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  • Taking a long time to defend Homeschooled Kids, after The Middle took an unfunny Take That! to said Homeschooled Kids.
    • Especially considering there was no research behind The Middle's said Take That!. Knowing that, of course, makes Fire Blogger's long, epic Take That! against bigoted public school parents even more awesome.
  • His long post in which he disowns Asalieri and Busy Street is a Crazy Awesome lecture thrown at Asalieri, pointing out that even though he makes fun of The Middle's fans, he doesn't go on IMDB to make fun of them there, get his posts deleted, and then banned from the website. He also acknowledged that Busy Street, using their favorite search engine, could probably find his post and make fun of him for it, and he risked a long flame war just so that he could call Asalieri out, and defend TV Tropes.

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