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    Episode 2: The Belt's Power 
  • Mari finding Takumi's silly red underpants.
    Episode 3: The King's Sleep... 
  • Takumi is not much of a technical fighter and his transformed battles are pretty much brawling. He acts so brutish, like a bar brawler or some guy fighting in a stadium or even a concert, that it becomes freaking hilarious.
  • The casual way Takumi tests out the Phone Blaster like he's playing with a new toy. You can tell he's thinking "Yeah, this is pretty cool," the whole time.
    • After firing the first few shots, he stands in a pose that screams swagger.

    Episode 20: The Beautiful Assassin 
  • Just the reveal of the Love Dodecahedron, which can be summed up as Mari looking really awkward, Naoya staring at her like a lovelorn puppy, Yuka staring at her with a Death Glare that makes her look like Sadako, and Keitaro looking at Yuka like a slightly more lovelorn puppy. No, really.
    • And after that too. There's something about seeing half the cast sick as dogs for no reason at all. Yes, even the Orphnochs can't defeat the common cold.
    Episode 21: Accelerating Spirits 
  • Kusaka's delivery of the Axel Watch to Takumi. The scene had been rather tense at that moment, and then the watch bounces off his head and he just looks down at it rather incredulously, breaking the seriousness of 3 Orphnoch moving in for the kill.
    Episode 30: Masato's Trap 
  • The episodes where Keitaro and Kaido inexplicably become bros and decide to go punk, complete with dyed blonde hair. In 33, Kaido demonstrates this by dancing to loud punk music, and Yuka is totally into it!
    Episode 43: Red Balloon 
  • Mari decides to have a bath with someone. Keitaro assumed she means him before Mari aggressively shoved him and actually meant Yuka. The next scene has them playfighting in a surprisingly small tub.
    Episode 46: A New President Appears 
  • Kaido proclaiming that he'll only agree to stay with the main gang on the grounds that he won't contribute or help out to anything at all. He then gets kicked out of the home (possibly by Mari).
  • Kusaka hosing water on Kaido.
    Episode 50: My Dream 
  • Mari, Keitaro, and Kaido's infiltration into Smart Brain Hospital which involves clothes trading with three workers.
  • Takuma switches to a new life of being a construction worker, then having tripped over himself and the wheelbarrow he was using. Cue his boss (a Creator Cameo a la Toshiki Inoue) pinching his right cheek to get back to work, which Takuma complies as he narrates his last message to Saeko.
    Kamen Rider 555: Hyper Battle Video 
  • This whole special as a whole, where fans drew up designs for a new weapon for Faiz. The winner was the Faiz Sounder, a boombox. There was only one way this could go.
    • On its own, the Boombox compels all people nearby to start dancing and singing uncontrollably, while when activated by Faiz it releases a Sonic Soundwave. With everyone singing the most outrageous genres, from nursery rhymes to opera and ending with the most purposely ridiculous musical fight ever in a tokusatsu, it brings the laughs out. Even better, the entire thing was revealed at the end to be a dream by, of all people, TAKUMI.
    Commenter on Facebook: Takumi's mind scares me.
    • Not to mention Smart Lady begging the castmates to let her join them after they celebrate Takumi's victory, even failing to due so on the closing number.
    Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost 
  • Leo/Kamen Rider Psyga. OK, then—WAIT, IS HE SPEAKING PERFECT ENGLISH?
    • Better yet. He's played by a Chinese actor (making him the first non-Japanese Kamen Rider).
    • The reason he speaks perfect English? Rumor has it that his Japanese was SO BAD, they had to make him speak something else.
  • Takumi's finesse has no limits. Really. In Kamen Rider #4 special, he's fighting a fleeing monster who falls to the ground. What does Takumi do? He delivers a FREAKING SLIDING TACKLE, just like a soccer player. This is TEN YEARS after the end of his series, and he still hasn't changed a damn bit.

Alternative Title(s): Kamen Rider Faiz