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Developers Foresight / Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines acknowledges many of the player's actions:

  • Max out your disciplines before asking Beckett for advice at Venture Tower, and he'll comment on how rare it is for a vampire to master their disciplines so soon instead of giving you advice and another dot in one.
  • When Jeanette asks you to slash some paintings and steal a donations box, you can comply and carry it out as normal, but since you're stealing from a charity, you'll lose humanity. If you refuse initially, Jeanette will re-affirm it's going directly to the vampires, and not to an actual charity, removing the "wrong" factor and thus the humanity loss attached to it.
  • The hated sewer level actually has chances to leave before completion, if the player is willing to explore a bit around the sewers. There are two doors that lead straight to the Hollywood sewer system, and can be used to go back and forth to the surface for blood refill/needed supplies.
  • It's possible to find two future boss fight characters, the serial killer and the wereshark, respectively hanging out in their human forms in a couple of restaurants. Attacking the former results in him assuming his war form and most likely killing you horribly. Attacking the latter just results in a fight with a stronger than average human that is entirely possible to win invoked bypassing the later fight with him entirely. It also grants less XP and a humanity loss.
  • The quest Replanting A Lily is a great example. The obvious solution is to send a girl from Asylum to the blood bank, but if you hold off on the quest you can instead send the annoying Masquerade-breaking ghoul Patti, killing two birds with one stone. Or you can avoid Humanity loss completely by sending the dismembering serial killer Gimble, which also saves you the trouble of having to fight him yourself. OR, if you are a Malkavian/Ventrue, you can use Dementation/Domination against him to make him forget.
  • During LaCroix's briefings, if you lose Masquerade points before talking to him, he will in some instance chew the player character for violating the Masquerade. If you only have one Masquerade point left, there is a special line in which he says that you'll be in big trouble if you only do it again once.
  • In addition, if you have a low Humanity, LaCroix will tell the Fledgling before the museum mission not to kill anyone. The Fledgling can then express disappointment.
  • The Malkavian playthrough changes everything from basic dialogue and interactions to adding a whole suite of unique, Malkavian-only interactions that change based on how you perceive the world as a complete, stark raving madman. It really adds a huge bonus to the game, and makes for an interesting second playthrough.
  • One of the cooler little touches is when starting a new game during the intro you'll see player characters from any previous saves in the audience. This isn't even a case of using default models as the characters are in later game armor if you were wearing any.
  • If the player moves one of the cameras around in the abandoned hospital Downtown, the view on the corresponding monitor will change in real time to whatever the camera is pointed at. Pointing the camera at its monitor results in a "hall of mirrors" effect just like one would get with a real camera and monitor, although it's only a couple of layers deep. One can even set the camera up so that Pisha appears on the screen.
  • You'll never have a practical reason to, but if you return to Tawni Sessions' apartment after the completion of Imalia's first quest, you'll find the door closed off with police tape.
  • With the plus patch, if you managed to persuade the Gargoyle into helping Isaac, and/or if you managed to talk the Serial Killer out of vigilantism and told him to go to the Last Round after your confrontation, they'll be helping to guard the Anarch Stronghold during the Anarch endgame. note .
  • After returning from Grout's mansion, you can go straight to LaCroix or you can go to the Last Round first and speak to Jack and Skelter about seeing Nines at the mansion. Doing so only before speaking to LaCroix will earn you extra dialogue, in which Skelter fervently denies Nines' guilt and Jack expresses skepticism but encourages the PC to just do what they need to survive.
    • If you managed to find Kent Alan Ryan's remains and picked up his driver's license, you can give it to Skelter and report Kent's death.
    • If you speak to Skelter about it first, then go to speak to Jack, Jack will ask what the big commotion with Skelter was about. This is an entirely unique line you wouldn't see if you'd spoken to Jack first.
    • Similarly, if you don't talk to Jack at all until the mid-game, he will comment, half-amused that you didn't remember to talk to him for so long.
    • If you follow Nines' advice after Santa Monica and go visit him at The Last Round before going to see LaCroix, LaCroix will comment that he knows you went to see the Anarchs before reporting to him.
  • You can actually pick the lock to the fence keeping you out of Bertram's hiding spot in Santa Monica long before Therese and/or Jeanette tells you where it is. It takes level 5 lockpicking skill to open it, however, so it's unlikely you'll be able to get in at that point in the game unless you pour most of your experience into lockpicking. But if you do, Bertram won't be there and you'll even have the opportunity to snoop on his computer that would be turned off otherwise.
  • If you have high computer skills by the time you rescue Barabus from the Fu Syndicate, you'll be the one hacking into their computers in order to delete their research on Kindred. If you don't, Barabus does it instead.
  • If you manage the quite difficult task of defending Zhao from the Tong without him dying, not only is it recorded in your journal that you managed to save him, but you can report such back to Wong Ho. Zhao also has a unique ambient line afterward warning you to hurry if you want to save Barabus.
  • There's a terrified human girl, implied to be a teenager, found in the foyer of the crackhouse that serves as the HQ of the Brotherhood Of The Ninth circle. She's mostly there for exposition and to top up your blood supply for the fight you're about to have, disappearing once you've cleared the questline along with the doorman, Jumbles. She may seem of a sad case of Killed Offscreen, but if you're fast enough, you can actually catch her fleeing the building in fear after you trigger the zombies upstairs to spawn.
  • Reading Ginger Swan's entry in the celebrity database computer allows you to retrieve the snuff film tape from her grave without having to speak to Isaac about her first.
  • Attacking the gumball machines in the Diner or Red Spot will cause them to break, which they will remain for the rest of the game.
  • Knox is initially placed just outside the hospital so that, if you decide to go there before speaking to Mercurio, you will still learn about Ghouls and thus will know how to save Heather. However, if you haven't spoken to Mercurio and bypass Knox by taking the hospital's back door and lockpicking your way in, you'll have no option to give Heather blood when you speak to her, as your character has no way of knowing about the healing factor of vampire blood.
  • If you have a very high disposition with the Anarchs and chose to side with them in the end, you can actually return to the Anarch Stronghold between the final two missions and report to Nines that you disposed of Ming Xiao. He'll have unique dialogue congratulating you on your success.
  • During a mission for Isaac, a contact is implied to have been dragged into the sewers and killed. If you go down there to investigate, you'll see blood splatters on the wall that weren't there before you spoke with him, and more distressingly, a severed arm that presumably belonged to him.
  • You can deliver the severed arm weapons to Pisha as a "snack", for which she will pay a small fee in return for.
  • If you play as Nosferatu, two characters in the plague quests will mistake you for Brother Kanker, the Nosferatu Ninth Circle member. You can also interrupt Imalia's bitter tirade about how the player has no idea what she's gone through by pointing out that you do, in fact, know pretty damn well what she's gone though, which she will halfway concede.