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TV Series

    Episode 1: The Secret Story's Birth 
  • Shinji in Blank Form. He manages to summon his new sword, goes charging at the monster like a badass... and gets flicked aside, his sword broken.
    Episode 2: Giant Spider Counterattack 
  • Shinji smashes his head on the portal window he didn't go through.
    Episode 3: School Ghost Story 
  • Ren billing Shinji for the damages Yui caused by shattering the building windows, gradually increasing throughout the series which includes Shinji being "annoying".
    Episode 5: The Monster's Antique Store 
    Episode 9: Shinji's Arrested!? 
    Episode 11: The Mysterious Empty Train 
  • Due to Ren having amnesia, Shinji tries to cover for him when people who've had a grudge against him for how horribly mistreated they were come to beat him up.
    Episode 14: Revival Day 
  • Kitaoka gets a call from Reiko about a supposed date between them. ON the way, he hears a Mirror World noise and prepares to transform near the elevator, only for it to open, revealing Ren and Shinji, whom the latter finally realizes his Rider identity.
    • Shinji's reaction to seeing Goro well himself: he hugs him knowing that he's fully OK. Kitaoka calls out on Ren for using Reiko to stage this chicanery against him, only for Ren to rebuff that Shinji might be a better person than them. Kitaoka becomes disinterested and he and Goro take their leave. Shinji then asks about Kitaoka, wanting to retaliate him, which Ren responds to him that they left.
    • Kitaoka seeing the photo of himself that he gave Reiko crudely doodled humiliatingly and taped to his car. His reaction is priceless as he tries to aggressively take it off, showing that not only was Reiko entirely in on Ren's plan, but she also took the opportunity to do this while Ren was patronizing Kitaoka.
    Episode 16: Card of Destiny 
  • Shimada's seething anger at being called second-rate by Shibaura.
  • Shinji becomes tired to being a bowling pin mascot, then Jun shows up to chastise him for slacking off. Shinji becomes offended but Jun tries to burn his Dragreder card again with his lighter, to the former's panic. Jun then joyfully toys with him as he prepares to do so before Ren arrives. Ren tells him to burn it so they have one less rival, yet Jun then deduces that he's also a fellow Rider.
  • The look on Jun's face as Shimada's virus program on him works against him, followed by an unconscious Shimada smiling.
  • Jun's Oh, Crap! reaction once Ren throws his sword at the Dragreder Card to give to Tezuka, thus losing his leverage against Shinji.
    Episode 17: The Grieving Knight 
  • Tezuka telling Jun's fortune that bad luck would await him. Jun just scoffs it off, only for the next scene he's in to be surrounded by cops for his murders. He replies that the prophecy was sort of right.
  • As Shinji tries to comfort him on the grounds that he didn't murder Jun, Ren then screams in anguish.
  • Jun changing the topic while he's getting interrogated, to the officer's dismay.
    Episode 19: Rider Gathering 
    Episode 26: Zolda's Assault 
  • During a fight with a Abysshammer, Kitaoka had injured his hand earlier and couldn't use his cards to summon Magnugiga's equipment, so he asks Shinji to use his cards. Shinji thinks that he'll be able to use Kitaoka's stuff for the first time and is quite enthusiastic about the idea. He inserts the card and Magnugiga's shoulder cannons looks like it will be equipped onto Shinji, only for it to stick on Kitaoka instead. Of course Shinji is disappointed and tries again, only for Magnugiga's shield to land with Kitaoka again. Kitaoka explains that they are his cards and is essentially just using Shinji's Drag Visor to summon for him. When Shinji uses the advent card to summon Magnugiga, he shoves Kitaoka (who is already heavily armored) and uses Magnugiga to shield against the mirror monster. Kitaoka is surprised that Magnugiga can even be used as a shield. Then they both finish off the monster, with Kitaoka expressing his disbelief about Shinji's strategy and Shinji being content with his clever strategy.
    Episode 27: The 13th Rider 
  • Shinji having his deck stolen by a young boy throughout most of the episode.
    Episode 28: Time Vent 
  • The Chief being exasperated at all the markings Shinji made all over the office.
    Episode 29: Marriage Interview Battle 
  • Earlier in the episode, Reiko was followed by a man. Shinji decides to attack the man... who is no other than Goro while knocking himself out in the process. We then see Kitaoka and Goro with make-up on their face (in Shinji's dreams, fortunately), promptly causing Shinji to scream and wake up.
