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Moral Event Horizon / School Days

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Almost everyone in School Days crosses this at one point or another.

  • Makoto Itou:
    • In the visual novel, you are the one controlling Makoto's actions. This means that many instances where he crosses the line in some paths can only be initiated by you, the player.
    • In the anime, tongue-kissing Kotonoha in front of Sekai to brutally hammer the point home that they're through... while she's (supposedly) pregnant with his baby!
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    • In Cross Days' manga adaptation, when he attempts to rape Roka.
    • Averted in the School Days manga, where he wises up and tries to defuse the love triangle before things get too out of hand. Unfortunately for him, Kotonoha's already gone mad with jealousy by this time, resulting in events spiralling out of control anyway.
  • Sekai Saionji:
    • In the anime, murdering Makoto by stabbing him over and over with a kitchen knife in the bloodiest way possible. It only counts because the way it's carried out is Disproportionate Retribution for simply being a major asshole. Other than that, it's more forgivable than the others' atrocities, since at least she has a valid excuse for it.
      • However, if one choses to take Kotonoha's word that Sekai was faking her pregnancy, this makes Sekai's actions slightly more reprehensible, because not only did she lie about being pregnant to get Makoto to stay with her, thus ruining Makoto's sex life (not to say that he didn't deserve it), but this means that she murdered him not because he was abandoning her with a child, but because he rejected her and if she couldn't have her, then no one could. Especially not Kotonoha, who she tried to murder during their confrontation on the school roof.
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    • In the manga, killing Kotonoha and then taunting Makoto about it when he finds out, justifying it by saying Kotohona's Attempted Murder meant she couldn't be allowed to live. And sure, Attempted Murder is bad, but given that Makoto clearly did not wish revenge on Kotonoha despite everything, it's a telltale sign Sekai's gone off the deep end.
  • Kotonoha Katsura:
    • In the anime, severing Makoto's head from his dead body and showing it to Sekai on the rooftop before murdering her as revenge. It is a good indicator of just how crazy she has become.
    • In the manga, she nearly crosses it by attempting to kill Sekai. Its only when she accidentally slashes Makoto that she realizes what shes doing and stops. Sadly, its too late for her to take it back as Sekai goes insane from the shock and murders her in revenge.
    • In one ending of the visual novel, she attempts to strangle Makoto after he accidentally slits her palms after she killed Sekai by slitting her throat. After she comes to her senses, she realizes how bad she's become and even has a Heel Realization.
  • Taisuke Sawanaga:
    • Raping Kotonoha during the School Festival, taking advantage of her Heroic BSoD. This happens, in part, because of the "advice" he gets from Otome.
    • There's also a few routes of Cross Days, where he and his friends gang-rape Yuuki, who was a friend of his from middle school. It gets even worse in the "Licentious Beast" ending, where they keep Yuuki as a sex slave.
  • Natsumi Koizumi, Kumi Mouri, and Minami Obuchi:
    • Taking advantage of a school tradition to tape couples have sex... and then show the footage to the whole school, just for the lulz. The victims include: Sekai's friend Nanami, who gets taped and exposed by them while having sex with her sempai and boyfriend and has her reputation completely ruined among the other students., and their supposed friend Otome who is seen having sex with Makoto in that same place (which lets Sekai know that Makoto's cheating on her now), AND whose feelings they then ignore again by having sex with Makoto just for the hell of it, right after the whole festival mess.. note 
    • In one of the visual novel routes, we also have them cornering Kotonoha, knocking down and stepping over the lunch she made for Makoto with LOTS of effort, and laughing over it. Not only that, but they even plan to treat her worse and at some point corner her to beat her up. Again, depending on your actions, Makoto can stop them, which triggers either one of Kotonoha's happiest endings (if he does) or one of Sekai's worst endings (if he doesn't).
  • Otome Katou: Bullying Kotonoha out of sheer jealousy and, in one of the routes, manipulating Taisuke into committing his aforementioned Moral Event Horizon via telling him that "girls like rough men in bed and they play protest-pretend while at it".
  • Nanami Kanroji and Hikari Kuroda: In the one of the routes, they helped Otome and her posse with their bullying of Kotonoha by spreading rumors about Kotonoha being a "pheromone girl", and were also the ones who tipped the 4 of them about Kotonoha's lunchbox so they could step over it as mentioned above. They also plotted to have the entire sports club help them make Kotonoha even more miserable. All to drive Kotonoha away from Makoto so Sekai could be with him. It backfired spectacularly on them, however, in which it ends up jeopardizing Makoto and Sekai's friendship as a whole, since Makoto's own Berserk Button was bullying and they pressed it to the core.
  • All of the previously mentioned MEH moments can't even compare to all of the things pulled by Tomaru Sawagoe, Makoto father: This... man is the main reason for Makoto's bad habits. His other insidious actions include impregnating his cousins, his sister, his nieces, his daughters, AND his granddaughters (And oftentimes the victims are more than one of the above); drugging (and almost certainly raping) his daughters so he could impregnate them when they were as young as FIVE, causing almost everyone in the 0verflow universe to be related in one way or another; outright admitting to Makoto that he will steal all of his conquests for himself for shits and giggles; and simply being a horrible parent. To makes things worse, most characters who cross the line are normally punished for their actions or have some redeeming characteristics. Tomaru? He's a sociopath who often get's away with what he's done. This guy is so despicable, so smug, so outright unpleasant, that even Makoto himself hates his guts. He is, without a doubt, the most loathsome character in the 0verflow universe, let alone School Days.

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