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Don't know what, what you say, don’t ignore me, listen

TV Series

    Episode 1: The Start Of A Trip 
  • The show has undoubtedly one of the more "CGI-to-death" fight scenes. Nevertheless, one must not discredit the very first battle where Takumi, forced to wield the Faiz Gear, simply does a side kick on the first Monster of the Week, and it falls apart.
    Episode 4: My Name 
  • Yuka's epic revenge against the Alpha Bitches who made her life hell.
    Episode 8: The Protector Of Dreams 
  • Kaido, Kiba's friend, had an accident that broke his hand and rendered him unable to play his guitar anymore. Yuka finds out that his professor had a hand in the accident, rigging his motorcycle so that the brakes won't turn on. Kiba goes and confronts the professor, who coincidentally is also the Owl Orphnoch, and the two duke it out all while Kaido plays the guitar to Yuka one last time. What Kiba says to the professor before his transformation is also epic.
    • Both Kiba and Takumi's pre-transformation speeches are perfect. Both them and the fight afterward are showed as Kaido plays his guitar, making them quiet, subdued moments that are no less epic than any of the other fights in the show, especially since Takumi's speech essentially becomes his defining trait
    Takumi: Did you know? When you have a dream, there are times when you get hurt, and times when you get really fired up... Or so I hear. [Flips out Faiz Phone] I don't have dreams. But I can protect dreams.
    Kiba: Did you know? A dream is a curse. Those who fail are cursed forever... Or so I hear. [Orphenoch trasnformation begins] Your sin... IS HEAVY.
    Episode 17: Takumi, Revival 
    Episode 21: Accelerating Spirits 
  • Faiz Axel's debut against three Orphnochs, destroying Scorpion while forcing Saeko to retreat and getting Aoki to go back into living as a human.
    Episode 25: The Dark Laboratory 
  • Hanagta's Big Damn Heroes moment by saving Takumi and Kusaka from Takuma and Saeko, who were transformed as Faiz and Kaixa respectively at the time, then resulting in the Lucky Clover members getting electrocuted by the hazardous belt just so the two Riders could get their Gears back.
    Episode 26: Enter, Delta 
  • Of course, try creating a hovering, rocket-powered bike without it! Delta's debut, when he breaks out the Jet Sliger against Faiz and Kaixa, has to be seen to be believed. The Delta powers are generally more awesome when in the hands of bad guys, in fact.
    • Actually, that's not Delta's debut, just the first onscreen transformation into it. But Delta's actual debut and its first actual user are themselves awesome. Up until she's shanked by Sawada before she gets to have an onscreen transformation, Saya Kimura, sweet and unassuming as she is towards the main cast, is an often overlooked awesome female Rider. That ominous scene where Faiz and Kaixa see an Orphnoch dying in flames while Delta looks ominously? That's her. Also, when she drives Itsuro away in fear. And her plan to pass on the Delta Gear? Infiltrate Keitaro's shop, and while her sweetness and nekojita trait weren't a facade, she does test Takumi on how he feels about power, knowing full well the addictiveness of the Delta Gear's. This being a Toshiki Inoue show, however, most female Riders seem to get the short end of the stick, so she gets robbed of her chance in the actual spotlight. Nevertheless, for this troper, Saya Kimura is arguably better than most of the later users of the Delta Gear, even Kitazaki.
    Episode 40: Proof Of Humanity 
  • Faiz Blaster Form's debut fight and finishing the Okra Oprhnoch off while also defeating the previously unbeatable Kitazaki, who then screams into a raging fit after escaping said fight.
  • The "triple henshin" at the end remains one of the most awesome moments not of the series, but of the entire Heisei era! It's perhaps one of the Signature Scenes one might think of with Kamen Rider in general.
    • This one takes context. The Riders of this series are very much not on the same page. On top of that, Takumi himself is suffering from a Heroic BSoD around this time. So he officially finally gets himself through it as he and the others put their differences and own agendas aside, and for the first time ever, the three Riders stand together, enter their transformation codes, and power up to do battle. It was quite a moment.
      • The theme song starts up as Takumi declares his intent to fight as a human, as Faiz. EPIC.
      • Also, the zoom on Takumi's hand flick. That flick made this troper shiver in awesomeness.
    Episode 41: Capture Commences 
  • Takuma getting back at Kitazaki by "accidentally" dropping him down the stairs, not even caring that the latter harms him afterwards.
    Episode 45: King's Awakening 
  • Kiba finishing Minami off after everything the latter had done in his five episodes.
    Episode 48: Masato, Dying A Glorious Death 
  • Kiba setting up Kusaka's death by using Mari as leverage for the Rider into a trap where the three Lucky Clover members defeat him. Then, after taking the Kaixa Belt from him, Kiba becomes Kaixa and snaps Kusaka's neck. Cathartic for those who despise Kusaka.
    Episode 49: A Sign Of Destruction 
  • Takuma getting revenge on Kitazaki for all of his bullying by repeatedly whipping him up until Teruo arrives and becomes the Arch Orphnoch to petrify and devour Kitazaki.
    Episode 50: My Dream 
  • The final group transformation with Takumi, Mihara, and Kiba.
  • Kiba sacrificing himself by holding the Arch Orphnoch so Takumi could finish both of them off. Of course, the Arch Orphnoch survives and at worst, ends up in a stasis tank.

Movies & Others

    Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost 
  • Keitaro's short-lived but awesome stint as Kaixa. Even better is that he lives through the ordeal as the belt disintegrates instead.
    • Faiz VS Psyga. A high speed chase using Faiz Axel Mode ending up in that stadium in a very exciting battle. How does it end? Right before Psyga bifurcates Takumi, Mari screams his name and tosses him his Faiz Edge. Takumi quickly activates it and blocks Psyga's Exceed Charge right before slicing into Psyga himself. Takumi then activates his OWN Exceed Charge, making the Faiz Edge grind brutally through Psyga as he finishes him off with a massive Sparkle Cut.
  • Faiz VS Orga was simply epic, as the brawl was fought in both their Rider Forms and their Orphnoch forms, and one of the bigger moments is when Faiz rider kicks Orga's sword, now charged into a Big Freaking Laser Blade, and it causes a freaking large shockwave that cuts the entire roof of the stadium and even some Orphnochs while they're at it!
  • Takumi and Masato have both been confirmed to reappear without being Fake Shemps in Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai extremely early, and one year later, we have Naoya being confirmed for a DVD special for Super Hero Taisen GP Kamen Rider 3. For one of the earlier Heisei shows, that's pretty amazing.
    • Now that it's out: Takumi was a major part of Kamen Rider Taisen and Kamen Rider 3 and the multi-episode Kamen Rider 4 special. Kusaka and Kaido got significant roles in Kamen Rider Wars and Kamen Rider 4, respectively. We're talking a mini-season-two in films that's reminiscent of (if not quite as big as) Den-O and Gaim! You'll be able to "Open your eyes for the next Faiz" for long after what looked to be the end.

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