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Believe it or not, when Griffin McElroy first started composing music for The Adventure Zone, he was worried that fans wouldn't like it; but it's quickly become one of the most beloved elements of the podcast, and for good reason.

The Crystal Kingdom
  • "Crystal Kingdom", sung by Maureen Miller, Lucas' mother throughout the arc, is a hauntingly beautiful tune enhanced by its Vocaloid singer.
  • "A Far Friendlier Robot" is a quiet, kindhearted tune that really gives off a vibe of gentle innocence, serving very well as the theme tune for N0-3113. And it gets an absolutely tearjerking reprise during her Heroic Sacrifice during Story and Song.
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  • "Robot Rematch" is a quick theme with an almost sinister undertone, perfectly fitting for the boys rematch with their previously defeated foes Magic Brian, Jenkins and Marvey, now in robot bodies.
  • "A Candlenights Miracle!" is a great send-off for the arc, feeling like both a wonderful Chri—Candlenights carol and a triumphantly peaceful come-down after all of the craziness of the arc.

The Eleventh Hour

  • "No Dogs on the Moon!", a cheerful, bouncy tune that perfectly sets the tone for adventuring downtime. (Complete with dog bark sound effects!) During the Beach Episode of "The Stolen Century", it gets a guitar-based cover in "No Dogs on the Beach!".
  • Roswell", leitmotif for the character of the same name, goes hand in hand with the Western feel of the adventure.
  • "The Purple Worm" from the adventure's climax is suitably tense and exciting for the ending to such a dramatic arc. It sets the mood perfectly. It gets a Triumphant Reprise when the Purple Worm comes back to defeat one of the Judges in the finale.
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  • "The Diary of Sheriff Isaak starts off quiet and builds up in exact sync with the story. The ending combined with Griffin's narration is enough to give anyone chills and it's timed flawlessly.
  • "The Clock Strikes Noon (Apocalypse)" is a short but badass track built around the sound of a clock striking noon. The tension of the song makes the already awesome ending of the arc's second episode that much better.
  • "The Chalice" is a somewhat melancholy piano track, playing between scenes of them scanning through their life as they see things that could've been changed. In The The Adventure Zone Zone, Griffin mentions it being one of his favorites.
  • "Disrobed", the music that plays as Magnus discovers the drawing of himself as a Red Robe; incredibly mysterious and building up to a beautiful peak, the song is absolutely perfect for one of the biggest reveals in the show.
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  • The unidentified song that plays when Julia appears in Magnus' flashback in episode 48 is simple but breathtaking, compounding what was already a massive Tear Jerker of a scene.note 

The Suffering Game

Journey's End (Reunion Tour, The Stolen Century, Story and Song)

  • The eponymous "Reunion Tour" is a slow, atmospheric song that sets the scene of the calm before the storm preceding the final arcs. If you listen carefully, you can hear strains of a Lunar Interlude.
  • "Assault on the Moon Base" is a frenetic banger that perfectly captures the tension of this arc. And the addition of the vocal elements give it a somber feeling reminiscent of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Valley Forge.
  • "The Capital City brings together the mechanical refrains of the TAZ Nights theme and a Dark Reprise of "Reunion Tour" that plays as Lup begs the other heroes not to destroy the TAZ: Nights world to stop the Hunger from getting it.
  • "No Dogs on the Beach!" is a guitar-based reprise of and Call-Back to "No Dogs on the Moon!".
  • "Parley" is a slow, ominous reprise of the intro theme that doubles as John's Villain Song, playing as Merle engages in conversation with the Hunger.
  • "Cabala", by Mort Garson, is a truly haunting and otherworldly organ refrain, instilling a visceral sense of dread. Perfect for the theme of the godlike Judges.
  • "Forgetting" perfectly captures the desperation of the Red Robes losing their memories, including snippets from "Wonderland: Round Three" and highly reminiscent of "Reunion Tour".
  • "Lucretia" is a heartbreaking reprise of "Madam Director".
  • Voidfish (Plural), by Rachel Rose Mitchell, is a haunting song based on the Voidfish's "E.G.G.B.A.B.E." refrain that plays over scenes of the people of Faerûn being inspired by Johann's "March of the Forgotten" to fight back against the Hunger.
  • The Starblaster is an intense, fast-paced beat, mixing together the themes of "Assault on the Moon Base" and "Disrobed", that plays during Davenport's masterful piloting of the Starblaster against the tendrils of the Hunger as they try to enter it and cast Lucretia's spell.
  • Lucretia (Reprise), a triumphant version of the Director's theme playing over Tres Horny Boys charging in one last time against the Hunger to let Lucretia finish her spell and seal it off for good.
  • Julia by Reeder is a beautifully warm soft piano tune that plays when Magnus reunites with his wife Julia in the afterlife. It's a real Tear Jerker.
  • Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant by Mort Garson, the final song of the final episode of Balance. It's a beautiful, ethereal tune that accompanies the Voidfish's search for a new planet to inhabit in the Distant Finale, and gives perfect closure to the arc.


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