  • The dispute between Shinji and Kitaoka while they and Ren were transforming.
  • Reiko has been kidnapped. Hilarity Ensues when Shinji, Ren, and Kitaoka decides to investigate:
    • First, they suspect a man for being the suspect. This leads to:
    • Pretty much everything that Shinji and Ren did to have a look at the house of the man. At first (when Shimada becomes the decoy), it was Shinji clinging on the fence. Later when Yui takes over the decoy role, Ren takes a look... by having to stand on Shinji's back. Then, both decides to cling on the fence... this time with kids watching them. Eventually, they decided to become wise and decides to take a look from a nearby staircase with binoculars.
    • Several ways of Yui looking for (presumed) kidnapped Reiko and Shimada includes checking the house's food cupboard, trash bin, and even oven.
    • Pretty much the entire part after Shimada gets kidnapped. The best part is when Kitaoka inadvertently punches Shinji in the head with his deck, which causes Shinji to stomp on Kitaoka's foot once they transformed.
    • When Shinji and Ren takes a look from the staircase, Kitaoka calls both of them telling that the man is not the suspect. He calls them while doing a handstand.
    • Afterwards, they suspect that a lady is the true suspect, so Shinji decides to investigate by pretending to be a salesman to get into her apartment. Once he enters... Kitaoka is already there with basically the same plan. Cue the doorbell ringing, and REN entering in exactly the same getup as Shinji. It gets even funnier when the two of them pretend to be selling random pieces they swiped from the café, and then smugly look at Kitaoka and ask what he's got... and he whips out his business card.
  • The end of the episode where the three Riders as well as Yui, Reiko, and Shimada having lunch while having an odd convesation.
    Episode 30: Zolda's Lover 
  • Kitaoka's former bodyguard Megumi is an absolute ditz, constantly misunderstanding everything and clumsily making life harder for everyone. The comedic potential is endless.
    • First off, there's her clumsiness being the cause of Shuichi firing her, like an instance wherein she accidentally throws a plate into the air and splatters spaghetti on his face. This later ends up saving her life from a Mirror Monster when she accidentally splashes hot ramen on it.
    • Megumi shows why Kitaoka even considered her despite being horrible at domestics: She was a damn good bodyguard. When meeting with Gorou, he throws her high heel into the air and curbstomps five different mooks... Before the errant shoe lands on Gorou's head.
    • Then there's her date. When Kitaoka finds out she's dying from a terminal disease (Like him), he decides to date her. When he gets interrupted by a Mirror Monster, he does a hilarious transformation, posing with a silent henshin. And then, the clincher, Kitaoka went through all this bullshit to find out in the end that her disease was just a misunderstanding. When he finds out, he drops his cellphone in dumbfounded disbelief.
  • Ren agreeing to force Kitaoka to date Megumi in hopes of the lawyer dropping out of the Rider Fight.
  • The Chief telling Shinji, Reiko, Kitaoka, and Goro that Megumi's their new employee at ORE Journal. Coupled with Megumi echoing "Let's get along!" and the four's priceless reactions.
    Episode 33: The Mirror's Magic 
  • As Shinji becomes shocked that Megumi believes she knows his secret, as it turns out she thought said secret was that he was a magician, going by the magic trick performance she made.
    Episode 35: Enter Tiger 
  • Shimada and Megumi swiftly squabbling in the restroom as they prepare themselves to look fashionably. As Reiko left to continue her investigation, as he failed to get her attention, Kitaoka is confronted by Shimada and Megumi, who promptly take him and Goro to a karaoke bar. As Goro sung alongside with the ladies, Kitaoka layed down exasperated by the situation.
    • Not long after, Ren walks to Kitaoka's home with the intent of fighting him, only to find that nobody's home. Ren also became dismayed at finding out about Asakura getting captured by the police.
    Episode 39: A Dangerous Sign 
  • Kitaoka telling Reiko that the Rider War she's been investigating was nothing but nonsense and tells her to do something more senseworthy. Cue Reiko being vexed and eventually finding a baseball, leading her to whack baseballs at a baseball field.
    Episode 40: Memories Of An Older Brother & Younger Sister 
  • Ren, Kagawa, Asakura and Tojo are fighting off a horde of Zelles (from Imperer, who was hiding in the bushes nearby) that interrupted their brawl. From the side, Kitaoka notices all of them and decides to unleash his Final Vent to take them all out. He lampshades the fact that it's been a while since he's done his incredibly cool finisher... before a Zelle knocks him over the bridge and beside a very confused Ren.
