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The Player Character/The Fledgling

  • The first crowning moment of awesome is undoubtedly the PC single handedly assaulting a Sabbat warehouse and proceeding to blow it up. The fact it was obviously a suicide mission LaCroix intended to use to dispose of the PC only makes their next encounter all the sweeter.
  • The confrontation between Gimble and the PC is its own moment of awesome. A human serial killer encounters the ultimate predator.
  • The player character slaughtering their way through Chinatown when they finally put down Ming Xiao once and for all. The fact that you finally get payback for the way she's treated them this entire game is extremely enjoyable.
    • The player character on their Matrix-esque assault through LaCroix's forces up until the final confrontation when you kill his Sheriff is just one long moment of awesome. It's one of the few games that imitate a player's typical reckless but awesome in-game planning.
  • Admit it, the Malkavian PC name dropping the Yama Kings and the Demon Emperor of the Sixth Age to Ming Xiao as a Take That! to her "Cainite superstition" mocking is just awesome.
  • A subtle one occurs when the PC finally confronts LaCroix for the last time and he tries to Dominate you into doing his bidding. Up until this point, the PCs have been helpless but to do as the Prince commands. Having killed their way through half of Los Angeles' supernaturals, the PC just shrugs off LaCroix's final command. This leads to LaCroix's Villainous Breakdown.
    • Various theories abound to why the PC is able to do so. This include the PC's Generation going down, them raising their willpower off-screen, and other more esoteric explanations.
    • Then there's this:
      Malkavian: (to Lacroix) Give you a massive chest wound? My pleasure! (stab!)
  • All of the endings are awesome in their own way except the LaCroix and Kuei-jin endings. However, the Independent deserves special mention. Having been used as a pawn by everyone in Kindred society, the player character simply flips off the Anarchs when they try and recruit him. It's the best if you're Ventrue. You're from the line of aristocrats, and you reject Lacroix, the Camarilla in addition to the Anarchs. Watching a Malkavian give Nines the bird is fairly awesome in its own right, too; under normal circumstances, their insanity would compel them to say something either straight out of Cloud Cuckooland or downright Axe-Crazy, but tonight, the voices all come to the same conclusion: Fuck the Kuei-jin, fuck the Anarchs, fuck the Camarilla, and most definitely fuck LaCroix. Regardless of clan, remember that Caine himself told you the path you chose is the path of the lone wolf and legends. The one person you didn't tell to fuck off was the father of all vampires himself, because he had your back.
    • The ending where you join the Camarilla and become Strauss' second in command is an awesome ending, because Strauss is more or less a Reasonable Authority Figure, at least as far as vampire politics go, and has generally treated the player far better than LaCroix ever did.
    • The Anarch ending deserves a mention too; after spending the entire game being pushed around and plotted against by LaCroix and Ming Xiao, you and the rest of the Anarchs successfully drive the Camarilla and the Kuei-jin from the city and you personally get to kill Xiao. The kicker? The sarcophagus that ends up blowing LaCroix to smithereens was planted by Jack (an informal member of the faction) all along.
  • The assault on Hallowbrooks Hotel by wiping out the Sabbat that have been plaguing both you and the neighborhood, is very satisfying.
  • During the werewolf chase scene, the player can lure the werewolf onto the observatory and kill it by crushing it to death with the doors. After the Lupine had been hyped up as pretty much invincible, it is really satisfying to do (and you can get extra experience from doing so as well).
    • Not to mention the amount of XP you get is the highest you get in the game from a single act. It is as if the game itself acknowledges the awesomeness of your feat.
      • Even better, as of patch 8.0. you can kill the werewolf manually. Dealing aggravated damage (you can use Tal'Mahe'Ra Blade, Flamethrower, Torch, Protean Discipline to deal aggravated damage), having a large number of trinkets and elder vitae is required to get the job done. When you do it, it makes you feel like you are the greatest vampire in Los Angeles.
  • On a different note, the final levels can really give this vibe, depending on the clan. It feels especially satisfying for a Toreador who's had to deal with other Kindred talking down to them or taking potshots at their clan to show the entire city how much ass a "vainglorious, narcissistic poseur" can kick in one night.


  • The game is a Gambit Roulette by the last person you'd expect. Jack is behind a multiple stage plot to overthrow the Prince. Setting up a fake sarcophagus with C4, Jack manipulated both the Kueijin and LaCroix factions into wiping each other out. It's so impressive that Cain himself decides to help him out. Pretty amazing for a guy who looks like a drugged out Hell's Angel.
    • The fact he has a front row seat to watching the show with the Ankaran sarcophagus' resident only helps the awesome.
  • When the player is attacked by the Sabbat during the tutorial, Jack shows that There Is No Kill Like Overkill by killing off the two Sabbat vampires. How does he get rid of the first one? He slashes the vampire's neck, stabs him in the back, and breaks the vampire's spine over his knees, right before activating his Potence discipline and sending the second Sabbat flying.
    • The tutorial itself may be one for Jack. In between serving as one heck of an Establishing Character Moment for Jack and all his funny comments, it's one of those video game tutorials most players want to play every time through, which is rare in and by itself (the 2 XP you get for it do not hurt either, considering how rare it is in this game).

Nines Rodriguez

  • He gets two in the game:
    • The first one is when he rescues your PC after they are ambushed by the Sabbat and beaten up. Nines manages to intimidate three Sabbat not by his sheer badassery but by pointing out he has a grenade in his pocket. When one of them tries to attack him anyways, he one-shots them dead on the spot before they lay a finger on him or you.
    • The second Moment of Awesome is when he made it out of Griffith Park alive and apparently rips a Lupine's head clean off. Keep in mind that while you can also kill a werewolf, you're only able to do so with the help of the heavy hydraulic doors of the Griffith Park Observatory. Nines was bowled right off a cliff by the one he fought, and had to face it in a one-on-one fight. Beyond that, you made it out of the park and back to your Santa Monica haven in time for the sun to come up mostly because Jack came to help you. For Nines to have survived, he not only managed to kill a werewolf, but he did so fast enough that he also managed to secure himself a safe and dark place to enter into torpor for the day.
      • Just as the cherry on top of the awesome cake, he brought the Lupine's head back to the Anarch Stronghold as a trophy.

