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Awesome / Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem

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  • Some of the feats from your childhood and background are quite impressive.
    • Dealing with your carriage being attacked by bandits is quite the accomplishment no matter what you do, from turning them against each other to rallying your guards to attacking them with nothing but your fan.
  • With enough conversational skill, you can deflect Avalie's Stealth Insult-laden banter right back at her, earning yourself some major points with her.
  • At the Matchmaker's Breakfast, Lord Blain causes an "accident" with some fruit juice, staining your dress and forcing you to leave early. Should you be on good terms with Gisette, however, she manages to arrange for the same to happen to Blain before you've even left the room. With hot chai. Somewhat unsettling, but still quite satisfying.
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  • After the Matchmaker tears you apart completely in your first meeting, successfully getting her to acknowledge your worthiness as a delegate in the second meeting is extremely satisfying.
  • During the horseback ride in week two, the player character's horse runs away with her. Depending on your choices up to that point, Hamin or Zarad can ride to her rescue, catching up and pulling her onto his own horse before hers can throw her to her death. If she has high enough affection with them, both of them come to save her in a bit of flawlessly improvised teamwork. Best yet, if you manage to pass all the relevant skill checks, it's possible for the protagonist to save herself before any of the guys can even get to her.
  • Managing a perfect success when hosting an event is almost always amazing, particularly during the third week. The midnight picnic, for example, can become a magical evening featuring kites with lanterns hung on them; on the other hand, with the right stats at high enough levels the player character can totally own the Onvu tournament.
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  • All previous successes pale in comparison to acing the trial in week four. There are quite a few paths to success depending on various different skill sets, but perfect success requires an intensive investigation to discover the true perpetrators of not one but two murders, the insight to put all the pieces together, and the sheer powers of persuasion and eloquence to convince everyone of what you've found. Pulling it off is an enormous undertaking which sees even Gisette and Blain voting in your favor (though for the latter, you have to present a perfect case; otherwise Blain votes against you out of spite) and earns you massive amounts of approval from nearly everyone, for very good reason - and you do it all almost completely by yourself, within the space of a single week.

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