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52 had a bunch of them:

  • Week #10: When Perry White questions his effectiveness and threatens to fire him, a de-powered Clark Kent takes a page from his wife's playbook and throws himself out the window to get an interview with Supernova.
  • Week #15: A down on his luck Booster Gold makes a truly epic come-back as a true hero when he lifts a damaged nuclear submarine to save Metropolis. Then it explodes. Supernova flies up to save Booster and catches... a skeleton.
    Supernova: Kent, what's he doing?
    Clark Kent: More than... My god... More than I ever thought he could...
  • Week #35: The "Rain of the Supermen", an example of just how petty and scary Luthor can be. He turns off the powers of almost everyone who'd gotten them from the Everyman Project, sending thousands of superheroes falling to their deaths just to spite Supernova.
    • Which is then topped by Supernova saving all of the bystanders by teleporting all of them to the city limits.
      Reporter: "Supernova, Ami Soon, Channel Five! Is that your idea of saving the city—vaporizing ten thousand innocent bystanders?"
      Supernova: "Don't be absurd. Right now, those are the safest people in town. Or rather, out of town."
  • Week #37: The utterly amazing Reveal of Supernova's true identity: it's BOOSTER GOLD! Who was last seen 22 weeks ago, when he died saving Metropolis from an exploding nuclear submarine. Which was a Faking the Dead plot using Time Travel and his future corpse (something he'd rather not dwell on by the way). Whose fall-from-grace and rivalry with Supernova was an utterly brilliant display of Obfuscating Stupidity. Who has worked behind the scenes with Rip Hunter this entire time in order to stop "Skeets".
    • And after that Skeets, possessed by you'll find out who later in the series, eats the Phantom Zone.
  • Week #40: Steel's battle with Luthor who had just been given the powers of Superman. Steel keeps on fighting even after his armor is destroyed and Luthor pierces him in the side with his own hammer! And it ends with Steel kicking Luthor's ass.
    • "Only Luthor would be sick enough to make 'Look! Up in the sky!' a threat. One more thing we owe him for."
  • Week #42 is almost (there are two pages of Renee Montoya) entirely dedicated to the conclusion of Ralph Dibny's mysterious spirit journey in order to resurrect his dead wife, guided by the helmet of Dr. Fate. His arc ends with him preparing the ritual to finally bring his wife back to life, when he suddenly shoots the helmet off his head with a magic pistol, causing it to rebound of the wall and reveal its true identity as the evil sorcerer Felix Faust. Faust has spent months on a Gambit Roulette to get Ralph to sell his soul to Neron. And Ralph knew it, the whole time, and completely Out-Gambitted Faust. And then he tops that when he pulls a Thanatos Gambit on Neron, DC's resident Lord of the Underworld, imprisoning Neron and Faust in the Tower of Fate for all eternity.
    Faust: You... You knew it was me...? How...?
    Ralph: Because, Faust...
    Ralph: ...I'm a detective.
    • This issue was mostly written by Dan DiDio, it's a rare example of executive meddling that works. And as maligned as DiDio is (his nickname is "DiDiot") he got this right.
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  • Week #46: The battle between Black Adam and the mad scientist think tank. On one side, you have a superpowered mass murderer who's royally pissed after finding out that the mad scientists built the living weapons of mass destruction that killed his new family. He has also just killed every man, woman and child in the country of Bialya. On the other side, you have a bunch of nerdy Mad Scientists with ridiculous inventions. The mad scientists win.
  • Week #48: Batwoman gets sacrificially stabbed through the heart by Bruno Mannheim as part of the Religion of Crime's plan to destroy Gotham. The Question attacks Mannheim and quickly starts getting her ass kicked. Batwoman rips the knife from her chest and throws it into Mannheim's back, killing him and saving Renee's life.
  • Week #49: Dr. Will Magnus' role in taking the thinktank down: after his anti-depressants are confiscated from him, Magnus becomes one of the most hyper-productive members of the team. But because he's a good Mad Scientist, he uses the rebuilt Metal Men to undermine every evil mad scientist working there pretty much single-handedly. And he kills their leader, Chang Tzu.
    Will Magnus: "You shouldn't have taken away my meds. I told you I do crazy things without my meds."
  • Week #50: The event that was dubbed in-universe "World War III". It can be summarized as: "Black Adam takes on everyone". Both a CMOA for Black Adam, who takes on pretty much every superhero in the DCU and for everyone brave enough to go up against a Physical God on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • The true "moment" in this book occurs in a splash panel a little over midway through, where you literally see the superheroes of the DCU coming at Black Adam from all angles, and Black Adam just standing there, in a pose of utter defiance. Pure, unadulterated awesome.
  • Week #52:
    • The gloriously comic-booky finish where Booster Gold, his identical ancestor Daniel, his son Rip Hunter and Skeets save the entire multiverse from a giant insect that eats time... with a football pass.
    • There's also a ghostly Ralph Dibny appearing with a detectivish "Hmm..." expression on his face when he starts to solve a supernatural mystery, next to his amused wife ("Honey, your nose is twitching again..."), proving that not even death can stop Ralph and Sue Dibny, Ghost Detectives!.
    • The final pages. Kate Kane is recovering from a stab wound, and the wall of her room lights up. Cut to the exterior of the building lit up by the Bat-signal, and then to Renee Montoya, the all-new Question, waiting by the lamp.

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