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Drinking Game / The Adventure Zone: Balance

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Drinking Game Index

It goes without saying: drink responsibly! With that out of the way...

Take a sip when:

  • You laugh out loud at someone's joke
  • Someone makes a joke relating to penises, dildos, or masturbation
  • Someone uses something which only exists in the real world to explain something in the game world
    • Take a second sip if Griffin creates an in-universe justification for this (e.g. Craigslist is a literal list made by a gnome named Craig)
  • Someone makes a joke involving a nonexistent check (e.g. a “zestiness check”)
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  • Travis/Magnus begins a sentence with “I rush in and”
  • Taako casts Magic Missile
  • Taako’s cooking, cooking show, or quest to create the taco is mentioned
  • Merle casts Zone of Truth
  • Clint/Merle uses or references the Extreme Teen Bible
  • Clint/Merle references Pan
  • A monster or enemy explodes, is fully or partially bisected, collapses into uncountably many pieces, or otherwise faces the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle at the hands of the party
  • The party’s blatant stupidity/recklessness is mentioned
  • Anyone rolls a natural 20
  • Griffin forgets how one of his characters is supposed to sound
  • Griffin does a character voice silly enough to get a laugh out of someone in the party


Take two sips when:

  • You laugh out loud at something that was only unintentionally funny
  • Someone tells a joke involving a character’s name
  • Someone mentions that Travis and Magnus have become indistinguishable
  • Taako steals something
  • Merle casts Zone of Truth without the spell succeeding
  • Merle or Taako casts Charm Person
  • Anyone rolls a critical miss
  • Griffin unexpectedly makes someone in the party roll a constitution or dexterity saving throw
    • Take a gulp if he makes the entire party do this
  • Any of the three players complain about character voices
  • Clint tells a joke that makes Griffin uncomfortable
  • LGBT themes are explored
  • The players refer to their roommate as “Pringles”
  • The party does something rude to Angus
  • The party does something almost certainly lethal under the justification that they'll be revived anyway.
  • Killian does something very aggressive
  • Davenport says his own name
  • Julia is mentioned
  • Upon a second, third, etc. listen to an episode, you notice Griffin foreshadowing something
    • Take a gulp if it's something big. Finish your drink if it's something big and you're kicking yourself for not noticing it the first time you listened.

Take a gulp when:

  • An episode ends on a cliffhanger
    • Finish your drink if it ends with at least one party member literally hanging off of something
  • A major character dies
  • Someone laughs for more than five consecutive seconds (enough to disrupt the flow of the podcast)
  • A player does something which makes an intended challenge much easier than it otherwise would have been. Take a second gulp if this player is Justin.
  • A Grand Relic directly results in multiple people’s deaths
  • Red robes make any appearance. NOTE: DOES NOT APPLY DURING THE STOLEN CENTURY
  • Someone’s name is a portmanteau of two common names (e.g. Craigory)
  • Magnus tears or cuts someone or something’s arm off
  • Magnus suggests slapping another character
  • Merle actually heals someone
  • Any party member goes below 0 HP
  • Griffin begins a sentence "I'm talking about [plural noun] like" when explaining either a sponsor or something related to the Maximum Fun Network
  • Justin bears witness to Clint doing something silly
  • The Adventure Zone fan community is explicitly mentioned
  • You get the Fantasy Costco theme song stuck in your head

Finish your drink when:

  • A Grand Relic is destroyed
  • Taako first uses the line “ABRAKA – FUCK YOU!”
  • Klarg makes an unexpected appearance in Goldcliff during the Petals to the Metal arc
    • Finish two drinks when this happens in the Live Boston Stunt Spectacular
  • Justin/Taako monologues about choosing the mongoose mask
  • Garyl is summoned
  • Merle loses his arm
  • Magnus sees himself as a Red Robe


  • Take two sips of water whenever someone mentions children watching the podcast.
  • Almost take a sip, then reel away in disgust, whenever someone mentions inoculation.
  • Classily take a gulp every time Madame Director swears.
  • Take a gulp for every second you spend laughing after Taako trades the Slicer of T'pire Weir Isles for the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom.
  • Mournfully take a sip every time someone fails to resist the thrall of a Grand Relic.
  • Set down your drink and contemplate your life choices every time the podcast becomes particularly dark.
  • Die of alcohol poisoning starting at the 89 minute marker in Lunar Interlude V Reunion Tour Part Two.
  • Take a double-strength shot and slam the glass in Lunar Interlude V: Reunion Tour Part Two when Lup is revealed as Taako's twin sister.
  • Cry yourself to sleep when Hurley and Sloane transmute into a tree. Or when Magnus' backstory is discussed in The Eleventh Hour. Or any time a world is consumed during The Stolen Century. Or when the Red Robes sans Lucretia lose their memories. Or whenever you feel like it.
  • Check yourself into an ER if you finish two episodes while playing this game.

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