    Kitaoka: *Slots in Final Vent* It's been a while since I've done my incredibly cool finisher- GAH!
    Ren: *Sees Kitaoka crash onto the streets, stares at him while a horde of zelles is attacking him* Kitaoka?
    Kitaoka: ... Yo.
    Episode 42: Room 401 
  • Shinji, Ren, Kitaoka and Asakura confronts each other at Room 401. while the 4 main characters discussing about the current event the discussion somehow leads to Kitaoka accusing Shinji as a terrible person, Kitaoka then ask Ren did he think Shinji is a terrible person in which Ren answering (maybe with an intend to troll Shinji) that yes he think Shinji is a bad person. Shinji even unconsciously agree with Ren's opinion at first (maybe because he think that Ren will side with him.) The very next moment where Kitaoka take a votes between him, Ren and Asakura is pure gold.
    • In the first vote, Kitaoka ask everyone in the room to raise hand if they think Shinji is a bad person. While Ren and Kitaoka raise their hands, Asakura did not raise his hand in which Shinji assume that Asakura think he is a nice person. with Asakura answering that he just didn't take interest in the vote. (Shinji still feel touched for it anyway).
    • Then in the 2nd vote, Kitaoka ask those who think Shinji is an idiot to raise their hands. like the first vote Kitaoka and Ren raised their hands immediately, at this moment Shinji think that Asakura will side with him again (or wouldn't take an interest) ... however this time Asakura actually raise his hand in agreement that Shinji is an idiot (with a parameter describing the full agreement). Shinji's moment of hope crumbling into devatation at this scene is priceless.
    • After this, while grumbling about how everyone think he is an idiot, Shinji met Sano on the street and while they're chatting, he ask Sano's opinion that did he think Shinji is a terrible person (and an idiot) or not. Sano only replying with that he think Shinji is a really kind person, ironically while Shinji is happy with Sano's answer... he didn't realize that Sano indirectly also confirmed he is an idiot by diverting the answer.
    Shinji: I a terrible guy ?
    Sano: No way senpai, You're kind.
    Shinji: Right...but, you know...just a bit...No, just a little I an idiot ?
    Sano: No way, you're just a nice guy.
    Episode 43: The Hero Fights 
  • Sano's Humiliation Conga on his quest to find an ally. Shinji flat out assaulted him upon seeing him in the cafe (due to his betrayal). Then he goes to Kitaoka's house. Kitaoka also refuses his offer, but he decides sends him to meet another Rider. By another Rider, we mean Asakura.
    • Oh, and it gets worse when he met Asakura. First, he tripped down when he met Asakura after he (Asakura) beats up Tiger. Then, Sano gave Asakura a letter of introduction that Kitaoka wrote to Sano. What did the letter say? Fool, written in big, impossible-to-miss hiragana. Cue a massive Oh, Crap! for Sano once Asakura shows him the "letter", and he promptly ran away realizing that Asakura's probably going to kill him if he stays there.
  • Kitaoka snarking at Asakura and Tojo that they get along in the afterlife before shooting them with his Final Vent.
    Episode 47: Determination Of Battle 
  • Okubo greeting Shinji while telling him that he's helping out at the shop by letting Sanako use him as a stool.

Movies & Specials

    Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final 
  • After a ghost story-telling session at the teahouse, Grandma Sanako Kanzaki dresses up as a Nopperabou, scaring the bejeezus out of them...including Ren.
  • When Shinji meets Miho for the first time, she steals his wallet. But since all Shinji has is loose change, she decides to buy a drink. Once Shinji catches up with her, she says she didn't know and offers him the drink. Shinji believes it for about 5 seconds.
  • Pretty much the whole time Shinji and Miho were dating, which includes her tying his shoelaces.
    Kamen Rider Ryuki Special: 13 Riders 
  • Shinji attempts to find an ally with any other Rider. At one point he's nearly run over by Itsuro Takamizawa's limo. Next thing he knows, he's dragged into a conference room by three very tough-looking employees of Takamizawa's. When Shinji tries to protest this treatment, the same three very scary men step in. Shinji wisely decides that discretion is the better part of valor here.
  • Jun being a jerk to Shinji when he tries to ally with him.
    Kamen Rider Ryuki: Ryuki VS Kamen Rider Agito