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TV Series

    Episode 6: The Mysterious Rider 
  • When Shinji finally gets to be the cool one for the first time, saving an injured Ren from Volcancer.
    Episode 17: The Grieving Knight 
  • Thanks to his Copy Vent card, Raia uses it to copy Ryuki's Strike Vent, giving us a double Strike Vent blast from the two despite Gelnewt avoiding the finisher.
    Episode 19: Rider Gathering 
  • In general, the fact that there were three Riders against Gai while simultaneously also having the fight between Zolda and Ouja.
  • For those that despise Shibaura, seeing Asakura use him a Human Shield, actually outwitting said manipulator, and ultimately being the one to finish him off could be this, especially with how angered Shibaura came to be in the betrayal.
    Episode 24: Ouja's Secret 
  • Knight Survive's debut: Tezuka, the man who gave Ren the Survive Shippu card, took a direct hit from Ouja's Final Vent. Buying time for Shinji and Tezuka to run away, Ren slowly draws the card as, true to its name windy gales blow through the Mirror World. Ren loads the card, transforming his visor to the Dark-Visor Zwei, and takes out the Dark Blade as he changes into Survive Form, his flowing cape billowing in the wind. He then proceeds to completely decimate Ouja, even using his sword as pseudo-Power Nullifier by shattering Ouja's Strike Vent before it materializes, and probably would've finished him off for good were it not for the Mirror Monster getting in the way.
    Episode 28: Time Vent 
  • "When you see gold feathers, punch behind you": Shinji just relived the entirety of the Rider War, unable to do anything to change it. On the last day, he fills his entire room with post-it notes to well, When you see gold feathers, punch behind you, all to make one big point.
    • And there's Odin's reaction. While the punch didn't hurt him, it did manage to shock him since he never expected Shinji to know where he'd teleport. And there's the fact that he actually hit him since Odin's Teleport Spam meant he's hit a total of three times in the main series.
    Episode 34: Friendship's Battle 
    Episode 35: Enter Tiger 
  • The first time we saw Dragredder turn into Dragranzer, and then into the most awesome Cool Bike ever.
    Episode 36: The Battle Ends 
  • The first time Ryuki fights Ouja in his Survive Form: While Ouja had the upper hand throughout the fight, the table was flipped when Ryuki decided to use his Survive Form. Seriously, Ryuki Survive just cancels out Ouja's Metalgelas-based Final Vent with nothing but a LITTLE swat from Dragranzer's tail. Granted Ryuki is in Survive Form but it makes you wonder how much Shinji has grown until this point. If not for his compassion, he could have ended Asakura right there and then, not unlike Ren's Survive Form debut before.
    • After that, we get a glimpse of Kamen Rider Tiger's ability and fighting style. Out of nowhere, Ouja's Genocider was frozen and Ouja was dragged by Destwilder along the ground. While Ouja could escape from Destwilder's grasp, he was ended up knocked unconscious from the blow. Several episodes after that, Asakura marks Tojo in his hit-list. It just shows how much Tojo had surprised and vexed Asakura enough to gain his attention, despite his petty and pragmatic trick.
    Episode 40: Memories Of An Older Brother & Younger Sister 
  • A 7-way free from all, from Knight vs. Alternative Zero on a Final Vent clash, to Ouja vs Tiger, and ends with with Imperer's monsters joining the fight and Zolda, and Survive Mode Ryuki. Truly awesome.
    Episode 43: The Hero Fights 
  • Kitaoka firing out Asakura and Tojo out of the Mirror World while the two were still clashing.
    Episode 46: Tiger's A Hero 
  • When a Rider goes up against Kamen Rider Ouja, they can never put up a decent fight. Such is not the case with Tiger. He is disarmed of his Wolverine Claws, but still fights with his axe, being one of the few Riders to resort to using their Weapon Visor. He attacks Ouja with Destwilder, who counters with Metalgelas, and freezes Venosnaker just as Ouja prepares to use his special Final Vent. Tiger forces Ouja to resort to using the weakest Final Vent after having no Cards left to counter, and still lived to tell the tale... until his Heroic Sacrifice.
    Episode 49: Granting A Wish 

Movies & Specials

    Kamen Rider Ryuki: 13 Riders 
  • When Knight sacrifices himself by jumping in the way of Verde's Final Vent, instead of lying down and dying, he immediately gets back up and Final Vents him right back. He is clearly injured the whole time, and dies soon after.
    • Which is then followed by a now deck-less Shinji picking up the now user-less Knight deck, using it (going straight into survive in the process) and then either getting into a massive rider battle royale (which is basically everyone unloading their Final Vents onto him, or destroying the source of Mirror World, escaping in the process, depending on which of the Multiple Endings you go by.
    • If you consider the possibility both endings were other timelines created by Shiro's Time Vent. It means that in the former ending Shinji was able to survive the fight and possibly escape and in the latter ending he managed to steel his will and continue to fight. In the end causing the Rider War to prolong in both timelines and force Shiro to use Time Vent again since it was stated Shinji is the reason the war keeps resetting.

    Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode FINAL 
  • The battle between the main four Riders and Femme.
  • Ryuga entering in Ouja and Femme's fight, where he then beats down Asakura and destroys Genocider with his Rider Kick as said Contract Monster was trapped by Dragblacker.
    • Afterwards, while Ouja was in Blank Form, Femme then takes the opportunity to shatter his deck. Even as he disintegrates, Asakura attempted to drag Miho with him before he screams and disappears.
  • Ryuga's "fight" with Femme simply has the former beating up the latter with little to no difficulty. He demonstrates how little of a threat she is by turning his back on her in the middle of the fight before summoning Dragblacker to smash Femme through pillars.
  • Ryuki VS Ryuga: No flashy moves or the usual Toku camp; It was just Shinji against his copy who was a pale imitation of the real thing, in a brutal fistfight. It ends when Shinji, having been punched all the way back to the building, gives a wordless challenge by simply drawing the only card in the entire fight: The Final Vent. Ryuga responds to his challenge to settle once and for all who the real one is, ending with a Rider Kick showdown that ends with Shinji slamming Ryuga to his alleged death.
  • At the end of the movie, Ryuki and Knight transform automatically into their Survive Forms as they and their Monsters head off against the swarms of Hydragoons.

    Kamen Rider Ryuki: Ryuki VS Kamen Rider Agito 
  • Ryuki copying Agito's finisher move while he and Agito finish off Mirror Agito.