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Tear Jerker / Kamen Rider 555

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The first four episodes, with the first two being one and the remaining two was a different arc for two Woopies who become Orphenoch. It's a mix of this and Nightmare Fuel

    Episode 1 and 2 
We are introduced to a normal lovey dovey couple, the innocent type personality Kiba Yuuji and Morishita Chie. Things are normal until Kiba Yuuji and his parents got into a traffic accident, with his parents died and left Yuuji in a coma for 2 years. Eventually Yuuji died after the nurses gossiping that Chie stops visiting him. Then we see Yuuji revived as an Orphenoch.Yuuji, still unaware about that he was in an accident goes around like he was still alive, meet his relatives and even Chie. However, things turn ugly when he learn the truths and how people treat him:
1. First, his uncle sold his parents properties (house and etc) in favour of money. Apparently, his Orphenoch sharp sense made him learn this even from far away.
2. Second, Chie has already move on with the idea of falling in love with Yuuji and hook up with his cousin, Kiba Kazuaki instead. On the note, perhaps they are already married or engage by that time. Kazuaki even points out that Yuji should just be good and died in the first place rather than coming back alive. Yuji, who was saddened and enraged by the harsh truth and fate on him cause him to transform into his Orphenoch form and killed Kazuaki who was driving his way home in a rainy night.
3. Chie was going mad after seeing Kazuaki disintegrates into dust when he gets back home. She keeps telling that she didn't kill Kazuaki when the officers try to ask information about the incident. Eventually, Chie, out of stereotype and hatred, blabber to the officers and accused Yuuji as the culprit when she noticed him arrived after they caught up with her. This becomes clear to Yuji as he ran away from the chasing officer that Chie no longer sees him as a friend either. Hence, he met Chie, who was surprise to seem him, apologise and try to convince the earlier ruckus she made as a joke. However, too bad and too late for you Chie. Even an innocent nice guy can be a horrid monster if hurt or provoked. Yuji already realised that loving you was a mistake and hate you so much after all the honest and earnest effort that he try to give you and make you happy while you repay his kindness by hooking up with a new boyfriend when Yuuji was in a coma and even accused him as a murderer out of stereotype when your new boyfriend died. Sorry but you have to pay the consequences by fearing and suffering as you die in the hands of your old deceased boyfriend who revived as a monster and he kills you with his sword to forget you for eternity.

    Episode 3 and 4 

The second arc introduce us to Yuka, who was an adopted daughter of the Osada house. She had a step parents and younger sister, Michiko. Michiko was brilliantly talented in academic and sports but abusive towards her step-sister while Yuka was only diligent in part-time jobs to get money since the step parents never gave the latter any and treats her like a scum. The only thing that makes Yuka happy was messaging her pen-pal friend Keitarou and tells him how great she was even if she had to lie. However, in the episode, after we saw her paycheck were all for nothing because Michiko and her friends took it all for themselves, she started being more honest and tell Keitarou her problem as she text him during a snowy day. Sadly, she then fall of the stairs and died but not before reviving as an orphenoch afterwards.She then returns to her house normally like nothing happen. That night, Michiko got hurt on the leg badly after a car collided her and she was left with no-one to call help from. Yuka, whose senses become sharp from being an Orphenoch heard her sister's SOS help and lead their parents to where Michiko was. At first, the parents started to see a new light in Yuka but Michiko outright accused Yuka as the schemer even though she is innocent. Since the parents favoured Michiko more, Yuka got slapped for the said treacherous act and banished from their household.Later on, Yuka was being pestered to come to sport practice while being abused (in a way can be imply as rape) by Michiko and her friends, who took Yuka's shoes and socks beforehand. When Yuka arrived to practice, she notice that her belongings were torn apart despite being pestered to join the practice. This was the last straw of her patience and she awakened her Orphenoch nature to massacre Michiko and the whole team.She then met Yuji and soon become friends. While Yuji love humans and was against killing them, but not for Yuka. She hates human and had killed a number of them (only the ones who seems bad) in the later episodes despite supporting Yuji's belief.


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