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Heartwarming / 52

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  • The parts of the wedding between Black Adam and Isis not involving the bomb. It's just so adorable to see Black Adam worry about a blood stain on his cape.
    Black Adam: The cape. They couldn't get this bloodstain out.
    Captain Marvel: I can't believe it.
    Black Adam: What?
    Captain Marvel: You're nervous. I've never seen you nervous.
    Black Adam: I am not nervous. Perhaps I should not wear the cape.
  • The Elongated Man and his wife are reunited in death. As Ralph and Sue Dibny, Ghost Detectives!
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  • From the end of 52, one sentence from Rip Hunter to Booster Gold: Welcome home.
  • Needing to repair Skeets, Booster goes into the past to call on the only person who can do it: Ted Kord.
    Blue Beetle: If you knew how I died, you wouldn't tell me, would you?
    Booster Gold: Nah. Even if I did know, I'm only gonna say you died a hero, Ted.
  • When Isis and Osiris are murdered Billy and the rest of the marvel family are invited to be the pallbearers at the funeral. It shows that Adam does respect Billy despite their enmity, and that Billy is a good enough person to be there for his sworn foe in his darkest hour.

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