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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Episode 09: Sekai kneeing Makoto in the nuts. HARD!
  • Episode 12: Sekai stabbing Makoto.
  • Still in Episode 12: Kotonoha parrying Sekai's knife and then launching her own Finishing Move.
  • In Cross Days, Yuki calls Sekai out on everything she's done to Kotonoha when no-one has bothered to call her out on her manipulative ways. Because of this, she can't get with Makoto in any of the endings.
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  • Also in Cross Days, what does Yuki do when he meets Makoto for the first time? He punches him in the face and calls him out for cheating on Kotonoha with his harem.
  • Another one in Cross Days and only applies to Yuki's true route. Makoto finds out that Taisuke has been gang-banging and blackmailing Yuki, who is "Yu" at the moment. He stands up to the rapists and is called out for playing with girls' hearts. Makoto announces that he only loves Yu and won't let anyone hurt her, even if it's his best friend. He gets beaten up as a result, but Makoto breaks his friendship with Taisuke and stays with Yuki.
  • And another Cross Days one in Yuki's true route when Makoto was willing to run across the train tracks to get to Yuki. However, he wouldn't make it, so Yuki jumps in and saves them both from being killed. This game just generates these moments when concerning Yuki.
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  • In the path where Yuuki decides that the best way to resolve the love triangle is to blackmail Sekai by taking pictures of her naked after he accidentally knocks her out, he is stopped at the last minute by Setsuna jumping down the balcony to kick him in the face. Afterwards, this leaves him to be positively terrified of her.
  • In the Cross Days manga, Yuki is about to throw himself in the path of a train after he not only finds out that Makoto is with both Kotonoha and Sekai, but Kotonoha harshly calls him out on the Yu thing. And then Roka goes Plucky Girl and pulls a Diving Save, tackling him away and saving his life, and later they stay together. Again, Yuki either is a CMOA machine or he inspires others to be awesome.
  • Kotonoha's Big Sister Instinct moment in Summer Days. When she finds out that Makoto had been putting the moves on her (underaged) sister, she clobbers him over the head with her father's golf club. And this is Kotonoha we're talking about.
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  • Makoto in the entirety of the "All Hers" route. To clarify, Taisuke and Kotonoha are dating, but she breaks up with Taisuke because she still loves Makoto, and can't give up on those feelings. She and Makoto start to get along again. But Taisuke shows up the next day, bummed about Kotonoha breaking up with him, which causes Nanami and Hikari to spread nasty rumors about Kotonoha, getting the girls from the sport clubs to bully and threathen her to stay away from Makoto so Sekai can be with him. They also help Otome and her posse bully Kotonoha, tipping them about the lunchbox she made for him, which prompts them to knock it down and step over it, causing Kotonoha to break out in tears. When Makoto hears about all that, we see him enter the mother of all Tranquil Furies, call Nanami and Sekai out on their actions, and warn them that if they keep this up, he will get angry, which makes Nanami realize how much she just screwed up things for the one person she wanted to help, then stopping Kumi from slapping Kotonoha before calling Otome out on her treatment of Kotonoha, outright putting a stop to all the bullying Kotonoha's been suffering. There's a reason why this is regarded as Kotonoha's happiest ending.
  • Conversely, the finale of the "I Love You" route. In this route, Makoto dumps Kotonoha for Sekai very early on, and Kotonoha reacts extremely badly. She decides the best way to win him back is with sex, and starts seducing him so aggressively that it'd qualify as sexual assault, if not rape. The VN does a very good job of making the player feel just as helpless as Makoto in this situation; there's no way to avoid multiple sex scenes with Kotonoha once this route's been triggered, leaving you to watch impotently as Kotonoha totally ruins Makoto's relationship with Sekai. After enduring through two whole episodes of this, however, Makoto finally manages to stand up to Kotonoha, shoving her across the room when she tries to rape him in his own bedroom, and the next day at school, Makoto and Otome give her a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech which finally, finally makes her back down. Yes, Otome. It's extremely cathartic to watch Kotonoha break down as the pair call her out on her craziness. Then Makoto manages to make up with Sekai (with Otome's blessing), but that's a different trope.
  • In Shiny Days, Kotonoha kills Makoto and Kyouichi for forcing sex on her sister Kokoro. With a katana! And then she sets the building they are in on fire and gets both herself and Kokoro out]]. Bonus points for being the first time that Kotonoha put an end to Makoto.
  • Despite what the the anime and Cross Days manga may tell you, Makoto can keep his sexual urges in his pants, if he really wants to. If Makoto stays extremely faithful to Kotonoha the entire time up to the fourth episode, he may spend time wandering around campus with Otome during the school festival. They eventually stop at a balcony where they watch the sunset together. After musing that they're both tired, Otome will bring up the "break-room" (a room that, earlier, had been described as a special place where couples could go and spend some "alone-time" together). Once Makoto catches on to what Otome is after, he turns her down. Immediately. No. Scratch that. He runs. That's right: Mr. Makoto-Anything That Moves-Itou actually can refuse a woman's sexual advances. Not only that, but his expression strongly implies that he's horrified at the prospect of cheating on Kotonoha.

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