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Tear Jerker / Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem

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  • In your first meeting with the Matchmaker, expect to be torn to pieces. She pulls no punches in laying bare your each and every flaw, dismissing what strong points you have and generally making you feel like an absolute, total failure.
  • Like Princess Anaele, Ria immediately takes a liking to you, and requires only a little encouragement from you to develop an obvious crush. Unlike Ana, Ria isn't anywhere close to being your peer, and she knows it. She barely considers herself worth your attention, but part of her clearly hopes for it anyways.
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  • The various love interests' graceful but wistful acceptances if you raise their romance scores and then choose someone else (or no one) at the end of week 3. They wish you well and are quick to agree to friendship, but several of them are still fairly clearly hurt. The official love interests, that is. Some of the secret love interests' reactions might just be more like Nightmare Fuel.
  • Week five of the extended demo provides another chance for you to get killed if you're playing Challenge Mode. This time, your love interest arrives just in time for you to die in their arms while they plead desperately with you to stay with them. Every character's lines here are heartbreaking - especially Hamin's, which imply that the character is going to commit suicide so that you can be Together in Death.
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  • In week four of the extended demo, someone is framed for murder, and it's Imogen, the sweet-natured maid you may have met on the way to Clarmont's invitation in week 1 and who either you or Sayra saved from the advances of a nobleman in week 3. She's in tears when you meet her to prepare for the trial, and she isn't even sure what's going on. There's also a subtle implication that she's being railroaded into a guilty verdict so that the messy affair can be resolved quickly.

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