "Entertainment Hell" and that there is "plenty of fire in Entertainment Hell".

You can find his material here.

According to him, Facebook Notes stopped working on his computer, and he has recently started releasing his riffs to That Guy with the Glasses. Of course, his blog is in the blogs section, rather than the articles.




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