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Xaviax has an identical Alternative deck himself like Eubulon's, a weapon that Karsh was experimenting.
While the Advent Master went on to replicate the technology and mystic powers of the decks, Xaviax would discard it after his former friend's defection and upgrade to his Karshian armor. However, with Adam seeming to go back with his enemies, he saw one last use for it...

The Contract Monsters of the Kamen Riders were originally Xaviax's from when he and Eubulon worked together.
Kamen Rider Spear's monsters are the Zelles which Xaviax has under his command.

Adam's guilt led him to destroy his Contract with Dragredder.
He would've claimed that his Contract Monster did it himself because of his betrayal to Xaviax but the warlord himself would only see this as a minor setback.

Masked Rider is a prequel to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.
Masked Rider is about the Advent Master in his early years.

The Dragon Knight Advent Deck was left on Earth by Frank Taylor's Ventaran twin.
After stealing the Advent Deck from Adam, he made sure it fell into the hands of the only other person who can use it — Kit. He is the one who has been appearing in Kit's visions.
  • Debunked in-universe. The visions are actually psychological warfare by Xaviax to recruit Kit to hs side. It fails spectacularly and when Xaviax actually comes out and admits he was doing it when Kit puts it together, it makes it become personal for him and he ends up polarized into a complete hero for the rest of the series.

The Ventaran Rider who betrayed all the others is Kamen Rider Onyx

The goverment will make a Kamen Rider
In the form of Alternate Zero. Which will soon open up to the BOARD Project.
  • The series producers did want to make an American Kamen Rider Blade first, and have expressed that they want to try and redo Kamen Rider Blade after Dragon Knight's over.
    • Jossed

Dragon Knight will end on a cliffhanger.

Decade cancelled the show.
  • So..... Decade was here? OHSHI-

Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight are in the same universe
  • Dragon Knight takes place before Ryuki.
    • In-universe and out, Dragon Knight takes place in 2009. Ryuki meanwhile, takes place primarily in 2002, though it may end in 2003.

  • Ventara and The Mirror World are the same.
    • Refer to the respnse to this on the Ryuki side of this. The behavior of the two dimensions is so vastly different this is blatantly impossible.

  • Shiro was discovering the Mirror World How it was connected to Yui, who is considered God to the Ventarians.
    • Again, refer to the Ryuki wmg page. This is also impossible because if this were true, Xaviax would either have encountered the Ryuki Riders first, due to the time periods the shows take place in, or else the DK Riders would have been aware of the Ryuki Riders and vice versa before either series starts. There is no indication that the Ventarans have any religion in the show, and they certanly wouldn't worship someone from the other side of a dimensional portal for no reason.

  • When Shiro and Yui close off the Mirror World for good, they destroyed Ventara. Downer Ending much?
    • Physcally impossible due to the fact that, again, Ryuki is set in 2002-3, while DK is set in 2009. Plus, closing off the Mirror World doesn't mean it was destroyed, so even if this were true, they would have only closed of the portal between the two worlds. Also, again, the differences between Mirror World and Ventara are so distinct that they are clearly seperate worlds, so this would still be impossible, as proven by the fact that the final episode of DK points to Earth- and possibly Vetara- being dimensional jump points as the episode hints at there being a Multiverse for the DK Riders to protect.

The World of Dragon Knight is an A.R. World.

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