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Episode 7: Friend Or Foe

  • Len senses two monsters. He takes out his Advent Deck... and then puts it away. The next scene is the monsters running into... an untransformed Len. Who proceeds to own them. It's also a prime example of Tranquil Fury - Torque had convinced Kit that Len was the bad guy, and so Len was just generally having a rotten day, and - going suitless made the fight better for blowing off steam. He's mostly silent and emotionless for the entire fight.

Episode 17: The Power Of Three

  • This is more personal than anything else, but the fact that they managed to slip a West Side Story reference into an episode and not lose any momentum. ("You're depraved on account of you're deprived?")
  • The newest bad Riders haul out their Transformation Trinkets... and Len snatches them out of their hands before they can use them, and proceeds to spend half the episode singlehandedly kicking their asses.
    • That fight shows exactly why Kamen Rider Dragon Knight received an Emmy award for Outstanding Stunt Coordination. Go see it; words do it no justice. (Fast-forward to 0:44 for the fight in all it's glory)
    • What makes it even better is what Len says after snatching the decks: "I know who you guys're amateurs."

Episode 19: Semper Fi

  • Sting's sacrifice, and his final, quiet "Semper fi" with his hand over his chest as his last words.
    • this only gets stronger when you've seen the equivalent in Ryuki, when Ryuki/Dragon Knight was the one saved, not Knight/Wing Knight.

Episode 21: Strike's Ultimatum

  • Strike is the second-strongest Rider after Wrath, with a higher body count to his name than any other. Axe is quite strong, and he and Spear combined have proven stronger than Dragon Knight more than once. So when Kit must face all three together with no help, what happens? He wins using his brains.
    • Not to mention tops it all off by viciously venting Spear, avenging Sting in the process.
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    • Also, Strike actually vented/killed more Riders than his counterpart Ouja.note 

Episode 28: A Dragon Caged

  • A non-combat but no less awesome one: Kit's escape from The Men in Black. Len and Kase ride to the rescue... and find out it's unnecessary. Kit escapes by asking for a glass of water (they use a plastic cup, not being stupid.) So he gestures while talking, "accidentally" spills it, then turns over the table partially, making it an obstacle to the agents as well as letting his Advent Deck slide down. He reaches beneath it to catch it, and by the time they get around the table, all they see is... his reflection in the puddle of water. In Ventara, Kit thanks them for the drink and walks away.

Episode 31: Xaviax's Wrath

  • Villainous one: Wrath vs. two Survive Modes. It ends with Len on his ass, and Kit... well.
    • Also, look closely in the fight. Len is the best Ventaran Rider, and though he gets to lock blades with Wrath, it's Kit who gets the most hits on him. Before getting knocked out of Survive Mode, he was able to knock around Wrath more than the man who taught him to fight. Note that this is Xaviax he's taking down. Had it not been for him pulling out his Teleport Spam, Kit would have actually Vented him.

Episode 32: Advent Master Returns

  • A black-clad Maya's debut as Siren.

Episode 35: A Hero's Fall

Episode 37: The Enemy Within

  • The entire battle between Adam and Len, from the producers of both this series and Kamen Rider Ryuki (there was some Ryuki footage and some original. All awesome.)

Episode 39: For Ventara and Earth Part 2

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Video Game

  • This game shows ALL of the Final Vent for the Riders, even ones that weren't seen in Dragon Knight or its parent show Ryuki. Most notable is Scissor's/Inscisor's which wasn't shown in either show, Odin's/Wrath's was shown in Dragon Knight.
    • Most awesome of all is Xaviax's 'Final Vent' where he teleports you into space with a Badass Armfold while having a Battle Aura, hits you with a bunch of red unknown objects, and then throws a dark version of Wing Knight's spear into your gut thus propelling you into a sun!


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