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Headscratchers / Kamen Rider 555

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  • Why did Kaixa disintegrate when he died? He wasn't an Orphnoch, not did he die in a particularly Orphnoch manner.
    • He ran out of Orphnoch blood, the only thing that let him turn into Kaixa without disintegrating like the other users did, since he no longer had Orphnoch blood and transformed anyways, he died like the other users (who had little to none Orphnoch blood)
  • About the 20th anniversary movie, why could an antiquated version of Faiz beat both Muez and Next Kaixa? The movie (and many people) implied that it's because the new Riders could not "read" the old Faiz gear because it's, well, "old". The problem is Muez had killed old Delta by predicting its movements without any issue. Some others say it's because of Inui's great battle experience. Ok, but shouldn't he be MORE effective in a modern suit (NEXT Faiz) than in an older suit? Or perhaps it's all about the nostalgia factor?

Alternative Title(s): Kamen Rider Faiz