Maximillian Strauss

  • There's a reason the Malkavian PC calls Lacroix the "Jester-Prince" and Strauss the "Wizard-King". The Camarilla ending shows why.

The Taxi Driver

  • The revelation of his true identity as Caine, The Father of All Vampires. It says a lot about the character that this is the profession he's chosen.
    • If you're a Malkavian character, there's a good chance that upon realising this your character flips out and is reduced to screams and whimpers of "Oh god oh god oh god oh god!". Caine lets you get it out of your system before continuing.


  • E and Lily gets one if you blackmail and shame the latter. Horrified by the things her frenzy drove her to do, she begs you not to tell E, certain that she'll lose him for good if he finds out. She can't pay you but will do anything if you keep it a secret. When you can't get anything useful from her you have an option to tell E everything. His response is to suggest that you shove it. And Lily makes it clear that while you rescued her, she's not grateful and isn't afraid to tell that in your face. Two of the weakest characters in the game and they gets to look down on you.


  • The dialogues you get from the Nosferatu NPCs are all made of awesome. Special mention to the way Gary Golden greets a Toreador PC during their first meeting:
    Gary Golden: (unseen, while the PC is trying to make him show his face) You're used to getting what you want, aren't you, handsome. People just love your charisma, your face. They eat your words up like the rats eat the cheese in the trap. Oh, boss, where do you think you are?
    Gary Golden: (after revealing himself) Boo!
    Player Character: You are the most offensive and obscene thing I've ever seen.
    Gary Golden: En garde, Toreador. You vainglorious, narcissistic poseur! How I loathe that determination of your kind to belie your true nature with Paris fashions and pomp. You are a dead thing - a creature of the shadows. Start acting like one.
    • Heck, Gary gets under the skin of a Malkavian, mocking them and saying maybe he's just another of the voices in their head. It's the only time a Malk will be so annoyed, they'll talk normally, with a "Where. Are. You?"
  • Then you have this, which is a subtle Badass Boast:
    "You get 'em, boss! You give 'em one for Gary! If you should survive and need any information, come back and see me. I'm always here... and everywhere..."

Ordinary Humans or Ghouls

  • Believe it or not, Stanley Gimble, whom you speak to in the first bounty hunter sidequest while looking for Carson, has one in his backstory. You learn that rather than just modeling, he also provides prosthetic limbs. No, that's not the awesome part. The awesome part is that he's so dedicated to his work that when he realized that his prosthetic limbs were sub-par, he decided that his work would only improve if he knew what it was like to have to use he deliberately cut off his own arm and replaced it with a prosthetic, just to improve his work! Of course the awesome is mitigated slightly by the fact that he's also a horrible serial killer who lures people to his lair to slice them up for limbs.
  • You wouldn't expect it from Knox Harrington of all people, but Knox can pull a fast one on the player if the player doesn't have a high enough Inspection statistic. You know that story Knox gives you about the Asian dude who keeps stalking him and freaking him out, which is what eventually leads you to kill an Asian vampire in the Foxy Boxes store? That's actually a lie. The Asian dude wasn't stalking Knox; Bertram Tung asked Knox to plant you that story to trick you into removing a spy that was getting in Bertram Tung's way. So if you don't figure that out, you've just been tricked by an idiot! Surely a moment of awesome on Knox's part; not so much for the player.
    • On the other hand, if you do see through him (and point it out), he suddenly gets a whole lot smarter. Keep in mind, before he was turned into Tung's ghoul, he was the best bail bond bounty hunter in L.A.
  • This is a mostly off-screen example, but Romero's been fighting off zombies for most of his "ghoul-hood", before you ever show up. That's no small feat for someone who isn't as powerful as a vampire.note 
  • Another off-screen example, but if you get the Astrolite by reasoning with the head thug using persuasion, seduction, Domination, or Dementation, rather than killing all the thugs as Mercurio wanted you to, then Mercurio eventually tells you that he killed them all himself to get the payback he wanted.

Troika Entertainment

  • The development team gets a big crowning moment of awesome for creating the game. Not just because it's one of the best role-playing games of all time but the fact that it also manages to make atmospheric the 2nd Edition world of Vampire: The Masquerade. By that point, the sheer amount of silliness had seriously watered down the horror vibe of the game. However, everything was included in the game and didn't remotely detract from the horror.
    • For example Kindred of the East in all their other dimensional glory, a member of the Nagaraja sect from Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand, and even a fucking wereshark!
    • After the company got shut down, a number of developers stayed on to make the official patch. Just because they didn't want the game to have all the many glitches it had on launch. Talk about Doing It for the Art.
  • The game's voice acting is all-around superb, with natural but extremely nuanced performances that greatly enhance the experience. You can really tell the voice actors chosen were both very talented and very well-directed. Such nuances include, but are not exclusive to:
    • Therese/Jeanette's voice actress being able to convincingly convey two radically different personalities, sometimes simultaneously.
    • Nines' voice actor being able to convey the difference between real Nines and Ming Xiao's imitation of Nines with his performance alone.
    • The cabbie's voice actor slowly transitioning from a standard American accent into a classic Dracula-esque accent the longer the game goes on.
    • VV's voice actress being able to toe the line between false flattery and honest admiration so well that players to this day aren't sure how genuine VV is actually supposed to be.


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